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  1. FullMetalPoitato

    T6 Ranked Spring .... what's your ride?

    I think I'm gonna do Gaede with 150mm guns equipped. I know she isn't very stealthy but those guns will put some hurt on anything and I like having that Hydro for torpedo beats and Yolo rushing other DD's in their smoke. Edit: And looking at the map selection, mostly small maps with LOTS of islands. Yep, definitely Gaede or maybe Icarus if I want to be more stealthy. DD with a Hydro super useful in a no Radar world.
  2. I thought I would miss the extra range after putting the Legendary Module on. I don't. I play the Des Moines to support my DD's with cap contesting, not HE spamming BB's from 18+ km. With Propulsion Mod 2 and Enhanced Propulsion you literally will take off faster than a DD is capable of getting under way from a dead stop. With some practice you can turn yourself into a CQC nightmare with +100% acceleration and -20% rudder shift. I've even started taking Hydro instead of Def AA just so I can bully DD's and close range targets even more. And I'm gonna be completely honest, 40 second radar down to 36 seconds is a negligible change. So you get 6 salvos off at full fire rate instead of 7 against a DD. If you are getting lead on target that is still sufficient to either completely wreck him or kill him outright. Another benefit I've been noticing at medium to long range engagements is your ability to juke shots from enemy BB's. You get spotted from the corner of whatever island you are humping and they pop off that Dev Strike salvo only to splash the water where you where because you can take off so fast. It works. I've never found max range HE spam Des Moines to be fun or effective. I want to be in it and wrecking people's day. People always seem to be willing to overextend just to get a shot at you, and even with only the front turrets the Des Moines is often still at least on even footing at close range. I for one love Enhanced Propulsion. My win rate is up, my average damage is up. Rate of DD blappage is up. +1 to this upgrade.
  3. FullMetalPoitato

    So if Ranger is now tier 6, then that means...

    Agreed. My first 1,000 or so matches I was running the game client through Steam. Some Clan mates introduced me to some QoL mods and I switched to the regular WG client and the game actually runs way smoother now.
  4. FullMetalPoitato

    What was your favorite cruiser line to grind?

    Half of my fleet is USN CL's/CA's. It's been hit and miss even though I do love the Des Moines. I'm doing ok with the Seattle but even with the heal and the faster fire rate it somehow feels inferior to the Cleveland. I just got the Neptune last night. Fiji is my all time favorite ship overall at this point, Edinburgh was surprisingly effective even as a T-VIII in T-IX/X matches. My first 8 matches in the Neptune were a little rough but I see the light and am excited to eventually Colonize On Sight as Yurobeat would say it. Maybe it's just because I am better at the game than I was 1 or 2 thousand matches ago but I'm enjoying the British line much more than the old USN line before it split. I'm at Tier 6 on both the French and Russian lines and they are both very interesting to me. The LaGal is my first ship ever to get a Main Battery Reload Booster and it sure is a hoot to use!
  5. FullMetalPoitato

    So if Ranger is now tier 6, then that means...

    It's all right here on their website, https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/carriers_rework_starting_pack/ There is a list of the ships they are using for the test. Yes, Ranger is listed as a TVI CV.
  6. FullMetalPoitato

    La Gal- WG's idea of a bad joke?

    I'm currently grinding several cruiser lines at once and I kind of have a split opinion about the LaGal. It's my first ship to ever have the Main Battery Reload Booster and that is a HOOT to use against other cruisers and destroyers especially in close-midrange engagements. That part I love. But then.....one of the "National Flavors" of the French lines is supposed to be their speed. The Emile Bertin does 39 knots base at Tier V, but then the LaGal does 31 knots base. I know it has spood beast but that is just....meh when you consider how dangerously fragile the LaGal is. I love her responsive, accurate, fire starting and rail gun like shells compared to my primarily USN Cruisers played but that 31 knots when spood beast is down is....well it makes me sad face. That Reload Booster though, very spicy. Excited to make it further up the line.
  7. FullMetalPoitato

    Like Des Moines Legendary Mod?

    Straight up, what do you guys think of the mod and how are you liking it? Did you drop it and go back to reload/range/etc etc? I finally got my Legendary module upgrade for the Des Moines a few days ago and almost didn't even put it on because I was so not excited about losing approximately 3km of range. I decided to take it into a few randoms before trying my hand in Ranked without the extra range and MAN OH MAN IT WAS AWESOME! (paired with Propulsion Mod 2) I was lucky enough to get Shatter on my first map with all of it's juicy islands to play peek a boo with other ships and decided to be cheeky and stupid to bait situations favorable to my newfound nimbleness by going straight to B in the middle. I made sure to take a few shots here and there to get people's attention as well as allow myself to be spotted passing through some gaps. Suffice it to say my ploy worked. I didn't get every kill that blundered in after me but my increased agility allowed me a LOT of free damage while ships tried to chase me around corners. My actions ultimately lead to the enemy thoroughly throwing the game by continually coming into the middle to try and hunt me while my team slung lead down the alleys from a safe distance. It was by no means my highest kill or damage game in the DM by a long shot but my impact towards the outcome felt very satisfying. I then tried my hand in some Arms Race after that, juking and jiving in the buff caps with much success and even went back into Ranked (which I had temporarily abandoned out of frustration) to get me back into Rank 10 for the 4th or 5th time now. There were a few moments in Ranked where I could have been HE spamming a BB that I missed out on but otherwise the mod was a major boon. My direction changing agility definitely surprised a few people. I woe the day that I get stuck on Ocean without a friendly smoke to hide in but....I am for sure to keep testing this baby out. My biggest thing is that even though I play the DM a lot with it's hide and seek island humping gameplay style I am hyper aggressive to a fault and the mod for sure allowed me to nurture that aggressive nature with less BLAP punishment. What do you sirs and mams think about the mod? Tell me about why you love it or hate it!
  8. FullMetalPoitato

    How do you provide AA support?

    I have a couple of friends who are trying out CV's and are currently working tier 4/5 and I thoroughly enjoy taking my 19pt DM AA Cpt out in my Texas! Jolly good show chap. Once upon a time I had a Lyon Cpt with BFT/AFT and he did chew up planes pretty well too.
  9. What if I say "Bye Felicia" while the shots are still in the air. I may have done that a time or two....
  10. FullMetalPoitato

    A Unique Ranked Experience (the good kind)

    Well it sure was a far cry more fun that 6 ships splitting for the outer edges of the known universe as soon as 1 ship goes down! I get it, I get why BB's are so timid in Ranked...my only other Tier X besides the DM is the Republique and I've been burnt to the ground by my fair share of ships but seeing that Kurfürst was like seeing a unicorn for the first time.
  11. FullMetalPoitato

    A Unique Ranked Experience (the good kind)

    I never claimed that the Kurfurst or the rest of us even had good tactics. I was just amazed by the fact that our entire team decided to actually push with him. I mentioned that in bold print, and remarked on the fact that it could have cost us the game. It was just such a remarkable experience to see a team get up and go get some instead of, ya know, every either Ranked game ever.
  12. A few nights ago I had a rough night in Ranked and went from 10 w/ 3 stars to 12 w/ 1 star and had to lay off the circus for a couple days. I decided to dip my toes back in last night with my Des Moines for just 1 match and it ended up being a real treat. I got the southern spawn, western flank on Sea of Fortune and decided to stick my nose into the normally torpedo magnet area between the 3 islands on the western side of the A/B cap area. There was only 1 enemy DD, a Shima, so I figured I could either force him out with Radar or if he went C maybe I could pick up a cap. Initial results were good, the Shima went C and got blapped by our Worcester. I scared off the enemy Worcester coming into A from the North and secured A cap while denying B cap. Somewhere in there our Gearing got his salad tossed and the early game ends with both DD's down but with us in control of 2/3 caps. I'm optimistic. Mid game begins and sheer terror sets in when I see that our Kurfürst decides to push right up the channel that B cap presides over in what appears to be a straight up Yolo push. Then something amazing happened. Our entire team pushed with him. I don't know if that guy was ballsy as heII or just stupid but it worked. He did die in spectacular fashion, but he suckered almost the entire enemy team into the open waters north of his position and tanked focused fire from a Yamato, Kurfürst and several cruisers long enough for our entire team to flex up and get crossfire shots and start wrecking face. The enemy Yamato got desperate and tried to ram him and gave me full broadside, allowing me to pump full AP salvos into him from 5-6km away and just absolutely tear him apart before his ram went home. We were sharks with blood in the water after that and rushed North en-mass for a solid 3 cap and full kill victory with only 2 ship losses of our own. I don't know who that Kurfürst was and I failed to screenshot any post match results but I tip my hat to you sir, whoever you were. The match was still very much undecided until your heroic Yolo push of death that could easily have cost us the match but instead secured us the win. Another tip of the hat to a team that heaved up their collective ball sacks and pushed with him. It's too bad more matches can't be as spectacular as that.
  13. FullMetalPoitato

    Struggling with the New York... Tips?

    Focus on map awareness and team positioning for both sides. You want to go where the fire is hottest since it's basically impossible to re-position in the NY. Don't worry too much about that middle turret either. For whatever reason it has a couple degrees less of a firing arc than the front or rear guns when angled and it takes you past the point of safe angling by bringing it to bare. Yes the NY is slow but she's tough and hits hard. Patience and positioning will get you where you need to go.
  14. FullMetalPoitato

    Ranked just aint FUN

    Although occasionally frustrating I am finding Ranked to be incredibly intense. I only have 2 Tier X ships the DM and Repub and they're both working well for me. As long as I don't overextend and screw myself over the Republique is a beast and a killing machine. Her ability to flex around and re-position is 2nd to none in the BB class, I love her dearly. I struggled with the Des Moines at first but I'm starting to love her in Ranked. Her late game power with that 1st class DPM makes for some super intense finishes to matches. I absolutely love wrecking overextended ships with the DM, there is nothing in the game that is safe from her AP!
  15. FullMetalPoitato

    Will WG nerf Lyon?

    But it feels SO GOOD when the dice roll straight. Err, 2-3 days ago on Two Brothers I had 2 kills in my first 2 salvos. Silly broadside cruisers. It wasn't point blank either, maybe 14-15km out for each one. So. Good.