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  1. Darlith

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Oh yeah, only had those a couple times because it is out of the way and I ought not eat too many doughnuts anyway. However they are excellent.
  2. Darlith

    Hybrid and CV's

    Perhaps they mean the lack of automated damage control? Do hybrids auto damage control?
  3. Darlith

    Depressing Ships

    Back when I was playing randoms, since in co-op most ships do fine, it was a specific trio of cruisers. Kirov, Budyonny, and Nurnberg, I hated playing each one and they felt like I would be better off in almost any other cruiser of their tier. Hated the gun layout of the Nurnberg, and the two Russians felt like tin cans would provide better armor. Special mention to my first t5 cruiser the Omaha which I was plain awful in, might do better if I had gone back to it later, but once I got past it I never looked back. Oh another special mention to Konigsberg that despite doing good when I played it, felt awful to me when playing it, I just didn't care for that layout at the end of the day.
  4. From my own experience back when I played randoms I can guess it probably works out like this. NA server so what ships do I want to start with, US of course, T1 and T2 you derp about not knowing what you are doing but not really failing because of protected and bots, T3 you feel like a god with that powerful cruiser that never seems to take major damage and just keeps firing away, T4 starts to get hard but you can kite a bunch and mostly you still aren't up against anyone that can really take advantage of your squishiness. Then comes T5 with the powerfully armed but very squishy Omaha, and you often face T7 players and no bots, you sail out as before thinking you can turn away when you make contact to start kiting and BOOM a BB blows you apart, so then you try going to the side maybe a flank and you get spotted and BOOM, okay maybe hang back a bit, BOOM, angle, BOOM, kite, BOOM. Now you get frustrated so one of three things happens. First, you charge in and try to get what damage you can before dying. Second you quit for a bit because screw this game I can't go anywhere without every BB on the field smashing my poor ship. Third, you learn what you did wrong and try to get better with the next line. TL:DR - So basically it is usually the first T5 new players are in, it is squishy, and they really don't know how to fight players that have the experience.
  5. Darlith

    Advent Big Gift Container Reward ...

    Pulled a California, wouldn't have chosen a t7 slow BB, but also can't really complain as it is still a t7 premium at the end of the day.
  6. Darlith

    Ise and Tone Preview

    I wonder if the Ise could prove useful for operations with the ability to send out planes to hit targets not visible yet or out of range for some reason.
  7. They did something like battle royal in the past, with I think it was 4 divs of 3 DDs with weird stats fighting in an ever decreasing circle of fire. It was amusing enough but I wouldn't have played it as a regular mode with regular ships.
  8. Darlith

    Does Can be mean Has to be ?

    Generally, can, is used to indicate the only options available, be they one or many. If a child asks what they can do and you say they can go to school you don't expect them to go to the playground. If someone asks what they can have and you say a sandwich or a bagel you aren't expecting them to ask for chili afterwards. Often with these statements there is an implied or statement, you can go to school or be grounded, you can have a sandwich or bagel, or go hungry. Likewise with the achievements it indicates the only options. Can be done in operations with no other modes listed means only operations, not operations and randoms, if it said can be done in randoms, ranked, and operations you couldn't also do it in co-op. The implied or statement here is, or you don't get credit. Edit - In other words, in game meaning for can be done is must be done, so the answer to the title is yes.
  9. Darlith

    Do you enjoy your Premium Ships or Tech Tree ships?

    As far as playing for awhile it was about even, I would just go through my ships for their daily bonus and such when I was playing. Lately though I've been focusing on tech tree ships to advance up the lines in places. Enjoyment hmmm I don't have a ton of premium ships and of those most were event or gifted somehow. Some are too new for me to know yet, smolensk, alaska, and molotov I just haven't messed with enough yet, too much time spent on the tech tree. Some I do like playing a good bit, Graf Spee, Okhotnik and Scharn are always fun to mess around in. I used to really enjoy my De Grasse, but lately I just have found the tech tree counterpart more comfortable, can't place why. As far as tech I have a lot of them I enjoy a great deal, most of my us cruisers, t6 french cruiser, Lyon. So by numbers I probably enjoy the tech tree over the premiums in general, but there are a couple stand out premiums that balance out that scale a lot by virtue of being unique experiences.
  10. Darlith

    Team harassment

    Yeah I mean I've had the idiot ball moment of forgetting I'm in the gnevny with its 4km torps instead of the gaede with its 8km ones and launched torps down the throat of an approaching ship only to watch embaressed as they peter out long before reaching the target. But that is something else entirely. Seen it a lot though myself and can't always explain why the sharnhorst thinks his torps have 12km range, or the omaha thinks it can torp something from the back line but it is what it is.
  11. Yeah I notice that a lot if I play in the dead hours of the morning. End up on a team with 5 or 6 bots next thing you know all your bots are dead and only 1 or 2 enemy bots are. I think maybe it is for balance-ish reasons. Used to drive me crazy if I was in a carrier in co-op because the bots would melt and I'd be trying to kill DDs without manual drops.
  12. Best part is when the bot shoots the torps at seemingly nothing, or at least nothing they could possibly hit. Like the ship on the far side of the island, or the one 15km away, or I think the one on the other side of it (Still not sure why sometimes the bots fire their port torps when the only enemies are on their starboard side). In that respect I suppose the bots are human.
  13. Darlith

    Pency is WAY BETTER than NO

    Mind some of this I had to look at the wiki to check numbers on, some is off the top of my head, and some is opinion. Yes they both fire the same shells, pensacola has an extra barrel, but NO fires faster at 4.6 shells per min to cola's 4. Which means in 10 mins of firing non stop, NO puts out 414 shells to Pensacola's 400, giving the Cola a better alpha if you dare to give enough broadside to utilise it but the NO wins on dps race especially if bow on. Speaking of which the NO's 6 guns forward gives it a better bow alpha than the Pensacola's 5 guns. NO's guns turn faster making it easier to track targets something of note since Pensacola's guns turn glacially slow. Most of the other major stats are similar except in two main places, the NO has far better concealment, and as I recall the NO has a slightly less exposed citadel than the Pensacola, with some extra armor too. Edit - Forgot the point though. I think the NO is a better ship, but tier for tier, umm not as sure on that. I like them both when I play them, and I don't play randoms.
  14. It did and the next package was 5 each of some of the dragon flags, which I didn't feel like spending on. What I meant by not being sure in this instance was not being sure how many packages would have to be bought to get to another ship.
  15. I spent 1k dubloons on a ship, but only because the first thing that popped up was the t6 and that is the cost of the permacamo anyway. I really like the perma camo look for those ships, and I'm likely to use a t6 cruiser with heal and heavy guns in operations. I am not spending any more however because I do not like spending money on something unless I am sure of what I am getting. Edit - And most of the other options in the bundles do not say "spend 1000 dubloons" to me.