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  1. Darlith

    Never seen a MM like this before in Co-Op.

    In my experience at least, if you are a BB with all the rest cruisers in Co-op most of the time the enemy bots explode too fast to do much. Combo of generally low cruiser HP and so many cruiser torps in the water. Especially if you choose the wrong cruisers to shoot at wasting vollies.
  2. Darlith

    Somedays I don't understand the choice of bots

    Yeah and in this case would be hard to keep track of, because outside of moments where my bad leg keeps me awake in the wee hours of the morning, I just don't have enough 1 player rest bot matches to compare with. Honestly though if there had been another TX or two I'm not sure it would have registered as odd in any way. I do wonder if maybe it was a cascade of decisions by the algorithm, like "This player is T9, fill in T9 bots, " then "This match has been flagged for a carrier, insert TX carrier," since of course no odd tier carriers, then finally "TX in match, add superships for variety." Or it could just be utterly random and just dogged human insistence on finding patterns in things makes me question it at all.
  3. Darlith

    Somedays I don't understand the choice of bots

    Yeah that part I get, just was amused by how the computer chose to spread the remaining 8 bots positions. 2 super ships, a TX carrier, and 5 t9 ships. Most of my effort was spent sinking a t9 cruiser and the carrier so didn't get to farm the superships, my bot companions were competent this time around.
  4. This is mostly just my amusement at the choices of bots when I was the only player. I had queued up in the T9 seattle, most of the bots were of course t9, the t10 carrier makes sense if you are adding a bot carrier, but then for reasons known only to some algorithm deep in the server it tossed a pair of superships in. Not angry, not complaining they were too hard to deal with, just amused at the spread of ships chosen.
  5. Darlith

    I now absolutely hate Killer Whale...

    Yeah KW is a weird one amongst them all, not sure I hate it but there are parts that would be nice to see changed. Mostly the victory conditions, since it is rather silly that you can lose if one player makes the end and the other two are too busy trying to farm bots. Of course the old tactic of whoever guarded the opposite bay side needs to suicide to lower the number needed to exit was always a bit odd, I mean what sort of victory condition is made better when your players die off. If they could do multiple victory conditions, you know like a Do A or B. Then it might work better if you just need to occupy the exit circle when time runs out, or for a certain amount of time, could still be lost if everyone is off doing things as the bots would target whoever if nice and exposed in the circle, and chosing to go at the last minute could still result in a loss so you would need to consider your options. Do you try for one at the last moment to avoid being the center of fire, or occupy for a time and weather the bot fire. Would shift it to being winnable by one survivor then. Phase lines on the map to show where the actual limits of the bay are would be nice, especially in the north where depending on the bots you need to hurry to take them out before they hit a spot many of us just aren't sure quite where lies.
  6. Darlith

    Not your normal sub gripe...

    I think that is actually a problem with the bots in general with bot torps. I don't recall seeing red bots attempt to avoid green bot torps of any sort, certainly not the extreme dodging that they do against player torps. Whereas I have seen the red bots avoid player sub guided torps, so I know they are capable of it under some conditions. Like a stream coming at the very point of the bow where they might adjust to the side enough for them to pass by, seen against bot dds and cruisers occasionally.
  7. Darlith

    A Line of Battle

    Think I've seen that in t1 matches as well since everyone is a cruiser. But that was a very long time ago so I might be misremembering.
  8. Darlith

    subs secret new skill

    Well I mean the whole purpose of a sub is a ship that can sink and come back up after.
  9. Darlith

    Happy Login Reward Supercontainer Day!

    100 Smoke generator flags, better than a poke in the eye. Still disappointing somehow.
  10. The only one I really care about adding, retroactively if possible is the detonation one. So I can count how many times I detonate in co-op.
  11. Darlith

    State Yer Name

    And remember, it's always "Bowb your buddy" week.
  12. Darlith

    Come on man

    Bot subs are great pinatas though. Most of the time they just ping you and nothing happens, when it does usually you can avoid the torps. They are less dangerous than a bot DD, about a squishy, and make for good rewards when you pop them. This is extra true if I'm in an Italian cruiser or battleship, SAP pops them quick.
  13. Darlith

    State Yer Name

    Nothing too interesting, I think I made it first for a secondary dwarf character in Everquest, not my first large multiplayer game, but the one that got me hooked. Occasionally I miss it a little, but then recall what a pain it could be without friends online. It was made it my usual name crafting method of the time, cramming syllables together until something sounded decent. So I ended up with names like Taylen for my wood elf main, and Darlith for a dwarf. A couple years later I used the name for the original Planetside, a game I miss a great deal, as it sounded better for a running and gunning character. For quite a time after that it became a go to name for me in online games as I often started new ones with some of the friends I made playing Planetside and it was just easier to keep track of, barring instances where it just didn't fit. I have since moved on to other names as defaults, but sometimes still bring it back when it works.
  14. I have seen a few bots that are either kiting or just plain running. Like they spawn north, sail through the cap past you and keep heading south. Or a BB will head south a bit then turn hard east and sail towards the edge of the map away from anything shooting at it. We have the bots all heading for one spot on the map. I am at a loss to pick out a pattern to the behaviors. At least the old behaviors as silly as they were followed a discernable pattern, maybe the idea was to take away predictability, but if so it hasn't made the matches "better" just different.
  15. Darlith

    Ships that felt like a downgrade

    After a bit more messing around in the training room I think I figured out my issue. You can change the camera to the rear launcher, but sometimes when aiming more forward it will swap back to the forward launcher again. Weird part is it isn't far enough forward to be out of the rear launcher firing arc. So I probably just keep accidently swapping launchers again in the heat of battle.