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    Super Containers in name only

    Many times the SC feels like a downgrade from the crate I was actually trying to get. Click more resources because I want coal and fxp, get a bunch of flags I most likely will never use. It may be "free" but getting something other than what I wanted is still a disappointment at times. I don't think it just has to do with how much stuff we have or how long we have been playing, if I got ramming flags for example instead of coal/fxp back when I was starting I'd have felt a bit down as well. Additionally as someone mentioned above losing out on collection items is a bit of bummer too when the SC doesn't have something you actually consider better than the regular container you were going for.
  2. Darlith

    Irrational love of a ship you are bad in..

    This is a hard one as usually if I did/do bad in it I end up disliking it as I am generally painfully aware I am doing badly. I can think of a few I did well in that I hated however with no problem. The closest ones I can think of are the omaha which my stats were simply awful in more from it being my first t5, which also gives it a soft spot for me, and I still like it in co-op. Also probably kongo, as there are elements I like in it, but being bad at BBs just meant I was awful in it, must go back and play more randoms someday and practice at all ships, but especially BBs.
  3. Darlith

    Pinks in Co-op help me understand this

    I will say most of the "pink" players in co-op are no different from anyone else, just there to blow off steam or have some quick matches. Very rarely I have come across a pink player who just launches torpedos without any concern for where anyone is, and it is mostly in the t4 and lower, so I often assume they just haven't figured it out yet. Can't think of many if any "pink" players I have seen in co-op that were being deliberately malicious, outside of some goofy divisions that are shooting at each other.
  4. Hmm tier 5 ships I really disliked playing. Konigsberg - I couldn't get a grip on the turret layout for some reason Kirov - Felt like I had tissue paper armor, and wasn't even as fun as Omaha to make up for it Kongo - To be fair it is probably a fine ship, but I am dead awful in BBs and of the 2 t5 ones I played in randoms this was by far the less fun Honorable mention goes to Omaha as my first ever t5 ship played in, and as I recall it caused my to take some time off from the game because it felt like nothing I did mattered, I always wa getting it blown out from under me Funny thing is if I go statistically, Konigsberg was one of my stronger showings in t5, it just never felt comfortable to me.
  5. Sadly nothing, the packs are past the amount I'm willing to spend this month and none of the single ships have really interested me. I'd have liked to pick up something like the atlanta if it had been a single purchase. Or the boise I think, so basically I am futiley hoping they will put a t7 cruiser on single sale before the end.
  6. Darlith

    Devastating Strike needs nerfed

    Yeah I remember that, and that map in particular being a rude awakening when I reached ships like pheonix and omaha. It always seemed like no matter where I went or how I manuvered as soon as I was spotted I'd get hit by BB shells from multiple angles. I should go back and try them again someday when I feel like playing randoms and see if I can do better.
  7. Darlith

    Armory Ships

    Yeah forgot about the Aigle since I got it before the armory so it has always been at the bottom greyed out. The Okt Rev wouldn't count towards my desire of t6-8 ships. It would be nice to have a wider array of choices though overall, that way players at any level of the game have some options to spend on.
  8. Darlith

    Armory Ships

    I'd like to add to this a request for more coal ships in tier 6, 7, and 8. Seems like at the moment it is all t2-5 and t9 and 10.
  9. I'd say adding in CVs in the first place (Not just the rework), with a caveat to that, I also know why they did and might argue they had to. There is a substantial group of people that would have been sorely disappointed to play a WW2 era ship game and not be able to captain something like the enterprise or midway, or whatever japanese carriers tickle people's fancy. So for marketing and such adding in carriers made perfect sense. But of course it made a lot of trouble for them, it is very hard to balance carriers properly versus their gun counterparts in a way that is satisfying for both sides, I might even argue it is an impossible task that they set themselves when adding them into the game. Perhaps if the game was a different sort of WW2 ship game it might have been easier, but with the base mechanics of the game the way they are, it might have been a mistake to add them in.
  10. Well I like the ships, but don't like the stress of random. In co-op there are less people screaming at you if you don't play up to their standard, plus I can do stupid stuff in co-op that would never fly in random which has its own appeal.
  11. Darlith

    British Commander Portraits

    Oooh I want a Black Adder and Baldrick captains. One can run away from everything and hide while the other has a cunning plan that will go horribly wrong.
  12. So in the first pic you got 9 hits from a fuso while broadside for a bit over 9k damage, which means he got 9 overpens, not hard to do in a BB against lowish tier cruisers, many of them don't have the armor to get penned it seems unless you nail the cit. Meanwhile it would seem the russian BB got you for 3 pens for as much damage roughly as say a Konig would another t5 BB, seems balanced. Not knowing more details I would take from that, that a fuso has more pen than the russian, or maybe the russian fuse is quicker allowing it to get pens when a fuso overpens. The second is a bit harder to determine overall, but you have a konig doing a single HE pen and comparing that to the damage of 9 AP hits looking to be the usual mix of pens and overpens one might get shooting the bow of a lowish tier cruiser or possibly a cit or two and some overpens, again not unusual on lowish tier cruisers. Damage doesn't seem out of line certainly, might be overly accurate but impossible to tell from the data you have given. None of this shows the Russian BB as being overpowered. Edit - lowish tier cruiser would also hold true for midtier cruiser as many have weak armor as well.
  13. Darlith

    Keeping a Ship From Each Tier.

    This is from a mostly co-op and operations perspective Tier 1 - Don't know never spent enough time in them to get attached, maybe Black Swan for the name Tier 2 - Albany because she is pretty Tier 3 - St. Louis because it is a beast and I really do like that style of cruiser Tier 4 - Tough one because this is my least favorite tier in co-op usually, probably Clemson though because she is fun to beat up bots with Tier 5 - Emile Bertin, the cruiser I felt most comfortable in so agile, heck wouldn't mind running this in random even Tier 6 - Tough again because I like variety for operations but La Galissonniere most likely if choosing one, light cruisers seem to work well in ops and this one is quite comfortable with options like speed boost and reload to help in tough spots. Though when CVs come back I might change that to Dallas for the extra AA power. Tier 7 - and this might be the toughest because like 6 having options is nice and I have more favorites here since there are some nice heavy cruisers, light cruisers and my favorite BB. Ultimatly I suppose I'd go with the Lyon as I love the sheer number of guns and I ought to keep at least one BB, it works pretty well in ops too with masses of guns good for knocking out the multiple cruisers and DDs that populate it. Also lots of guns. Tier 8 - I don't have many ships here yet but it is tough to choose between Baltimore and Cleveland, on the one hand a great heavy cruiser with the lovely american AP shells, on the other lots of fast guns to start fires with. In the end I suppose the Baltimore will edge it out as I haven't kept any other heavy cruisers. Don't have tier 9 or 10 to have any experience with them, looking forward to the US cruiser options there so would probably take one of those
  14. Darlith

    Why do you still play this game?

    A mix of the two main reasons I think most people still play. The first is that for the moment anyway, I am finding it fun. When I don't I will take a break for a bit like I have in the past. The second is the same reason I play star wars the old republic, star trek online, warframe, mechwarrior online, and similar games off and on. I have things I am a fan of or enjoy and there are a limited number of games that scratch that itch. So even when the games are not perfect I play them. So when I get the itch to be a republic trooper or a jedi I fire up SWTOR for awhile, if I want to fly around in a star ship and blast borg I pull up STO, if I want to be a badass mecha ninja thing and mow down waves of enemies I pull up warframe, if I want to be a big stompy robot I load up MWO, and if I want to sail around in WW1 - WW2 ships and shell the crap outta things I pull up this game. Yeah there are things I would like to be different, I'd love more operations with more range of tiers and greater variety in tasks, like using small ships to escort large convoys, or hunting subs down in DDs and DEs, or shelling shore targets while fighting off waves of attack craft.
  15. Darlith

    Furutake unable to cit hit Graf Spee?

    Yeah going with Lert on this, aim must have been off. Pretty certain I have managed it with 6" shells, I know 8" shells at those ranges will do the job. Though very risky given what well aimed 11" shells can do back to you.