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  1. Is there a calendar or something that says when they will increase the daily exp gained? like today we have 111% exp out of nowhere. are there certain days when we get exp boosts?
  2. reza577

    My first rank season. need some help

    Is there a link where i can compare japanese ACs with USA ones?
  3. reza577

    My first rank season. need some help

    What CV is the best one in game right now? i heard that the american one is bad?
  4. reza577

    My first rank season. need some help

    so far i got : Carriers not good if your bad at them. Meta will likely be DD heavy BBs can take fires from smolensk if they go tank build. damn i wish i had a T10 DD line unlocked...
  5. hi This be my first rank season. i got 4 questions if anyone can answer i appreciate. 1.I have enough free XP to research 1 tire 10 ship, should it be the t10 JPN BB yamato or the t10 JPN aircraft carrier . 2.i read online about aircraft carriers keeping a star when they lose, what does that mean? 3.should i bother with BBs in t10 in general? with smolensk running around. 4. is the japanese aircraft carrier the best AC in game? ty
  6. Hi I been trying to figure out whats the difference between the USSR and JAPANs two different DD lines. and from the numbers, i cant tell what the difference is. can someone explain the difference between the left and right lines of DDs? ty
  7. hi I have a couple of t9s, non premiums, but i don't think i have the time to farm for a t10 for the upcoming ranked battle. is it possible for me to rent ships instead? also when is the rank season 14?
  8. hello everyone Just came back after a 2 year break, looking for a big clan that has enough players for events/divisions/clan wars. my current clan can barely get 6 people online, need a bigger clan.
  9. reza577

    Game is lame. WoW get to work on something new.

    The problem i see with this game is how harsh it is to newcomers. some people have multiple tire 10s, meanwhile new players don't spend credits on premium consumables because they cant afford it. the grind is 2 big, the games are mostly one sided (because we put veterans vs new players). WE NEED NEW PLAYERS PLAYING THIS GAME. but the grind, the multiple currency systems held new players back.
  10. Anyone knows when they will change the doubloon/free exp rate update? i heard they sometimes change the rate for limited time
  11. looking to grind out the new event, and need some people who can ACTUALLY FIGHT BACK when the enemy team breaks truce. In game name is reza577, NA server
  12. reza577

    Which russian ships are OP?

    OH NOOOO They are nerfing them? right as i was about to get those ships...
  13. So i keep hearing that russian ships are OP. and since it took me 5 months to grind to yamato, i don't feel like spending 5 more months grinding US ships to find out that they are weak compared to USSR.and have to redo everything on a new line. so i'm going to str8 up grind USSR lines, but i don't know which ships in those lines are considered OP. so i can have something to aim for grinding.
  14. What about that american BB? the one that prints credits and is removed from store as well? do we get that in super containers?
  15. i missed the time window to buy it. Is there anyway to get it now? anyway at all?