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  1. reza577

    How to unlock the british commander?

    Not all of us are homeless people who have 5000 posts on forums and read the forums 24/7.like you lol. get a job, get some friends maybe even a gf, go out. its ok to leave the house.outside is not that scary.i promise.
  2. you only get 600 or so tokens from the events 1-2-3-4 , how are you supposed to get the rest ? 400 tokens?
  3. reza577

    ST, ships balance changes

    Can we please seea buff to Yamato? it was the 20th top ship (based on winrate) this ranked season.... EDIT: i haven't played my yamato ever since i got musashi...
  4. reza577

    Clan Brawls

    WG, you could have made the reward for this clan battle 1000 santa crates and still people wouldn't be able to play it
  5. Thank you WG for making the PR event so grindy. And then lying to us and saying its free to get. (unless you don't sleep for 1 week while grinding it) Iam what you consider a whale, i have spent thousands of $ on this game but my wallet will be closed for 2020 after this PR event. Not only you are losing F2P players (because of the unrealistic grinds), but you also made players like me dislike the company.
  6. what is this 35/36 everyone keeps talking about?
  7. I cant fine mine, i have don the first 2 combat missions, got the T6 ship rewards for them, but cant find the camos.
  8. It only took me 10 - 12 hours, everyday, since its release. I had premium account running I used only the non Rare flags (papa papa/ zulu etc..) I have all the OP premiums in game (missouri/musashi/JB etc...), which means winning matches was easy. So, i have no idea how people are suppose to finish D3/D4 and D5/D6/D7 (he real grind starts at D5) . I have no idea how its humanly possible to grind those for PR lol . KEEP in mind, they said free 2 play players can also acquire PR . lol... how many F2P players do you know who have premium time AND 100 flags ?
  9. if they see the game is dying WG has to change their tactics lol. not like they have other ground breaking titles to make them money. world of tanks is dead and their 2 new games (master of orion and their new FPS shooter LOL ) both sucked and noone is playing them. At this point i bet its only WOWS that's making them constant money.
  10. Paying 30$ for a ship in a FREE 2 PLAY GAME is a lot different than paying 200$ A Lot of F2P games have 30$ stuff you can buy, up to 100$ but none of them dare go past 100$ because then the item gets called P2W. Also, this is the first time you can buy a T10 with real money.... i have seen multiple PRs in my ranked games, and almost always the side with PR loses lol. ruining other players games.
  11. reza577

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    my guess is they were told to not mention Puerto rico, and they said they will mention the crapstorm. so it was decided to leave them out.
  12. What root source? WG will be a greedy company until their greed makes them lose all their customers and they will eventually shut down in 3 - 4 years. the real problem is people like this dude ENCOURAGING WGs greedy tactics. i bet right now there is a WG CEO sitting in his multi million dollar mansion thinking : well, they bought the 200$ ship, lets see if they buy a 250 $ ship next . (which will be introduced in 2 months)
  13. what are you talking about? its because of losers like you that WG is gonna start introducing 200$ OP ships to the game. and losers like you will buy them, and then the game will get a reputation of P2W and people will stop playing WOWS. how low is your IQ that you dont get that?
  14. This ^ dont be suprised if WG introduces alot of 200+$ ships in 2020 lol
  15. reza577

    Bonus Code

    it says not valid for me :(