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  1. So I found this: "So the answer is yes, at least the Iowa and Wisconsin could be called back up to project American power around the globe once again, and the New Jersey and Missouri could act as a parts bin for them. Theoretically. They would require a total refit, including new command, control, communications, and self defenses, as well as totally revamped running and environmental systems."

    1. Battleship_60
    2. FOX_Battleship_Kentucky


      yeah I myself have asked that question. My current question is the last one: if they /should/. It'd be VERY expensive to do so and it's for a purpose that honestly isn't prevalent currently.

    3. FOX_Battleship_Kentucky


      Countries today just don't go to war with each other, or at least wars that involve huge invasions. THat era is the past with the advent of aircraft carriers. I love battleships as much as the next guy but I truly believe aircraft have made battleships as actual ships obsolete. Gunnery platforms, however...

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