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  1. Playing a piece as the first band in the US and having the composer conduct us twice in practice... being a world-famous college band has its perks! ^_^

    1. snapesnape


      Holy Cow people actually still look here. 

  2. Kako... T_T Why?

    1. Rolkatsuki


      I want to talk to you but I don't know how /T.\\ without getting into trouble

    2. FOX_Battleship_Kentucky
    3. FOX_Battleship_Kentucky


      Or ships. Just please, talk now...

  3. Just when I thought it was over, that it couldn't get any worse... T_T

  4. Hey, you do avatars from scratch?

  5. MSI WT72 6QK Mobile Workstation. Bootup time: 3 seconds. She's a beaut.

  6. Gj on the Dunkerque ^_^.

    1. Rolkatsuki


      Thank you very much~ Kentucky-san~ /^.\\

    2. FOX_Battleship_Kentucky
    3. FOX_Battleship_Kentucky


      (download song as mp3 file put it into a folder called userMusic then put that folder in the res folder in the game client's files)


  7. I feel bad for you... It looks like nobody is willing to like you anymore... I find it sad..

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    2. FOX_Battleship_Kentucky


      Meh, it's their decision. As long as one person talks to me I'm good.

    3. Battleship_60
    4. FOX_Battleship_Kentucky
  8. Well here I thought you were dead lol. What's up? :D

  9. I can't stop whistling "Fly Me to the Moon" now >.