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    Premium Ship Review: Ishizuchi (2.0)

    Yeah, the aircraft carriers Lexington and Saratoga. They were supposed to be a pair of 33 knot battlecruisers with 16" guns in four twin-turrets and 230mm of belt armor. Then a disarmament treaty required they either be scrapped, or they could be converted into aircraft carriers which everyone knew at the time were not really a serious threat. Back to the Ishizuchi I think her biggest weakness is her lack of stealth. I firmly believe that it would be better to be able to close on an enemy ship right up to your max gun range, then get detected. Ishizuchi doesn't do that. She gets spotted at 16 km, but can only fire out to 13 km. Compare that to the new USS Texas that can (with an upgrade to range) fire out to 18 km, but is detected at only 16 km. That 2-3 km range where the Ishizuchi cannot return fire means I think it best to avoid enemy battleships at the beginning of a match. Your speed will just put you in front, and then you get detected, and then you become the target of choice of everyone in range because everyone usually shoots the closest targets.
  2. Hans_Von_Lohman

    Premium Ship Review: Ishizuchi (2.0)

    My favorite part of the Ishizuichi was actually how fast the turrets can rotate.
  3. I just got into the beta, and I haven't unlocked anything higher than an Omaha class cruiser. How do the dual purpose 5-inch guns on the later tier ships like US destroyers and even the Premium cruiser Atlanta work? Those turrets are listed as both AA guns and as the main armament, which is controlled by the player. Is there a button you push to make them go into Anti-aircraft mode or something, or do you just target an aircraft with Control-mouse Left Button to get the 5 inch guns to fire at planes? Or do you fire the 5-inch guns yourself, and shoot down planes yourself with exploding proximity warheads (HE)? If AA-guns are controlled by your NPC crew (AI), but you have control over the main turrets, clearly there must be a way to give control to the AI so they can fire at planes with them.