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  1. Eaglepaws

    Godzilla vs. Kong Comes to World of Warships

    Amagi and NC? Garbage ships for such cool looking theme... I'm just saying, no one is dying to get into those ships to pilot... Another money-grab. (Puts money back into pocket)
  2. Eaglepaws

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/881532990 The NA CC twitch streamer asked "Why are you all afraid of change?"... Perspective of that question is as follows; You are dining at a fancy restaurant and order cassoulet. You receive your dish however, from behind the waiters back he slams a sack of fresh horse poo right on top of your cassoulet. The waiter stands there and says "Changes were made, Le dîner est servi Monsieur."
  3. Eaglepaws

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    They don't want our input or opinions, they just want our money, quality has taken a steep dive and this new patch proves it.
  4. Eaglepaws

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    No one wanted the points reworked, we want a more viable Shimakaze legendary upgrade that doesn't have more cons than pros for example.