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  1. Clan color codes.

    It's the league that your clan has made it to in clan battles, with hurricane being the highest(purple, I think).
  2. Game is no longer fun.

    At least he supports the game, as I see it you're a freeloader. And, yes I spend a fair amount on this game.
  3. Sorry, I just find it funny to see the highlighted words used at the same time.
  4. Personal Challenge

    When you reach rank 1, the tier changes to t7
  5. I want to say something, but I'd better not. Carry on.
  6. Crazy Nights

    GG, don't know what else to say! :)
  7. Pink?! For this?!

    Carry on.
  8. Pink?! For this?!

    You just admitted to being a team killer, nice!
  9. Pink?! For this?!

    I can't wait to hear the howling from the fanboys when it happens to them. I downloaded the update about 5 am. PDT, and there was already a micro patch. Don't know what it was for, but something was broken when they released it.
  10. I agree, played it last night with clan mates. Got to the end of one match, and was focused down by seven ships in my Fiji....that's a bit much if you ask me.
  11. If you start dabbling in ranked, when you start buying t10's and perma camos, all those doubloons and credits go fast, very fast! But is fun, and I enjoy it.
  12. If you mean you didn't receive any rewards on the live server, that's going to be a while. Rewards are issued after the patch hits the live server. If you mean on the pts, I don't know, can't seem to get past rank 3. Also, did you win a ranked battle with tier 7 yet? That will get you the special flags reward on the live server. Hope that helped!
  13. I'm used to them by now. The thing they could change is the amount of time they're on screen, it's annoying when you're in a close battle, get sunk and switch views to another ship, and the patch is still on your screen for what seems to be forever.
  14. Keep an eye on the premium shop for ship bundles that include premium time, doubloons, and other assorted goodies. Sadly, there hasn't been much lately.
  15. Asashio would make me think twice before playing a BB in ranked, could be very ugly!