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  1. Pts part 2? What's changed?

    Now you're talking! ;)
  2. Pts part 2? What's changed?

    Sorry, I'm a little thin skinned lately. I should know better by now.
  3. Pts part 2? What's changed?

    Nice. Not wasting anymore time on an obvious troll. Nice attitude. Not wasting anymore of my time on an obvious troll. Have fun under your bridge.
  4. Pts part 2? What's changed?

    Then why start this thread? On the other hand, maybe they added a finish zone for the Richey to end up in instead of crossing the wall lines to end the game.
  5. Pts part 2? What's changed?

    Well considering there's usually around 500 people playing when I'm on the pts, should I wait forever for a random battle, or play the new scenario where the queue is much shorter. Waiting for your reply.
  6. Cleveland is a great boat for op's, especially when the op's are loaded with cv's. Do you yourself a favor and grab t7 for the op coming in 7.2. The weather effects are incredible!
  7. I don't know what to say other than, I got my Frenchies after winning five battles on the scenario. Played them all in a fiji. Next reward is win a scenario in either french boat for 24 hrs premium on the live server.
  8. Win five games in the scenario. It's actually a lot of fun, they did a great job on the weather effects. Also, I'd recommend the gnies, or fiji.
  9. Free 10-Point Captains?

    I got mine from scenarios, not worthless as my tier 1 German capt is sitting at 18 skill points, and working on the 19th. I play him om my scharnny, graf spee, tirpitz and printz eugen though.
  10. Friday night down?

    I lost a few games worth of free xp for the lunar calender misson. Also I can't div with my clan mates, says I'm already in a division, and that's after starting the client twice.
  11. Happy Birthday LittleWhiteMouse...

    Happy Birthday, and thanks for your hard work!
  12. Bretagne Issues

    Same with mine.
  13. ~50k to go before we reach 50 players. Long road, but clan wins help a lot.
  14. Montana, Zoa, and Grozovoi. You should get them after playing a T8 and up random battle.