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  1. I was not that close and couldn't get past 0.0 knts... autopilot usually helps but didn't move at all. Seems like a huge issue?
  2. Dayaks

    Secondary Build Accuracy

    Secondary spec GZ is really useful in T10s where your planes will get murdered anyways. It also tanks very well, the vast majority of ships overpen it. Many DDs and USN secondaries can’t penn the hull without IFHE. Also don’t forget Germans get 1/4 penn. Besides nothing is more fun than positioning your CV on an island to be enticing to rush, just to melt the enemy ship before than can do real damage. My favorite part is when they realize they are screwed and try to run. Nice work Retnav! GZ best secondaries in the game!
  3. I have to say, the first time I've had fun in a long time in WoWs was with the Graf Zeppelin. The DPM of the secondaries is comical. I want to try it without secondary spec and slip in between two ships. Did 80k in total to the Georgia.
  4. I came back for one, last last post. Most cruisers don’t even get close enough for that. This Charles goes broad at close range and it only got worse. You have to realize we’re debating how a cruiser *might* live if x is done just right, while a CV isn’t even using it’s planes for attacks. Even if one or two cruisers stand a chance; there’s still the rest of them and all of the dds that get obliterated and that’s hilarious! Heh
  5. At T8 the vast majority of the cruisers area are =< 27mm. Only a few have a tiny strip that is higher, that I think is underwater anyways. Hippers and Eugens couldn’t even get into torp range before getting shredded so it’s a moot point anyways. He spent hours wrecking ships. The only thing that gave him an issue was the stray BB and CV. Anywho I just bought the GZ for some of this nonsense. I will go back to ignoring WG forums. Have happy holidays. Cheers!
  6. You realize GZ has 1/4 penn? It can penn 32mm of armor with IFHE. Thread was more for the laughs. The vast majority of players can’t get away fast enough once they realize what is happening.
  7. Well, if you’re in a dd or cruiser a good GZ will kill you without using any attacks from the planes, if that makes you feel better. CVs aren’t allowed in clan battles; it makes perfect sense for them to be in 1v1s.
  8. I found what I was looking for. I thought the Le Terrible could yolo torp rush him, not quite. https://m.twitch.tv/clip/DiligentPeacefulTurtleKAPOW
  9. He went ~75% today doing that. Not sure if it’s luck...
  10. This made my Friday night. CitizenS9 used secondaries only the vast majority of his games.