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  1. As above...I miss ships in the morning with my beverage. Slow...easy game mode (well...compared to tanks). So I have heard the CV's got power nerfed to oblivion. Is this true? Can I come back?
  2. First random game...took out my favorite ship...my Shima. 2 CV's opposite team focused me down in under 3 minutes. Good bye World of Warplanes. You were my go to game before work. I miss my Texas and my GK...it is just not worth the aggravation of the CV's.
  3. Since the CV rework I left for a bit...came back and the first 3 games were in my Shima twice and Khabbie once. I was killed in under 3 minutes all three games. I left for I guess long enough that Ships keeps emailing me. Simple question...are the CV's still as bad? I miss my ships in the morning before work. I just cant stand what has happened to the game. Did the CV's thin out at least a bit? Thank you for your consideration.
  4. I would like to come back. I have many ships and have opened my wallet many times. I love DD's...last three games I was dead in under 3 minutes each one. Even my Khab was ground down to the waterline. Until I start seeing some positive posts in regard to the CV menace I am out. It sucks since I only need 3oo steel to get the Stalingrad. WG WOWS...you have really screwed up. Thank you for your consideration.
  5. First why do I want you to read this. If I am but one there are MANY more. This game is not ships. It is now an aircraft game with targets. I may not be done forever. I am hoping that my clan tells me it has changed. You were my go to game before work just about every day. I love my boats. If you notice I even have tier 10 CV's. I have no hate for CV's or any ship for that matter. I was even awaiting subs with great zeal. Trust me I would have bought the first premium sub in a second. This change is not a "meta" change. It is a game change. I hope I can come back. I hope it calms down and the CV's have calmed down...but is not the essence of this change to bring more of them into the game...EVERY game? I love my DD's but they are practically useless now. You brought in one class of ships and basically removed another. A much more used and loved class I would surmise. I actually approve of the teamwork change now with ships forming up and working together but it has degenerated down to can we out survive the enemy CV before ours can wear the other team down. I hope you can work this out and I hope to maybe see you in a few weeks to months. This was a bad change. Thank you for your consideration.

    Rebalance or Refund Texas

    NOPE just the TEXAS. I mean you did not buy it for the incredible sigma...did you?

    Rebalance or Refund Texas

    Ummmmm...Myself and a Dallas were alone ( I was in Texas). I killed 22 planes the Dallas killed 24. We survived against 2 yes TWO Rangers for over 9 minutes. We eld back 2 BB's and A Emerald and a dd from the cap circle the entire time. If you kit out the Texas and set your side with the AA and spec the captain full AA build and fly the flag you will kill planes in an absurd fashion. The TEXAS is just fine as is. Just a note in that fight I took ONE torp due to turning (the Texas turns like a dd almost) and making them chase me. The bombers were another story and did manage several hits.

    This isn't fun

    Ummm….no...the Texas when fully kitted out for full AA build is a BEAST when it comes to planes. It shreds them so fast it is ridiculous. Look at its AA values...then the captain skills...then the flag...and whammo...you HOPE the cv attacks you.

    Post CV first impressions here.

    I have played the test server all three iterations. First the planes were unkillable...second the planes never made it through the AA. They just got flat wiped out. Third seemed pretty balanced actually. respectable damage at the correct tiers and the planes died but some lived. It seemed workable. WELCOME TO HUMAN PLAYERS!!! WOW...my planes are NOT making it through. I flew 6 sorties that never even had a chance to start the attack run. Just POOF and they were gone. The first game of the day I played my Atlanta just for grins because I suspected there would be 200 cv's in que. I actually did not see any but when the game started there were 2 on each team. They were tier6 in a tier 8 match. I am not sure anyone got damaged by them. I have watched to see if the cv's place well on the team and so far I have not seen on out of the bottom 5 (I was 5th from the bottom with my Saipan). I think they nerfed the planes a bit so people would not squeal so hard and hopefully will slowly work to balance them so that they become a force to be dealt with but not a force to bre dreaded. We will see some awful gameplay by cv's as people that did not even have a chance to practice with them are flying willy nilly and in straight lines and I am sure people will find this a very unfun game mode type and will probably even lessen the amount of cv play (if you want to call it that since it is planes).

    OK....I am updated...and.....nope.

    Ok...no sweat...I have been working 80 hours a week so I am not updated on anything...thanks for letting us know.
  11. Game wont load...anyone else? Oh yea...specs...128 gigs ram... I7...T1 dedicated cable yada yada yada...it aint the machine.

    Magic has no place in this game

    You kids get off my damn lawn!!!! Seriously...it is called variety. I am 49 years old. I have no problem with changing things up once in a while. Try it...it could be fun.

    WOWS VS WOT...

    http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/590974-dear-wotanother-please-read-for-you/ This link is something I posted on the WOT forum. Dear WOWS...dammit you are going to make me spend my money.

    CV Rework Feedback

    If you are using this to see the people to manually add....please add me.

    Submarines First Impressions?

    OK...Played 2 games then off to work....5 star the second game. Played Gerfalcon then the Barrracuda. I preferred the Gerfalcon because I playe dit first because it did not have guns. I did not know at the time that they worked like secondaries and fired by themselves. The scenario is EXTREMELY well done in my opinion and I love the fact that WOWS layered a theme for 3 years. OUTSTANDING job. REALLY enjoyed the gameplay and I am sure I can work out my kinks (very few) in operation and really make these little things work. Side note: CHECKING ACCOUNT IS WAITING TO BUY. DAMMIT!!!! I cant buy anything from you this year because I promised myself that I would give you no more money in 2018 from the screw job for "new" players that you did to us veterans that have been paying all along. Now I am really mad at you WG WOWS.