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  1. CaptainStevieX

    Pan-European ship speculation (part 2 of my series)

    I know that the Norwegian Navy had a class of Torpedo boats called the Odin class. Tier 2 premium perhaps? lol
  2. So, this took forever for me to make, but with the reveal of the Friesland, this is definitely quite a fitting time to complete this. The first video I made was about the nations we know are confirmed for the Pan Europe branch, so this time I've looked at nations we could see, and the possibility of a Scandinavian nation branch. Next one will be a video on a Pan-Europe DD branch
  3. featuring torpedobeats, scuttled ships, some anime and a Kutuzov doing Kutuzov things!
  4. CaptainStevieX

    Now this is how to start a ranked battle :)

    hahahaha thanks! guess he forgot what his a and d keys did for a second lol
  5. that poor Emile never knew what hit him... also, I can use overused memes too. :)
  6. CaptainStevieX

    How to win an unwinnable game

    May be a Tier 1 match filled with the potatoes that we'd expect to see there, but very well done Laalaa! That was definitely turning around a near no-win situation. :)
  7. By the end of this game, we had definitely lost by any reasonable standard. And I won it for the team, and in a pretty cool way at the very end. ;)
  8. CaptainStevieX

    Pan American Destroyer Tech Tree speculation!

    glad you liked it! I do hope we get something like this soon in game, and it'd be interesting to see which direction they go, because there's a lot that can be done here (even more than what I've mentioned!) @Talleyrand also, I noticed you personally moved up the Nueva Esparta too, and yeah, with the "dakka-dakka" that those 114mm guns put out, it's definitely an 8, maybe a 9 if you want to push things and give it a Daring-esque reload to completely compensate the lack of torpedoes. also @BrunoSchezer, pretty cool little tidbit about the Mendoza! that'd be kind of crazy to see a Tier 6 DD running 40 knots, but then I'm reminded of the Podvoisky running 42 knots, so it's probably not too surprising lol. Again, than you so much for your help with this! I'll be making a followup video to discuss some ships that I missed in these previous two videos, and I've also got some other possible tech trees in mind to discuss. I've thoroughly enjoyed it so far, and I'm already digging through the stuff you showed me and some other things too! Again, muchas gracias! :D
  9. just made a video on the interesting topic of Pan American DDs! big thanks to @Talleyrand for the inspiration and help with the series, particularly for his original Latin American tech tree proposal!
  10. Part 2 of a Pan American speculation mini series that I'm making, and I'm discussing @Talleyrand's proposal for a Pan American DD line! ( )
  11. CaptainStevieX

    Speculation on future Pan-American ships video

    took me long enough! finally finished the DD video! check it out!
  12. CaptainStevieX

    Speculation on future Pan-American ships video

    @Talleyrand @mobryan @BrunoSchezer Very interesting stuff! Thank you so much for that insight on the topic! I also have to say that I recall seeing Talleyrand posting a Pan-American DD proposal that I'd base a lot of my own findings on the topic off of (obviously crediting you for the initial inspiration, of course) but the cruisers and battleships you found are also really cool, and it sucks that I missed them initially. All told, I think I might need to make a follow-up video on the topic in the near future! Already getting to work on the DD video, but definitely going to follow up this one with these findings! Many thanks. Only makes me happier to see this new nation branch in the game, since there's so much that can be done with it.
  13. So, just created a video about possible future ships for the Pan-American branch, including the ships that were created in the South American Dreadnought Race. Some pretty cool designs could possibly make and appearance from what I've found!
  14. Created a little video about possible future ships that we could see in the Pan-American branch. Got a 2nd one discussing Pan-American DDs coming soon!
  15. CaptainStevieX

    Speculation on future Pan-American ships video

    lol makes sense to me. be a cool ship to have in game in any form. (Pan-European, a proper Swedish tree or the Chilean one)