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  1. facilegoose

    Remove detonations from ranked!

    Period. The assumption should be no ships are playing fast & loose with blast hatches and propellant handling, like Hood was (Hood should have the det. flag award, as a gimmick). Proposal: Remove and replace detonation with a ‘permanent’ main battery knockout + a bonus to citadel damage % that caused it: the reload & turret rotation of main batteries in the affected half of the ship could be reduced or stalled/stunned temporarily; a Repair Party charge could be expended to restore the knocked out battery; preventative maintenance and Heavy AP Shells skills on CAs & BBs would mitigate or modify this type of Detonation replacement mechanic direct & critical damage Actual quality of life improvements removing & improving a universally bemoaned mechanic that belongs in a simulator - not arcade game - would accrue towards simple, actionable public relations wins on the backs of the “detonation flag farming exploit” nonsense no one believes, and declaration of clearly defined intentions of such an improvement well in advance (and execution in a timely manner) towards the ‘communications’ deficits illustrated in gaming news media recently. This is “free real estate”, take the simple win rather than the L for once.
  2. facilegoose

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    I'd be grinding Tarkov if gacha mechanic Fortnite BR hybrids interested me Be me: great ad hoc div focusing fire on hostiles all the way: enter portal: 'You need a key to exit the portal': two 'keys' were dropped by slugs on the way but the icon bore no resemblance to a key Same prisoner dilemma garbage from last year; more aesthetic camo/environment. 1 and done. The Halloween sub/Sunray in the Dark are the standards for fun/inventive; these battle royals aren't ever sticking, least of all with the non-octegenarians in this player population.
  3. facilegoose

    [PVP] for the Filth /s

    RFTF PVP ought to be engaged in mostly in late mid-to-endgame, with human filth drops modified slightly, together with more intense Bot spawns early game to build Filth Load for it. What would this look like: Frags of Human Ships less than half-Filth full reward dramatically less Filth (even Zero) than Filth from Bot Frags, but more base XP and/or Human Ship damage/frags (less than half-Filth full) come at a cost out of one's own filth (until the portal opens) Frags of Human Ships more than half-full drops slightly more Filth than same-class bots PVP Endgame Incentivization: Full Filth Human Ship Frags drop Full Filth Total for collection (after the Portal Opens)-- something to spice endgame up/tempt trucers/low filth haul carrying players to that point ~Individual Human Players' filth % retention upon being PVP-fragged > 20%, regardless of portal entry requirement [no griefers' glee/schadenfreude of depriving filth/sniping & camping at the portal ] ~Parallel PVE/Operations Meta: A minimum Filth Threshold for the Entire Lobby, influenced by #1-4 as a Hard Failure Condition & requirement mandatory for the 20% Filth Hedge -- something to be reached by midgame. No RFTF should consist entirely of PVP, interspersed with occasional Bot interruptions; Bots need to be the primary & constant threat in a horde mode in early to mid-game at least (early game is esp. too slow), dividing attention enough to make prioritizing PVP exclusively more hazardous in the lead up to endgame. This mode isn't strictly PVP, or PVP would be the most efficient & meta form of filth acquisition. Without the above, current RFTF PVP dynamics degrade core gameplay (Cooperative PVE Horde/Raid) in a manner that is quickly unpalatable to casual and new players, while incentivizing griefing-like gameplay styles for marginal personal gain of XP and Filth, at the cost of the Lobby/Raid Party as a whole-- calling these matches a "Successful Raid" is a farce. A PVE raid is characterized by efficient and skillful execution of the meta, guaranteeing completion at a high success rate -- no one is playing Raid for the Filth for upwards of 20 minutes to be robbed at the end for 80% (or all) of what one otherwise did right and accrued toward a smooth endgame egress for the lobby to that point. Especially not new or casual players. Imagine Left-For-Dead or Warhammer: Vermintide meets Dark Souls PVP Invasion mechanics; Team Fortress 2-as-Fortnight; Path of Exile/Warcraft Hardcore PVE raids, but you can be 'ganked' and perma'd by 2/3rds of the Raid Party at anytime; Dead by Daylight,-- but the Survivors are trying to axe-wound each other at the same time. This is what's at play here, and it's a not-great compromise of all three standard game modes that isn't helped by its Rogue Wave Battle Royal team format; if the game design intention was PVP, RFTF doesn't incentivize or reward it well enough while undercutting the better aspects of Sunray In the Darkness/old Submarine modes' pure PVE Horde Defense/Raid elements at the same time. Conclusions: Raid for the Filth has enough elements to be a 'raid', but it's also a Team Battle Royal if more than 1 person decides it is -- The game economy aspect for IX/X camoflauge rewards grind is casual/new player hostile enough as is -- with all of the aforementioned reducing player engagement/retention in those demographics (PVP-heavy RFTF matches are senseless 'Battle Royal' anarchy which alienates your significantly older user base), integration of points 1-4 is required to make an onerous grind less noticeable by improving the enjoyment of the core gameplay of the mode. Impulse/frustration purchases of Halloween Camouflaged aren't even being incentivized, with the very low-effort, very vanilla, and obviously asset-flipped generic Mad Max/Rogue Wave Event-style perma camos, instead of ones actually featured in the mode -- Suppose one receives a drop for the Skorpion skin, and doesn't have Yamato, but they quite like the skin -- does this player log in more to grind it, perhaps making more future purchases as a result? One proper Tier X camouflage out of a stable of half a dozen plus isn't tanking your game economy, -- you might even have offered just the cosmetic Tier X skins, sans economy-camo bonuses as rewards (in the 8k Filth bracket) while still generating actual hype/tolerance for the Filth Grind; this Trifecta of Mad Max/Rogue Wave event (re)skins are such an eyesore that they're going to be disproportionately allocated to non-meta ships and their grinds almost exclusively (not ideal, game-economically either, is it?) Discuss
  4. 4:58 _"BBs too far forward"_ -- Early catapult engagement is ideal, the DD furthest forward there ought to be able to light the next set and still engage the next wave in a timely fashion; OP & the DD closest are adequate in the mean time. 6:06 _Side Spawns_ -- pen rolls on BBs can be inconsistent even with that forward positioning presenting Zikasa broadsides -- with the negligible HP difference [for ramming purposes endgame] and DPS gain, swapping one BB for a CA can be done, if another ship further back is required. Igor AP (3k) doesn't respect Zikasa angling, and will reap ~7k salvos on the upper end with more favorable angles. 9:15 -- Around here, slowing the Transylvania to allow the endgame catapults to be deleted/BBs slingshot ahead for final Zikasas' broadsides is optimal now they are lit; it does invite the trailing ones to catch up, but they still ought to be a non-factor assuming a 5-Star run. 10:04 -- the nearest Catapult on the left can be shot through the terrain if the Transylvania goes left at the start 10:25 Taking catapult fires while stationary -- This shot < going dark. I was under the impression the DD's fire chance was 0% in this mode. 11:04 -- 3 DDs can smoke cycle nearly the entirety of the run without running out for endgame; these Zikas should be taking at least the lead DDs torps on the belt [in the interest of double flooding, esp. of ones that have already repaired an Igor fire.] 12:28 Rasputin BB positioning -- The BB on the right is ideally placed for a T-Bone block on the Rasputin here 12:34 ^ maintaining the 3 o'clock position, the Rasputin plows into the same BB, and the trailing one (& DDs' torps) has a stationary [ram] target. Good run, wish I had it for reference before the event started. Had that Igor veering back into the circle moment go south on an otherwise perf run just like that, lol.
  5. facilegoose

    Sunray in Darkness, new year, new 'funs'

    Hit up the Operations Channel prime time/weekends, you'll find people in the same position. Got one (NC, Leviathan) out of all of the Super Hard ops, + 4 Twitch Mission standard pumpkins. Having SH 5-Starred this: Personally, I blow a boost in DDs at the start to get to the Gate early; the Transylvania bots are nice as early-game meatshields/developing that heal buff with early dmg; it's rare to run out/endgame after 2nd tower is very quiet. 3 DDs seems ideal for the raw deletion power/splitting guns when the "don't look at me" consumable for them is down; also for a non-filth 'Safety' on potential North Rasputin Spawns. 2 DDs on Gorgon -- Have "don't look at me" consumable up and get fires going, the both of you. It's the difference between needing another rack; be mindful of Scarab/Benson spawn proximity. 1st Tower = + 3:33 mins -- Have to be in the neighborhood anyways for the Rasputin, leave 1 Magnu-S with the Transylvania and try to zone out which spawn you'd prefer [1. just to the side of the tower ahead of filth 2. North of the tower ahead of the Transylvania/filth, 3. in the filth, just to the left of the tower] While the Gorgon can wait, the spawns on the 2nd tower assault are so ferocious it introduces significant risk -- it only should take two, the 3rd DD must delete ships/spot near the edge of the encroaching filth Magnu-S heal buff is crucial, spend a few on rams -- you can loiter within the edge of the filth for better vision/attracting torps that won't interfere with the drunk Transylvania captain; it's also hard to run out of these if you do not use any before having at least 100k damage so spend them altruistically as needed/cycle. 2nd Tower defense bias must be very strongly to the right & in proximity to it; I'd leave 1 Magnu just to the left of the Transylvania with the others staggered closer to the tower either side of it [Scarabs have the very balanced advantage of ready-racked torps; delete these bugs on site, first] CAs -- 2 is probably standard for burst damage and radar cycling. There is a question as to whether the reload-heal consumable on the CA applies to ramming as well -- this offers some additional flexibility, would recommend attempting in Standard in this Op of the week. Provided there are enough frags in endgame on the 2nd tower, in worst case scenarios it remains very carriable provided there is something like a Magnu-S escort with decent heal -- sailing just to the left of 2-Tower, right of Transylvania offers a lot of hard island cover, just don't run aground on the divot of an island just ahead of it, and it should still be GG. If you're running a random Div on this and a DD goes AWOL on the Gorgon snipe, boot them immediately;-- there isn't margin for error in throwing a star away needlessly like this [one DD with full fires & luck is still likely to be inadequate, if only just] just to satisfy Rambo's solipsism. Be clear on comps and task priorities. Hope this helps. Good luck
  6. Having 19pt functionality in +2MM Randoms -- but not the rest of the time -- for tiers V-VII(I) could be justified, but it would probably be made a feature of accounts with premium time, and have to not-count towards stats and not-render Captain Free XP. As a QOL feature it would be nice, particularly for testing endgame builds -- however, in the absence of numbers that show this somehow measurably slows the grinds of Top/Mid tiers in +2MM, it's unlikely to ever be implemented. 10pt would be more realistic, a newish player with a raw DD captain in tier VII vs. VIIIs & IXs is going to be a passenger regardless;-- allowing a new player in this position to have competitive concealment at least is desirable.
  7. facilegoose

    Translyvania Tips

    DDs -- your guns are useless, do not engage Catapults, spot them, & ahead of schedule. Battleship AP deletes Catapults, they need to be fronting at all times. This gives broadsides on Zikasa Spawns. Sail Ahead of the VIP & Tank. There is zero citadel threat from Zikas. This is not the case: Transylvania position initiates spawns. Slowing Transylvania to slow spawns may be required. Cruiser AP at 3000 has much faster DPS -- even at bows, 3-5k volleys can be done on Zikasas, and have seen as high as 7k broadside personally. If you have a favorable angle, switch. Cycle permanent fires? Certainly, but ideally you have 3 DDs cycling smoke/deleting Zikas quickly and not more than 2 BBs [dead dps weight, trivial HP advantage for Rasputin ram purposes endgame] -- even bow-in, the AP is going to hurt with good shot placement on the superstructure to the tune of the average BB volley every ~7s. The majority of the flotilla ought to be out front significantly, to spot and engage Catapults ahead of Zikasa spawns Battleship dispersion in sequential fire is appalling -- holding fire to get all (or all but 1) on target is desirable. Second, the AP/dispersion is so unreliable, HE BB may optimize your CA's ability to switch to AP on permafired Zikas. Big AP salvos and favorable dispersion don't seem to come without every gun on target/angles approaching broadside. 5 Starred (or near-to runs) with Unicorn, the hype was unreal at the time, lol. Super Hard Rasputin's Turbo-Conqueror Heal can and will resist full fire/flood DPS, ramming alpha strikes are required to punch him down enough to sink. Have 1 BB at the 6/9 o'clock position(s) on the Transylvania perimeter as a saving throw against Rasputin, depending on which direction he goes. CA's HP is superficially lower than the BB's, take ram flags too. DD deletion is a major risk, but if you can split his guns, a solo DD wide can be justifiable (say, if your smoke reload isn't convenient for covering the Tranylvania/redundant) In regular/even hard, a BB can sail ahead non-stop with reasonable fire management and delete the Catapults ahead of time, with a set up for a very early Rasputin ram at the end (with AP, anyways). CAs' fire DPS is completely wasted by having an Igor do this (that is, if you're using it to slow the VIP, too) -- a BB's heft/speed is better for controlling the Transylvania's forward progression in any case. For a ham version, I'd like to see a DD & 1 BB allowed to go waaay ahead before entering the circle to sweep and clear catapults in advance in combination with this. The trailing Zikasas are bait, redundant to the 16 frags secondary, and should never be engaged unless they enter 6km of the primary in late mid- to endgame. Fire angles in the front half of the Transylvania circles and beyond are superior for spawns -- slowing to engage flank spawns is much simpler than playing catch up with the Transylvania. Don't do this. Horizontal smoke is useless, never do this. DDs must range ahead [holding fire] & have Catapults lit the instant they come into firing range. DDs will have favorable broadside torp angles on all Zikasa spawns at the same time.
  8. facilegoose

    You Favorite Funny/Relaxing Movie

    Relaxing? Upstream Colour -- almost a silent film in large swathes with respect to dialogue, with an entrancing hypnogogic sound track & plot to match.
  9. Then they can pay/compensate the live server 'testers' for putting the meta in a time machine and pulling the game back into full-blown 'open Beta'. The balance/marketing teams have acquired the same sunk cost fallacy approach to development as is inculcated in its non-F2P player base. RTS could, can, -- and still ought to be brought into acceptable parameters; shifting the skill floor Overton Window of balance for RTS CV gameplay would be trivial, -- there's no lack of historical reference in gaming to draw from to do it, and at a fraction of the cost for whatever this baby-in-the-bathwater-throwing solution made up from whole cloth is. Out of X premium ships, how many are destroyers & what percentage of premium ship sales do they constitute? Because 8.0 CV changes from RTS completely obsolesces them, every last one (although Asashio drivers seem happy enough now /s) Repeal & Replace 8.0 -- RTS should never have been this problematic to balance: Sane torpedo plane engagement distance (no kamikazee drop ranges without taking equal punishment) for actual maneuvering counterplay by surface vessels; Adjusted ship & torpedo detection by air (lower); No AP bomber citadel memes under any circumstances, ever; Slower plane speeds (for surface vessel counterplay; RTS skill floor lowering) & a fuel/sortie time limit (perma-spotting, esp. of destroyers) Slightly fewer maximum squadrons (room for national flavour here) in the air at a time (RTS skill floor lowering) Strafing counter-mechanic (altitude boost dodge, or Rear-/ Gunner dps buff ~ shift strafe meta to horizontal angles of attack preference; head-on strafing runs between fighter groups should be radically less effective. For rear-gunner planes, such a counter would slow the pursing fighters/lower dps, and/or temporarily zone out their planes from initiating a strafe out to a certain distance.) CV balance ought to always have been a hybrid support class, with a strong bias toward combination play in tandem with surface vessels, not an independent direct damage heavy scout punishing independent & proactive skirmishing & flank-pushing aggressive play -- 8.0 compounds the risk averse BB back-line spawn sniping meta into another, profoundly worse beast entirely. The cascading effects on all classes (spotting & cap contention) are 'game-killers', and titles from this publisher are notoriously slow in their development cycles for balance -- particularly when things are broken: artillery, E5/Maus over buffs, Japanese Heavy weak points, 357 mm, over a year to finalize and optimize a wildly popular Frontlines Mode which actually added value to tier VIII premium tanks stuck in 357 mm purgatory, uptiered against Xs (especially the limited mm premiums). The publishers ought to have enough data to take to the shareholders and extrapolate catastrophic effects on their dividends by now. Act quickly. The 'data' falls off a cliff once Ranked is finished and the only decent Operation leaves for the 2/3rds of the worst balanced & most boring tier VI Operations go into rotation. 8.0 is only justifiable with the aim of doubling average match time to slow XP progression, to the exclusion of all else, just like 357 matchmaking in Tanks. If this is the case, there isn't any reasoning to be had here with all the 'data' in the world.
  10. No, I will not take the AA module over the Main Armaments' dispersion/torpedo tube traverse buffs on anything -- because destroyer gameplay is no longer engaging or fun having so little agency with respect to these new CV mechanics that one must hump cruisers' AA auras (shortened btw) or be inevitably deleted by endless streams of infinite planes. There are consequences for obsolescing an entire class and its premium ships save a token few. The cascading fun-police effects of this asinine step away from RTS CVs > whatever monies gleaned from prospective CV premiums/gold conversions imagined to be gained by this. If this is sat on -- like 357 has been in tanks for over a year -- expect an NA server population on par with that other tank game's PVE ghost town.
  11. facilegoose

    CV rework survey by Flambass

    In ~200 days since becoming a 357 matchmaking refugee from WOT, usually collecting more than 2.4 containers daily, this CV abomination has me on the longest non-sign in break since picking up the game. Intermediate whale PC/console. Just as an entire year shouldn't have been required to optimize Frontlines, the WOWS live server populations are not your Quality Assurance testers for a CV Rework whose RTS required little more than: 1.) slower high tier planes, 2.) appropriate torpedo plane engagement ranges to make surface vessel maneuvering counterplay an actual thing [no kamikaze point blank drops without commensurate punishment], 3.) AP bombers not lol-citadelling for any reason, ever, while being more affected by damage saturation, 4.) attenuated air-spotting of destroyers & their torpedos requiring more clicks/actions. RTS carriers de-tuned to a slower paced, more methodical and support oriented class > this mobile-tier mini-game enacted independent of direct counterplay (no risk should entail commensurate rewards/support function) compared to every other ship, given the infinite planes. This is as bad as 357 mm was to tanks, and in many ways even more egregious.
  12. Permanent camos for gold must include the option to use any consumable camouflage skin (with Premium Account Time active.)
  13. facilegoose

    Possible use for Karma

    The thought of just that likely is the placebo intended; the exploitability would be unacceptable; you had better hope this is not discretely the undisclosed case. If anything: negative karma notifications need to be removed-- "Oh, a zero map awareness deep 40-high-30% WR was rustled in the jimmies." The content-as-other-players in the NA 'throw within the first 3 minutes' meta is already more than enough to disincentive session time (and in-game transactions)-- this 'game feature' only adds insult to injury.
  14. These are not battleships,-- as an indirect nerf to their mobility (equipment/commander build incentivization) this is a large step toward compromising the class: gimped battleships, rather than side-grade heavy cruisers with uninspired gun handling characteristics & slower ROTs. If anything, battlecruisers like Gneisenau & Hood ought to have these FXP/Coal ships' fire durations in the absence of any other buffs. This type of sweeping, tone-deaf, ham-fisted balance decision making (together with the costly CV 'rework') is typical of what goes on in Tanks. Expect more of the same in 2019.
  15. facilegoose

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    Emphasis on Yuro x2 plane meme build. Your Shima was not spotting anything behind an island and took that torp sitting in his own smoke, right? He does this in Ranked as well, if he plays Ranked. There's the value of their objections: imaginary-- IF you division most of the time in it, composition can more than make up for it. x2 planes in conjunction with hydro are menacing to DDs (esp. w/ bad AA) and massively increases your zoning threat/ambush potential in pursuit of all class types. x2 planes can be the difference in whether an over extended ship is able to disengage, or be snuffed out; e.g. a Yamato that mistakenly believes he's a km or two in the clear of your range/island whilst he's plinking away as fast as he reloads. x2 planes: more sustained spotting damage potential, esp. in damage farming mode. tl;dr: 'selfish builds' outside of competitive play are imperative for Randoms. Works for you/your playstyle, then it's not a relevant objection; 'the Meta' goes in the dumpster if you can impose your will on those predictably conforming to it. Like you said, there will always be a surfeit of Radar Ships in this meta-- you're offering a different skill stack with a more active, initiative-taking, play-making style (presumably), the results should speak for themselves. Lots of Cruisers -- most -- have radar as an option. Des Memes is good for its DPM and its DPM alone-- anything besides pales in comparison. Des Memes has the option of careful open water play, better leveraged by spotter planes. If hitting all BBs at IX/X other than French at range is an issue, heavy USN shells notwithstanding, there are more fundamental issues at work than spoon-feeding friendly destroyers with radar consumables while playing passively. Anything that increases the functional Des Memes DPM memes is desirable and good -- Anything which assumes team mate focus fire competence, aim, dispersion, ect. in a ~40s time frame on an actively maneuvering hostile can only be justified by a full trade/elimination of that target: this nebulous team-dpm ideal is fantasy land outside of competitive and will always be less for the team than increasing your own effectiveness, for your own ship. Secondary Kurfursts island-grinding to help burst an enemy destroyer makes things easier for the latter, but outside of that goldilocks scenario, the Suvivability Build Kurfurst on the other side is doing more at all times, for all -- and for himself. The x2 spotter memes are justifiable for more sustained utility and flexibility against a greater proportion of the enemy fleet (how often are 5 DD, even 4 DD matches seen?), for more of the time, if you are applying Des Memes DPM as close to non-stop as possible.