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  1. AdmiralHattori

    Why you do this MM?

    If you take it from the perspective that 5 battles out of 1,977 battles, then you realize that it's pointless that 5 battles represents your overall time in WoWS. There's a reason why it's called Random battles. Rank isn't an available option for all time like in other games. So expecting bad days is normal. Just because you're above average doesn't justify or entitle you to "special" MM treatment. No one here has been through their entire life without problems. As much as we want days to be perfect, it is just a foolish mind to believe such world. It's just a game... We play at max for 20 minutes and move on to the next battle. Most of us in Random Battles just want to get the EXP and credits to unlock the ship we dream of playing. It's a very simple cycle and MM is part of it. There's no point getting worked up on 5 battles because you're going to forget them the more you play.
  2. AdmiralHattori

    Kurfurst 406 and 420 accuracy

    Should be.
  3. AdmiralHattori

    What makes Arizona so much stronger than New Mexico?

    Arizona has a 1.8 sigma while NM has I think 1.6 or 1.5. At one point, Arizona had 2.0 sigma making her extremely dominant.
  4. AdmiralHattori

    why do US cruisers underperform

    I was referring to T8-T10 where USN AA starts to become fearsome.
  5. AdmiralHattori

    why do US cruisers underperform

    US does exceptionally well in the support department. Since there is rarely any CVs, they can't really stress their strength except radar. Damage wise, since it's the most played cruiser class, there is a lot of people who don't quite play them right and therefore drag the overall stats down.
  6. AdmiralHattori

    How does the Stanligrad have Modern 16" penetration

    If the shell is made with high quality metal as in durability and high velocity, then it has high penetration. Just take the force equation, F = ma. You can get a lot of force by mass but also acceleration.
  7. AdmiralHattori

    "Ban by complaints" how does it work?

    I have seen ban from chat as the only punishment for being reported unless you go to the extreme to get the attention of WG. Not sure about ban by complaint? As in you were ban for 24 hours from playing? Or ban from the chat? Nonetheless, it is unfortunate that WoWS sportsmanship has come down to being reported for doing well or denied the freedom of playing ships that you want to play. I get reported by players for doing well in a DD or BB...
  8. AdmiralHattori

    T8 Match Making...

    I know for a fact that their is a strong resentment when being bottom tier in matchmaking and people tend to default to giving up because their ship is inferior from the rest. I hold a strong belief that regardless of what situation you are in, there is more than one solution to find a purpose in game and contribute. Refusing to accept the situation and admitting defeat before putting any effort is your greatest weakness. And most importantly, having the best weapon doesn't always guarantee victory, it only offers confidence over your adversary. Having the knowledge of what you can do with your weapon and understand your limits is the wise one at battle. In my case, enemy Tirpitz and I were the only T8 ships in the game along with the other lonely T9 ships. Everyone else is T10. Knowing for a fact that Roma isn't an easy ship to play (which is why I rarely see her at sea) and being the lowest tier of the match didn't stop me from listing my limited options. I already knew that I cannot play the Roma as if I was bullying T6 ships. I already knew that the power difference between T9 and T10 can be drastic so I ruled out contesting T10 head on when my chance of winning against a T9 was already slim. Removing the belief that the only way to do well is to have the best ship in the match and more about how I can outwit my adversaries with what Roma has to offered allowed me to succeed as an individual and ultimately as a team. It's not that the ship is powerful, it's the captain of the ship who is powerful. One last note for those who didn't know. Doing 121k damage in a T6-T8 MM doesn't give you the same reward as in a T10 MM. In other words, if you take on the challenge and put the effort, you shall be rewarded more. Why do I have a feeling that someone who saw the title and clicked on it expecting a rant about WG fixing their MM lol.
  9. AdmiralHattori

    Richelieu Missing Barbette Armor

    I was referring to the 80 mm part that you can see in the first turret. I just find it unusual that the second turret doesn't have it but I might be wrong since I don't have knowledge on armor blueprint of Richelieu. I mean it would make sense to connect the turret to the citadel right? Which the second one doesn't as you can see the empty space.
  10. AdmiralHattori

    Richelieu Missing Barbette Armor

    I'm uncertain if Richelieu second turret is suppose to have a barbette or not because practically every other battleship I have seen always have a barbette connected to the turret. The first turret has one which kind of further convince me that they missed the barbette on the Richelieu.
  11. AdmiralHattori

    Massachusetts secondaries question

    From my understanding, all guns from the Germans receive the 1/4 caliber HE penetration calculation. I think it would be too inconsistent to be picky about which guns get it and does it not. When you look shell penetration info from the wiki, they specifically categorize the Germans as 1/4 along with the British, so 105 mm should also receive the 1/4 treatment.
  12. AdmiralHattori

    Massachusetts secondaries question

    You definitely do need to invest into IFHE. Let me put it this way, Bismarck and Tirpitz has better secondaries because they have penetration (divide by 4 for caliber) while Massachusetts doesn't (divide by 6). Therefore, your shells does 0 damage to anything that has more than 21 mm of armor (destroyers and superstructure are the only viable damage source, everything else at that point is just setting a fire). Equip IFHE on the Massachusetts and you are now able to compete against 27 mm armor (basically, majority of cruisers especially T8 and below since they are 25 mm all around). In short, Massachusetts only advantage against Bismarck and Tirpitz is accuracy and rate of fire of the secondaries but that isn't enough to outperform them because your shells just shatters do 0 damage. But with IFHE, Massachusetts in my opinion start to seem more scarier than Bismarck and Tirpitz if not better. It is just that you need to invest into AFT, IFHE, and Manual Secondaries which is pretty much 18 point captain minimum. In short, a lot of investment but reward is extremely nice, just like the Akizuki.
  13. AdmiralHattori

    Massachusetts is for sale

    I bought the ship even though I have Alabama. I hate myself now but I had fun with her :)
  14. AdmiralHattori

    Is it worth putting DE on the KGV and the Nelson?

    To me, no. You have to spam HE to feel the difference but with a 25-30 sec reload rate, you won't notice the improvement. I used to have it on my Dunkerque which has great fire chance, took it off and still feels the same to me. DE is something for cruisers or destroyers because they constantly output HE which increase their chances of fire.