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  1. AdmiralHattori

    aircraft damage

    Shot down planes will not cause damage even if they seemingly crash into ships. The only damage is the loss of a pilot who will never ever return home.
  2. AdmiralHattori

    Musashi camo

    Sounds like the HSF camo where they put a fresh coat of gray paint and an appealing minimalist design.
  3. AdmiralHattori

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    I bought the ship and at least from my experience, the guns are seriously accurate compared to New Mexico and Fuso whose sigma are more towards 1.6. At least that's my experience so I would say it's 1.8.
  4. AdmiralHattori

    Hood gun buff?

    Depending the last time you played her, she got her sigma buffed to 1.9 and fuse time (reduce shatters/fail to penetrate) while ago. Also, the Hood is the most special battlecruiser in the game with the best AP penetration angle like the USN heavy cruisers if you're strictly talking about Hood being classified as a battleship whereas Alaska would also be compared.
  5. AdmiralHattori

    Azur Lane

    There's two national voice over in the audio option. One is national+ which is with the Azur and I think other is just National which uses the regular Japanese voiceover while still able to use Azur Hood.
  6. AdmiralHattori

    The Aircraft carrier Riddle

    Some CVs can drop 3 or more torpedoes per flight so there's a possibility that the CV player might of sunk two ships in one run or did two runs in quick succession on two separate targets.
  7. AdmiralHattori

    Iowa Weakspot?

    If you think you're ship is maybe 45 degrees, then your bow was probably angled +45 degrees at that moment because of how the bow's line isn't parallel with the ship (perception thing you might of missed), thus resulting with a citadel. To angle the bow at 45 degrees will probably require you to angle the entire ship at 40 degrees if that make sense.
  8. AdmiralHattori

    Got CQ with GZ against Kaga

  9. AdmiralHattori

    Got CQ with GZ against Kaga

    After waiting for almost 2 years to get her, GZ is probably my most favorite battleship.
  10. I think you're overreacting to the word "Legendary"... I'm just saying but "Legendary" has multiple interpretations which depends on the context. You interpreted ""Legenardy" as a famous ship while WG used the word "Legenary" as a mythical ship to sell Azuma. A little historical context, before the Japanese attacked the US, US intelligence received information of a possible construction of a "Japanese Super-Cruiser" which led to the plans for the Alaska-class large cruiser. As we know it, the Japanese didn't have the resource to build them but I would assume that Azuma is one of the "mythical" cruisers that the US suspected to face in the war.
  11. AdmiralHattori

    Does New Orleans have super heavy AP shells?

    I don't think she had them to begin with. I remembered purchasing T9 Baltimore where she was the first to have the option to upgrade to the heavy AP.
  12. AdmiralHattori

    Kaga more nerfs to come.

    If I just showed an above average game with Kaga that barely competes against an average at T8, then an average Kaga game is below the average of a T8. I don't think it's normal to average 20k-30k at T8... Those numbers are T5-T6. I'm better off playing battleships, cruisers, or destroyers than Kaga if I want to contribute.
  13. AdmiralHattori

    Kaga more nerfs to come.

    So you're telling me any ship that does more than 78k is OP? At this point, you might as well nerf all the battleships and cruisers I play because my average damage in them is way above my best game with Kaga. I can achieve that damage easily with a T7 or T6 battleship and we are comparing a T8 carrier. I average 30k with a Shokaku whereas my Massacuhsetts averages 100k. That really speaks for itself.
  14. AdmiralHattori

    Kaga more nerfs to come.

    No matter how many HE you fire, it is useless when they shatter. So no matter how many planes you send, if you can't even break the AA defense, then Kaga is completely pointless. Even if Kaga breaks the defense, her torpedoes does minimal damage [24 torpedoes only got 78k damage]. Give me my Alabama I can break 78k in 10 minutes while I struggle the entire match to do something similar with my Kaga. Just to put it in perspective, Kaga's planes are more fragile than Shokaku and Shokaku can barely survived the first pass.