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  1. AdmiralHattori

    Does New Orleans have super heavy AP shells?

    I don't think she had them to begin with. I remembered purchasing T9 Baltimore where she was the first to have the option to upgrade to the heavy AP.
  2. AdmiralHattori

    Kaga more nerfs to come.

    If I just showed an above average game with Kaga that barely competes against an average at T8, then an average Kaga game is below the average of a T8. I don't think it's normal to average 20k-30k at T8... Those numbers are T5-T6. I'm better off playing battleships, cruisers, or destroyers than Kaga if I want to contribute.
  3. AdmiralHattori

    Kaga more nerfs to come.

    So you're telling me any ship that does more than 78k is OP? At this point, you might as well nerf all the battleships and cruisers I play because my average damage in them is way above my best game with Kaga. I can achieve that damage easily with a T7 or T6 battleship and we are comparing a T8 carrier. I average 30k with a Shokaku whereas my Massacuhsetts averages 100k. That really speaks for itself.
  4. AdmiralHattori

    Kaga more nerfs to come.

    No matter how many HE you fire, it is useless when they shatter. So no matter how many planes you send, if you can't even break the AA defense, then Kaga is completely pointless. Even if Kaga breaks the defense, her torpedoes does minimal damage [24 torpedoes only got 78k damage]. Give me my Alabama I can break 78k in 10 minutes while I struggle the entire match to do something similar with my Kaga. Just to put it in perspective, Kaga's planes are more fragile than Shokaku and Shokaku can barely survived the first pass.
  5. AdmiralHattori

    Alaska HE spam

    I'm just saying but it is a good idea to take concealment expert and the concealment upgrade mod to bring it down to 12.2 km.
  6. AdmiralHattori

    Alaska HE spam

    12.2 km concealment for a ship this size is respectable.
  7. AdmiralHattori

    Alaska HE spam

    Try to disengage using your concealment and use your damage control party wisely. Unlike BBs' damage control party, Alaska still has the nice cruiser damage control party. If you're stationary like a battleship, chances are you will be punished with fire for playing the Alaska that way. She excels at flanking and consistent presence around the map, similar to French BB approach.
  8. AdmiralHattori

    Premium Ship Review #120: Plus Sized Baltimore

    With 1 Million FXP, I might as well purchase Alaska in 1867 from the Russian Empire.
  9. AdmiralHattori

    Funny H-shaped chimney in most IJN DDs

    Are you referring the "h" funnel where there's a lump at the base of the funnel?
  10. AdmiralHattori

    Midway vs Lexington Rocket Plane Accuracy

    My guess is that Midway's plane are faster, making it difficult?
  11. AdmiralHattori

    Current State of Izumo

    "If you don't find me handsome, you might find me handy"
  12. AdmiralHattori

    The Hotfix helped a lot...but

    Just angle towards the torpedo planes. It is simple to say carriers can deliver torpedoes but isn't easy to hit. Same way as saying Shimakaze can deliver 300k in one full salvo and yet it will probably get an average of 50k per salvo in a decent game. Just try playing CVs to understand the perspective of how torpedo planes work. My Ryujo can theoretically deliver 150k damage with torpedoes in a game but I average 15k damage per game... What does that tell you? I can equally say there isn't any counterplay to AA because of how random they work at times.
  13. AdmiralHattori

    The Hotfix helped a lot...but

    I landed 24 torpedoes and came out with 78k with my Kaga in This a game way back with my Kaga before 0.8.0, landing 23 torpedoes... So I don't know how much you want to nerf the torpedoes. Have you tried playing the CVs right now?
  14. AdmiralHattori

    Midway HE bomb pen?

    Enough to enlarge your neighbor's living room lol