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    I know one day that you will realize that World of Warships is a video game, not a simulator. It was never intended to represent real naval battles. Bismarck can earn herself a respectable reputation but it doesn't mean she is entitled to being all mighty in World of Warships. At the same time, Bismarck is a strong ship in her current state.
  2. Battleships against destroyers

    I'm no history expert but same argument could be said about torpedoes. Torpedoes should disable and devastate a battleship more easily compared to what is given in this game. At the same time, if a battleship gets citadel under the turret, the detonation chance should be a lot higher.
  3. Battleships against destroyers

    If realism is the big argument to justify that large caliber guns should blow things up easily, then can't it be the same argument that in reality, battleship hit rate is extremely low as in around 3-5%. WoWS battleship hit rate is what everyone would dream back in the day, having a 50-70% hit rate every salvo.
  4. Maybe Alabama. It's the same camo as shown on wikipedia.
  5. Are you referring to the game or historically? Historically, Bismarck is at least more well known since she actually tested her abilities. In game, at close quarters, Bismarck has some what a chance.
  6. I'm not quite sure what you're saying. If I interpreted correctly, you basically wish to remove CV as a whole... At one point when CVs were relevant, they had a purpose in the game. For example, spotting destroyers and providing early information to direct the fleet in the beginning. Today, we added radar and hydroacoustic to counter destroyers because CVs are no longer common to spot destroyers or their torpedoes. It is a lot more common today for teams to stack a side and end up in games when they corner themselves because there is no longer CVs to offer early information of which direction the enemy fleet is going or an idea of the battlefield. CVs may have their flaws but those flaws were neglected due to lack of interest for years but they had a purpose to keep the game in line and punish players who are out of the team formation. What you are saying is that CVs shouldn't be in the game for the greater good of everyone else and yet people talk about why USN cruisers lack a role in providing AA support.
  7. I don't see the reward for CVs at all. Your first point benefits non-CVs. Second point benefits the economy of non-CVs. Third point is like adding frosting to the cake from the previous two points by getting those planes out and letting those ships farm off of them. Fourth point only benefits surface ships. You basically made CV play as a massive air fleet of float planes flying around and giving people free XP and credits... How is that even enjoyable...
  8. Kaga AA build?

    Only skill I can see that Kaga's AA can benefit is the manual AA but usually your fighter will always be the first defense to begin with. Manual AA will at least double the 127's mm gun's damage output. Ideally, if the captain on Kaga is from Taiho or Hakuryu where the 100 mm have great affect with the manual AA, then grab manual AA anyways but of course Air Supremacy and Concealment Expert is first before manual AA.
  9. Aircraft trump Ships

    So carriers aren't classified as warships? End of rant.
  10. Dispersion

    Dispersion is the maximum radius from the the center of your cross-hair to the outer (imaginary) circle. Now dispersion listed in the port is only the horizontal dispersion while Sigma value is the vertical dispersion. Sigma is usually the determining factor of accuracy because what matter most is your shell falling short or long. Horizontal dispersion only comes to play if you're shooting a short length ship like a destroyer or cruiser but it doesn't even matter if the sigma is poor because your shells will just hit the water or fly over the ship from where you originally aimed. All of this calculated by RNG and the numbers in ports is the worst situation.
  11. Why can't I assign gun zoom to the RMB now?

    Probably because the right click is an essential key for carriers or setting an auto-pilot course if I recall correctly.
  12. GZ working as intended?

    If you can't citadel a German battleship from the side, why not go from above? Putting aside the joke, this is the product of the lack of support from the larger portion of the community to bring attention to details of rebalancing CVs and making them more enjoyable. In other words, CV changes will be drastic and takes time to tweak since WG delayed their changes so many times. While a bigger part of the community like the battleships can get their change within a month like Alabama. So in other words, your concern for this issue remains a small part unless the complaint reaches high numbers like Alabama. Plus CV population is very small...
  13. 1 mill is usually broken if you have premium + first win of the day + take a lot of damage + do a lot of damage + radar spot + flag. Breaking the 1 mill is not something you get every game and that's why people post it. No one really post 300k-500k credits earned on the forum which might of given you the impression that people found treasure island with Missouri since majority of the post is around 1 mill credits. Nonetheless, Missouri remains the best credit earning premium if played correctly.
  14. So are we going to pretend that all other types of ships don't have players who also aren't doing something right?
  15. Midway rebalanced

    Uhmmm, so basically what you are saying is that all different nationalities should stop whining and accept the fact that their ships are weak in some way (in the case of weak against USN) but yet you are here whining about USN ships being weak... What also doesn't make sense is that you entitled yourself as a "proud American" and choose to play USN warships which were developed by a Russian team that is part of Wargaming Europe branch.... WG is rebalancing Midway not because it is outperforming Hakuryu (it is only part of the big reason since Hakuryu continues to be competent ship to play even if Midway is currently the dominant one), but because lately Midways have been breaking damage records if you follow the YouTube scene and ever since the change to her loadout in 0.6.14, Midway raised to the top in such short amount of time. It's more like everyone recognized Midway's improvement and not only the players who play Hakuryu. From what I heard, the only changes are to her fighters but that is compensated by the fact that Midway inherently has a large hangar to back it up like Enterprise. So you over exaggerated that Midway is weak and you don't even have her unlocked in the first place. When I got my Midway with her stock Corsair fighters, they were more than enough to leave a dent on the Hakuryu if played correctly. For the sake of not making yourself look like a fool, try to understand that this is a video game and not everything you want revolves around your world.