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  1. I don't get paid enough :(
  2. AdmiralHattori


    I must be one of the few who understood the Gold Rush mission for buying a Black ship. I already knew I was going to be a sucker when I purchased Black Massachusetts but I personally don't like the camo on the original (I was hoping for the Alabama blue camo). I wish these Black camos are sold as camo so it would be cheaper instead of a separate ship but I do appreciate that they willing to compensate with the Gold Rush mission for owners who have the original which is why I pulled the trigger on the Black Massachusetts.
  3. AdmiralHattori

    Vanguard is Great!

    I really like the Vanguard. It's what I ideally wanted from the RN BBs line to be; superb accuracy and consistent, decent AP penetration, strong HE with a reasonable fire chance (30-40%), and good concealment. I personally didn't like the current model of the RN BB line where it is average accuracy, below average AP performance, and strong HE with fire chance of 40-50%. When I purchased the Warspite way before the RN BB line was announce, I honestly thought the Warspite would be the role model for the line. I know a lot of people were doubtful about what Vanguard has to offer but it has a been while that I had this much fun in a battleship that is like no other, regardless if I win/lose or do well/poor, I'm having a lot of fun with her maneuverability and the satisfaction of having a hit rate of 30-60%. Thank you WG for giving the Vanguard a taste that I can't find anywhere else other than the Vanguard herself and Warspite.
  4. AdmiralHattori

    Just Got the Lexington. Now What?

    Lexington should be a change in experience since she is the first to have access to new bombs. As a ship, she is awesome. In terms of air performance, it's going to be difficulty since you're up against Enterprise, Graf Zeppelin, and maybe Shokaku (she tends to have an edge). Edit: Not sure why someone would down vote you for such a neutral post. Since I've rarely seen anything positive from the forum for a while, I gave you a +1 :)
  5. AdmiralHattori

    IFHE and MASS.

    IFHE benefits against +T8 cruisers and battleships at T7 and below. Battleships above +T8 have minuscule effects if not technically worse since your fire chance is reduced. But if you're top tier and you are up against T7 BBs and cruisers, you definitely will see its effectiveness.
  6. If you played the close testing, the captain skill tree has been changed to incorporate new skills. If that's the case, every captain will be reset.
  7. AdmiralHattori

    Nelson needs buffs...

    Nelson used to be my most favorite T7 battleship until I played enough to realize that she is the worst once you know her weakness. I would take a Nagato, Colorado, or KGV over the Nelson at that point. Her citadel is way too restrictive and dispersion is frustrating at time. She only fun when you're top tier. Although she holds the highest win rate at T7 BBs, that reason is most likely due to players who purchased her have experience with the game already which throws off the stats.
  8. From my understanding, they buffed IJN 100 mm DDs to be a powerhouse in DPS because they were slow, large, and very poor turn radius (poor maneuverability in general) with the fact that they only have one set of torpedo launchers. Daring and Jutland on the other hand have 2 full set of torpedo launcher and way better maneuverability characteristics compared to the IJN so it's hard to justify their request when you compare to the IJN's flaws.
  9. AdmiralHattori

    CV Rework Fighter Suggestion

    I want to make a suggestion about the fighters after playing several games with the new CVs. There's definitely less air superiority in the sky since you're no longer in direct controls of the fighters. Currently there's a lack of fighter presence since it's just a consumable and 90% of the time I rarely encounter them. I think it's best to create fighter safe zones on objectives captured. For example, if my team captured A and B, then my CV will automatically setup a fighter perimeter around that area. If the fighters get shot down, then it will take approximately 1-3 minutes for it to respawn and fly to that flag. The benefit is that ships that know they are going to be targeted by the CV will attempt to retreat to captured flags and gain support from the fighters. The only problem with this is that ships like destroyers who contest the enemy flag will be spotted which makes it way too difficult to capture the flag. Although unrealistic, I would say that fighters will not spot ships that are contesting the flag. Once the flag is captured, the fighters will leave the area and return to the CV or find the closes captured flag that has some planes missing. If you find it disturbing how fighters patrol a flag and not spot ships, then I would say that the ship will only be spotted once they enter the flag zone. At that point, the friendly CV will automatically send fighters to dogfight as the ship at the flag captures it. Of course, I strongly believe ships that attempt to capture these flags should be rewarded for shooting down the fighters in the area [assuming that AA has been reworked correctly, ships that have weak AA should have some sort of decent chance of shooting down a few planes and the rest will be finished off by friendly CV reinforcement]. It's just a simple suggestion, so don't take it too serious.
  10. AdmiralHattori

    Wichita - no angle?

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration Scroll down to Armor Piercing and there will be a table that shows the ricochet angle. You can see how the RN and USN Heavy CA get special AP behaviors. Make sure to not miss the first turn or you'll have to make a turn on the Third Reich and U-turn back to the table.
  11. AdmiralHattori

    Wichita - no angle?

    Wichita's AP characteristics are no different from Des Moines, Buffalo, Baltimore, and any other USN CA that carries heavy AP shells.
  12. AdmiralHattori

    Why you do this MM?

    If you take it from the perspective that 5 battles out of 1,977 battles, then you realize that it's pointless that 5 battles represents your overall time in WoWS. There's a reason why it's called Random battles. Rank isn't an available option for all time like in other games. So expecting bad days is normal. Just because you're above average doesn't justify or entitle you to "special" MM treatment. No one here has been through their entire life without problems. As much as we want days to be perfect, it is just a foolish mind to believe such world. It's just a game... We play at max for 20 minutes and move on to the next battle. Most of us in Random Battles just want to get the EXP and credits to unlock the ship we dream of playing. It's a very simple cycle and MM is part of it. There's no point getting worked up on 5 battles because you're going to forget them the more you play.
  13. AdmiralHattori

    Kurfurst 406 and 420 accuracy

    Should be.
  14. AdmiralHattori

    What makes Arizona so much stronger than New Mexico?

    Arizona has a 1.8 sigma while NM has I think 1.6 or 1.5. At one point, Arizona had 2.0 sigma making her extremely dominant.
  15. AdmiralHattori

    why do US cruisers underperform

    I was referring to T8-T10 where USN AA starts to become fearsome.