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  1. If you mean the Yotaroh mission that only gives the commander, not the ship. Yes you need to complete all missions in a given chain to get the ship(s) listed for that specific mission chain. If you did do that, check "additional content" settings (gear on the right above ship carousel in port) to make sure you have it set to show ARP ships. If after all that it's still not in port, try restarting client and if it still doesn't show up then you might want to submit a ticket...
  2. They did a collab with Haifuri (Highschool Fleet), not Kancolle.
  3. Oh wow didn't realize they were that different pre-refit. Thanks for the info! And yeah considering how many CVs there are around at the moment I have a feeling if they did release AA refit Maya she would be quite popular lol Well remember there were also "absolutely no plans" for submarines to be added to the game so theres always a chance if this is popular enough for them to justify the investment... and hopefully not so popular that the WG bean counters get the bright idea to make it PR 2.0 ... That is very interesting indeed... I'm no lawyer, but maybe DMM had some kind of exclusive with ARP for game publishing that they gave up when re:birth failed? I actually wanted to try that game, but DMM love their region locks and I didn't want to bother with a vpn again just for that. Perhaps some less gaijin-phobic company will pick the rights up some day... Also that's a very nice Kongou you got there 0.o
  4. Maya (carnival da yo!~) is Takao class iirc so they already have the model and would only need the va and replace takao's symbol with her's... unless they want to go with the final aa-heavy refit she got instead and do some redesigning. Hyuga and Ise (labcoat/quirky scientist and her sister) are their own class of battleship that is not in wows (yet anyway) so they would be a bit harder to add... and considering how even maya, yamato and musashi who all have their base ship models ingame already didn't get added I am not getting my hopes up for Ise/Hyuga, I-400 series or any of the manga-only ones (Bismarck, Lexington, Nagato etc...)
  5. nope, gotta buy the ship again, and then from what i hear you get the camo and cost of ship is credited in doubloons.... so effectively its dubs + $20 for skin.
  6. As far as stats visible to players go, no there is absolutely no differences. Hidden stats... well i am not a 1337 h4x0r so unless someone else mines it and lets us know I can't say (considering the ships were out for years and noone so far has posted anything I don't think it's likely though)... and yes I agree it WOULD be cool if they all had a bit of unique flavor. That would be cool, but if there were "softstat" differences don't you think somone would've found/confirmed it by now? Then again I am no expert so no idea how well they hide the hidden stats lol Harekaze also has access only to stock kagero torps, so its a trade of gunpower and torpedo power, so there is some balance there between the two although yes I do like the harekaze alot more than a kagero too lol Check to make sure you don't have the anime captains hidden in additional content settings, if not then yes submit a ticket. Yes taken as a standalone this event is not too bad, but people are pissed because the original event was far more generous and this event, while far better than the PR dumpsterfire is a complete cashgrab in comparison so you can see how people that got their hopes up for something like the original event are now very disappointed and salty.
  7. Man with the greed being turned up this much I was hoping at least we get voiceover updates for the commands added after the original arp event, still hoping theres a part 2 where that happens so that Iona doesnt comment on not being able to submerge at the start of battle when put in command of a submarine... Yep the lack of carnival is certainly saddening, along with no Yamato/Musashi camos/captains. I mean I understand them not adding the manga-only roster, but those already have models and VAs.... It's because things happen to her in the story causing some involuntary appearance changes as the story progresses That model is a meme from original event. Still though with subs coming soon I have SOME hope left for a part 2 in which they will actually add new content instead of rerunning old stuff with 100% more greed. Yamato, Musashi, Maya etc would also be nice... hopefully without them costing an arm and a leg...
  8. 1) No, somebody has to actually BE one, not PLAY one fighting fake "for all good against all evil" strawman arguments and going "oohh look at me i'm so f2p friendly" when the person you are arguing with was f2p for quite a while (have pretty much gone back to being one now too), is all for the game being as f2p friendly as possible and the argument being completely irrelevant to f2p players (compensation, not removal of access to ship from f2p)... there's a difference, and quite an important one between those two types of people. Sorry, but to me, based on your initial post and responses so far, your tone and concerns feel as fake as that of a like/+/reputation farmer. If that is not the case, I apologize, but so far you are only confirming that feeling. 2)...and this is relevant how? you provide your own experience (and assumptions of value) in response to me saying not to make assumptions about others, logicDOTexe not found. Also a non-competitive dirt cheap kiddie pool tub that was pretty much hinted at going in events/sale around release? Great comparison. 3) No, if that was the case I would have gotten a refund when stealthfire was removed, like several other people I know did (but please by all means do keep proving my point about your assumptions here). While stealthfire was an amusing meme and certainly added to it's effectiveness, mainly I wanted a solid hybrid midtier dd without full moonshot-arcs, something that at the time did not exist in the silver techtree and back then WG still had a good track record with premiums (and even ships in general) getting sorted out and balanced properly, even if it did often take the an uncomfortably long time to do it, so I assumed the Blys would be no different. Oh sure and I never complained about a sale, contest prize, or something similar, but If said TV vendor then came to your house, pulled a component it prominently advertised from your tv and offered you nothing in return, or started offering the same unit for someone's collection of used underwear, I doubt you would be saying that same thing. And while you might not be able to take legal action if said store had a return policy as outdated as your analogy (insert meme about comparing physical and digital goods here), I doubt you would be returning to that store again anytime soon, which is my main point here and why I am saying a refund makes sense from a long-term economical standpoint for them too. Look up a little store chain called costco, their return policy and their success if you prefer to process things in terms of physical goods. If you are making a shovelware asset-flip designed to milk and dump a playerbase, then devaluing goods and shafting the paying playerbase makes sense, but if you are building for long-term success, it's about as bad as going full p2w. Maintaining reputation and buyer confidence matters. Also there is precedent for them doing this, most notably with the premium CVs and on a case-by-case basis with some other ships too, so not exactly an unreasonable request. *facepalm* ...It was a unicorn ship from a beta bundle, between how rare it was and newbie mm protection, a "seal" would see one in about 100 games, something I confirmed when I made new accounts on EU CIS and SEA. Back then you could not even get it from the crates, remember? The ones that WOULD see them more frequently would not be the seals, but other wannabe "clubbers" or people that just keep playing mainly in the 4-7 tier range way past being a newbie, which would explain why your personal experience might have more encounters with the boat.
  9. Its not dramatics but economics. I can't say for the community at large but I personally stopped spending when they decided to fully embrace "surprise mechanics" in their worst form and this move basically ensures that I am not getting anything else anytime soon, and I know quite a few who feel the same way (obviously a sample size of under 100 players is not that significant, but I think I can extrapolate from that with some accuracy). Also making assumptions about who did and didn't get their money's worth out of the ship really makes you sound like the first part of that word of that word: I, for example got it not long before the stealthfire removal but have less than 10 games in that tub since it became a below average piece of meh and I didn't ask for a refund then only because they said they will eventually rebalance the ships affected by the change once they get more data (which they never really did for the blys). So no just because someone had it for a while does not mean they got their money's worth, but keep playing the savior and champion for the f2ps against a strawman if it makes you feel better i guess... Also you make it sound like I am against them making the ship (or other old premiums in the future) for coal, which I clearly stated that I am not and actually welcome it, just ask that it be handled properly. Give scaling compensation based on time owned or number of games played if you must, or if thats too much to implement just give players that purchased the ship for doubloons the option to sell it back for doubloons (even if not at full price) like they did before with the carriers. Honestly any acknowledgement and effort on their part would have already done alot to mitigate this situation...
  10. Yeah would be nice if they gave some compensation to those people, even for the sake of their own bottom line considering people would probably be a bit more hesitant to buy a premium when there is the precedent of them just throwing it out for free later on and just laughing at those that actually bought it... Don't get me wrong I am not against this move, the larger the f2p/coalship pool the better and I can think of a few other ships that could use the same treatment, but proper compensation for those hurt by this is necessary if they don't want to further alienate paying customers...
  11. EDIT: sorry my google skills failed... just now noticed the post about compensation (3 port slots)... that'll teach me to post half asleep gonna leave this up for now in case anyone else also missed the announcement (mods please move/delete or whatever if it is the appropriate action for the thread and sorry for the trouble >.< ) I know its nearing the end of event but decided to give others the heads up since I got a rude awakening when it asked for 300 dubs to unlock the last event ship, and since you cant even sell them, AND that most people I talked to ingame were not aware either figured id post here to try get the warning out to more players. (EDIT: yes this was confirmed to have been unintentional) No idea why they did it like this... hope its just a lazy oversight and not something intentional and will not be back in future events.... along with the "surprise mechanics" (one can dream, right?) I really like the general idea of this event overall and had alot of fun playing this game mode, but these design choices do take some shine out of it.
  12. update 8.4 most likely, for now gotta get mission from soviet container to play with them
  13. All will be tech tree other than the Lenin (t8 premium) And now time to watch all the "HURR DURR DIS BOTE SANK ME BUSSIAN RIAS OP SOVIET PROPAGANDA NERF NAO!" crowd change to "I GOT DELETED IN 3 MINUTES LOL UGLY SOVIET TRASH!" after they potato in and give broadside... brb gonna get more popcorn
  14. Well now there is a proposed law in the US to ban lootboxes in any games that aren't adult-only. Obviously WG is not the main offender here, just a small fish trying to get their crumbs of the dirty lootbox cash pie, but I think this is relevant to the topic. The "pioneers" in this field and their ESA goons are fighting this hard, but I dont see any pushback from gamers like there usually was in the past over regulations despite how painfully aware everyone is of what usually happens when people that hardly know what a computer is try to regulate things related to one... Hopefully WG takes notice of this, although knowing wg (and even if this somehow passes) I bet theyll just take the AO rating... or start selling individual commanders for $50+ next time lol
  15. I am cautiously optimistic about these changes as at least things seem to be headed generally in the right direction... The HE bombs vs DDs NEEDED to be nerfed: yes a skilled dd could minimize the number of hits they take, but there was literally only ONE destroyer I encountered since rework that was able to consistently throw off my USN DB aim and made me really work for it, and even then I got a few bombs on him and was spotting him for my team to shoot. While i agree CVs need tools to deal with DDs (rockets got over-nerfed/nerfed in the wrong ways imho, more on that later) being able to take half a DD's hp with 1 strike if rng is nice to you even when the dd is doing some evasive maneuvers is just too much. That said I am NEVER a fan of going the dispersion route, just do %damage reduction to DDs or something, relying on rng to BALANS things will always lead to edge cases and frustration, and if I understood what you are planning to do correctly, can have some unintended consequences vs larger ships too. Now about rockets... as i said i think they were incorrectly/overnerfed with how hard they are to adjust aim on during an attack run and how you basically have to start an attack run 1-2km before you even SPOT the dd, as well as with how much penetration the rockets have: heavier dds can shrug off alot of non-tiny tim rockets while, again something like a shima can easily lose 1/3 of its hp to 1 rocket strike... so we need some combination of reduced damage per rocket, but with improved pen and maneuvering capabilities during an attack run: yes a DD should be able to mitigate alot of damage by maneuvering (and they achieve that with the massive loss of accuracy when turning the rocket squad already), but being able to completely out-turn a rocket squad and avoid it completely even when the initial approach vector was correct is just broken in the other direction. Not happy about hightier cvs now having to sit on their hands doing nothing at game start and I think this coulda been done differently (maybe let them scout but not fire? maybe even just give them only access to an unarmed "recon plane" at the start? or restrict the range on how far they can fly?) Personally even as a surface ship i really liked the intelligence on the overall distribution of enemy forces so i can plan ahead instead of just going based on guesses.) Hope this is just a stopgap and will be removed later. Old CVs did have squad preparation times before so not the end of the world, but I still believe there were and still are better solutions. The engine cooling changes... eh not sure this was needed, a case of trying to treat a symptom instead of the cause, but if this makes later balancing easier in the future maybe its worth the sacrifice. hopefully later on you will be open to re-tweaking this once the overall balance is in a better spot. Don't play coop but I'd think the people that do deserve a free respec since now they have to spec into aa as before they didn't... the autopilot changes would be awsome if they work! looking forward to that. Rewards being redistributed to damage instead of aircraft kills should have happened a long time ago, glad this change is finally coming. ABOUT AA: Yes the aa sector system needs reworking, but not knowing ANY details is troubling, guess ill just have to wait and see, but considering that the other changes seem to be in the right direction (though still missing the mark), i remain hopeful. I also have a longterm suggestion for AA rework and it involves fixing one of the fundamental problems with current MM: you don't know if you will get a carrier in the game so speccing into aa mods/skills/consumables is basically a GAMBLE, so I propose that instead of making people choose between AA and something else, put the aa modules and skills on their own aa-only slots and let people inside decide on the TYPE of aa upgrades they get, for example: More range or More damage or more aa survivability or aa mounts regenerating over time or with the use of damage controll/repair consumables. These will alter the aa gameplay in meaningfull ways without forcing people to basically gamble on matchmaking. Same thing with commander skills: have a separate AA skill tree with it's own point pool, and if you are thinking there arent enough skills to provide meaningfull choice, here are a few examples for you, ranging from basic to more complex: +AA continuous damage, +flak damage, +1 flak burst per volley, +30% aa mount hp, Restore 1 aa mount everytime damage control is used, and every 10 seconds repair is active, -30% flak burst damage but +50% flak burst radius and +10% continuous dps, gain 1% additional damage on all AA every second a squad remains in ship's aa range (resetting when squad flies out of range or is destroyed), increasing AA damage bonus depending on how much damage ship has taken from air strikes etc etc etc... just some ideas to get started.... hmm maybe ill write up a post on this in the suggestions section later lol Anyways this seems to be a very polarizing issue with no one right answer, but the current changes do look to me like an honest attempt and a step in the direction of balance.