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  1. xS27x

    NA Server down?

    same issue here
  2. Ok so first the good: Individually purchasable camos outside of bundles and at least they are giving a choice of earnable commanders instead of one that's least popular, so it is a step up going from a 99.9% cash shop event to a99% cash shop event. I guess that's an improvement. I would still say calling this an event and not a glorified cash shop whale sale is incorrect but hey, with how everything else wg is doing lately being completely bad I guess it is worth pointing out the 0.1% good on the rare occasions it happens. A camo or ship that is earnable, at least lowtier, or a game mode or SOMETHING other than just a lazy mission chain to actually call this an event would certainly have helped. Camos look great but sadly none of them are for ships I actually play regularly and this is not a series I am a hardcore fan of so it is a pass for me on collection reasons too, especially with how WG is handling the rest of the game and monetization making me very worried about the future of the game and keeping my wallet firmly shut till they do something about the near constant arrogance and greed fueled dumpster fire thats been going on for a while now (not gonna bother on the details here since this is not what the thread is about and I am certain everyone here knows exactly what im talking about anyway).
  3. xS27x

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    No I am saying that Musashi has a small chance to drop in santa crates (this is what i meant by gacha), and I'm sure that the crowd that didnt hesitate to spend a couple hundred for the bundle will gladly throw even more at the game in an attempt to get the ship from there to use that camo on, so wg has absolutely no incentive to put Musashi up again in shop since it will loose them all that gacha money, they know it, and I'm willing to bet that musashi was released as a camo in large part to set up this situation.
  4. xS27x

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    Shikishima was not in arp. At this point the only arp anime ships not in wows are the submarines and nagara-class light cruisers. And technically Hyuga, though she did not actually have her hull in the anime. Although I guess if they do make absurd amounts of money here, they can always consider pulling the much larger manga roster in (which includes about half the ships in wows atm), but that will require alot more work and investment since they will have to get more licensing done and then work with only some mostly black and white images, no 3d models and no voice acting. Doubt it will happen.
  5. xS27x

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    Actually it makes perfect sense once you get into the beancounter mentality: why would they release the ship for sale when they know whales will gladly spend at least 10x more pulling for her in the christmas gacha? I mean obviously there's enough people here with either massive disposable income or lack of self control for them to justify this business strategy if they keep doing it more and more instead of toning it down or even bothering to release any meaningful ingame content to go with the shop sale anymore.
  6. xS27x

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    With the monetization strategy wg decided on, are you really surprised? Its a whale farm, obviously they don't want to limit their spending... just wait till they introduce full-blown gacha next time around lol And my guess is this is probably in preparation for their christmas gacha (especially with with all the "true fans" that didnt get the musashi back then and will now have to roll in the hopes of getting her), not arp yamato. Actually reminded me of a post i saw on ru forum when I was looking to see how pleased other regions are with this "event", he was joking about how there were real cars for sale in his area for the same price as the pixel warships lol. "for true fans" indeed ...
  7. xS27x

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    Yeah would've been nice to have both options, or perhaps a discount on an arp musashi/yamato if you already own/have reseached the ship so it cost as much as a skin would (like a mission to play 1 game in the corresponding ship rewarding a discount cupon or something), and not have everything be bound in bundles if you just want some things and not all... but this is wg were talking about here lol. Clearly they have no incentive to change or accommodate anyone else with how the no-questions-instabuy-tier whale population is still large enough for them to ignore any criticism while bathing in an olympic-sized pool of weeb cash.
  8. xS27x

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    Yeah especially considering how their cores are very likely to survive the ship sinking anyway if not hit directly. That said however, I am guessing the fact that they LOOK human could cause issues with the relevant authorities regardless of lore... The piano and them being on deck in port would have been great to see though I agree 100% Buuuuut considering they made so many arp-like weapons and mechanics for key battles (shockwave of heracles => Flagship mirro-ring system, the delayed blast laser => graviton cannon, plasma bolts and lasers on primary/secondary armaments, energy redistribution and ship reconfiguration on the fly, etc... and they already have diving mechanics with subs, probably wouldnt be too hard to add limited flight too that way...) and then did nothing arp-related (like you know.. maybe a fog battle mode for the event? wouldve been nice promotion for the overpriced boats they are selling and probably made people more accepting of the pricetags too, but I guess that requires a little more skill/creativity than repackaging and ctrl C/ctrl V, which seems to be beyond whoever is in charge of arp content) the fact that they did not add special animations does not surprise me at all...
  9. xS27x

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    They did it because people were whining about how its ruining their historically accurate game, so now we have opt-in on all these events.
  10. xS27x

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    first of all disclaimer: I have musashi and completed the original arp event, so no I am not just salty for missing out, I am genuinely concerned about the direction this game is headed, although I would not pretend I am not a bit sad that I will probably not be adding the arp flagships to my port. Well then, let's start off with the good: 1) No lootbox garbage. NEVER MIND, had me fooled there for a while, the lootboxes were just a bit sneakier than usual: bundle the musashi camo instead of ship>weebs buy>realize musashi is not in the shop> see there is a small chance of getting musashi in christmas crates>WG GACHA PROFIT That is all. Now for the bad: 1) Outright selling T10 premium ship with leg mod. Not a camo, not unlocked or at least discounted by having a tech tree t10, the ship it's based off, or ingame resources, just straight up pay to t10... this is worse than the PR event, there at least the price could scale with the amount of grind you were willing to put in, and there was some great animation work put in as well. 2)The only earnable reward is a worthless 6pointer that most people already have 2-3 of, the rest of the "event" is in the cash shop. I guess that mission is there just so you can justify calling this an ingame event and not a weeb milking cashgrab shop sale. 3)Anyone who doesnt already have the Musashi can't even use the camo thats in the bundles you have to get if you want the other stuff. 4)Ships that were available for mission completion are now all premium priced for reused content, or stuffed into a $200+ bundle, not a single one earnable in missions. Not even any of the t5s. 5)The pricing deserves it's own bulletpoint, but I guess enough people already commented on this in previous posts so no point in repeating it all here. 6)Once again stupid bundle-only purchase options, can't get a commander without ship or camo or the other way around etc 7)They MADE ALL THE TOOLS FOR AN AWSOME ARP EVENT .... and then instead used them for hexagon battle. A bunch of the new weapons and mechanics they use in that mode could have been given to ARP ships in a special mode, letting fans play in a game mode that at least partially recreated the capabilities and combat mechanics of the ships from the anime/manga. Instead the release of the polygon EVENT at around the same time as the arp SHOP SALE feels like an extra slap in the face. How they missed this opportunity is beyond me, if they did that a large part of their scummery could have been forgiven since they actually put in work instead of re-selling mostly old content at higher prices. 8)After all this WG had the .... not even sure what.. to say this "event" is "for true fans". The first arp event was amazing, the second was alot worse but justifiable, the HSF event at least introduced a unique and interesting ship, and the AL events at least tried at the start (but were increasingly wrecked with lootbox garbage and all the other scummy tactics). Now what we are getting is hard to even call an "event". Only way I can see this justified is if you are funding the development of new mechanics for an actual arp-based version of ship combat or something like that, but I highly doubt that is where the money is going... Calling it now: in the next arp event after submarines are released there will be a cash shop only Tier X+ I-401 for $200+, along with a bundle of previously free content for the low low price of only $500.... along with a SUUUPER DEAL ALL INCLUDED MEGA BUNDLE of all arp content that will finally go above $1000 ... or just outright have the content only be available through the WONDERFUL SURPRISE MECHANICS of ARP CONTAINERS Congrats WG, while many of the new gen anime-based game devs are upping quality and getting more f2p friendly, you are adopting all the second-hand practices they discarded. Solid business plan. Enjoy the increasingly toxic whale farm while it lasts I guess...
  11. 1) No, somebody has to actually BE one, not PLAY one fighting fake "for all good against all evil" strawman arguments and going "oohh look at me i'm so f2p friendly" when the person you are arguing with was f2p for quite a while (have pretty much gone back to being one now too), is all for the game being as f2p friendly as possible and the argument being completely irrelevant to f2p players (compensation, not removal of access to ship from f2p)... there's a difference, and quite an important one between those two types of people. Sorry, but to me, based on your initial post and responses so far, your tone and concerns feel as fake as that of a like/+/reputation farmer. If that is not the case, I apologize, but so far you are only confirming that feeling. 2)...and this is relevant how? you provide your own experience (and assumptions of value) in response to me saying not to make assumptions about others, logicDOTexe not found. Also a non-competitive dirt cheap kiddie pool tub that was pretty much hinted at going in events/sale around release? Great comparison. 3) No, if that was the case I would have gotten a refund when stealthfire was removed, like several other people I know did (but please by all means do keep proving my point about your assumptions here). While stealthfire was an amusing meme and certainly added to it's effectiveness, mainly I wanted a solid hybrid midtier dd without full moonshot-arcs, something that at the time did not exist in the silver techtree and back then WG still had a good track record with premiums (and even ships in general) getting sorted out and balanced properly, even if it did often take the an uncomfortably long time to do it, so I assumed the Blys would be no different. Oh sure and I never complained about a sale, contest prize, or something similar, but If said TV vendor then came to your house, pulled a component it prominently advertised from your tv and offered you nothing in return, or started offering the same unit for someone's collection of used underwear, I doubt you would be saying that same thing. And while you might not be able to take legal action if said store had a return policy as outdated as your analogy (insert meme about comparing physical and digital goods here), I doubt you would be returning to that store again anytime soon, which is my main point here and why I am saying a refund makes sense from a long-term economical standpoint for them too. Look up a little store chain called costco, their return policy and their success if you prefer to process things in terms of physical goods. If you are making a shovelware asset-flip designed to milk and dump a playerbase, then devaluing goods and shafting the paying playerbase makes sense, but if you are building for long-term success, it's about as bad as going full p2w. Maintaining reputation and buyer confidence matters. Also there is precedent for them doing this, most notably with the premium CVs and on a case-by-case basis with some other ships too, so not exactly an unreasonable request. *facepalm* ...It was a unicorn ship from a beta bundle, between how rare it was and newbie mm protection, a "seal" would see one in about 100 games, something I confirmed when I made new accounts on EU CIS and SEA. Back then you could not even get it from the crates, remember? The ones that WOULD see them more frequently would not be the seals, but other wannabe "clubbers" or people that just keep playing mainly in the 4-7 tier range way past being a newbie, which would explain why your personal experience might have more encounters with the boat.
  12. Its not dramatics but economics. I can't say for the community at large but I personally stopped spending when they decided to fully embrace "surprise mechanics" in their worst form and this move basically ensures that I am not getting anything else anytime soon, and I know quite a few who feel the same way (obviously a sample size of under 100 players is not that significant, but I think I can extrapolate from that with some accuracy). Also making assumptions about who did and didn't get their money's worth out of the ship really makes you sound like the first part of that word of that word: I, for example got it not long before the stealthfire removal but have less than 10 games in that tub since it became a below average piece of meh and I didn't ask for a refund then only because they said they will eventually rebalance the ships affected by the change once they get more data (which they never really did for the blys). So no just because someone had it for a while does not mean they got their money's worth, but keep playing the savior and champion for the f2ps against a strawman if it makes you feel better i guess... Also you make it sound like I am against them making the ship (or other old premiums in the future) for coal, which I clearly stated that I am not and actually welcome it, just ask that it be handled properly. Give scaling compensation based on time owned or number of games played if you must, or if thats too much to implement just give players that purchased the ship for doubloons the option to sell it back for doubloons (even if not at full price) like they did before with the carriers. Honestly any acknowledgement and effort on their part would have already done alot to mitigate this situation...
  13. Yeah would be nice if they gave some compensation to those people, even for the sake of their own bottom line considering people would probably be a bit more hesitant to buy a premium when there is the precedent of them just throwing it out for free later on and just laughing at those that actually bought it... Don't get me wrong I am not against this move, the larger the f2p/coalship pool the better and I can think of a few other ships that could use the same treatment, but proper compensation for those hurt by this is necessary if they don't want to further alienate paying customers...
  14. EDIT: sorry my google skills failed... just now noticed the post about compensation (3 port slots)... that'll teach me to post half asleep gonna leave this up for now in case anyone else also missed the announcement (mods please move/delete or whatever if it is the appropriate action for the thread and sorry for the trouble >.< ) I know its nearing the end of event but decided to give others the heads up since I got a rude awakening when it asked for 300 dubs to unlock the last event ship, and since you cant even sell them, AND that most people I talked to ingame were not aware either figured id post here to try get the warning out to more players. (EDIT: yes this was confirmed to have been unintentional) No idea why they did it like this... hope its just a lazy oversight and not something intentional and will not be back in future events.... along with the "surprise mechanics" (one can dream, right?) I really like the general idea of this event overall and had alot of fun playing this game mode, but these design choices do take some shine out of it.