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  1. Arvenxx

    USN Gold ammo???

    You...you all realize there were 50 W23 shells deployed at various times across the Iowa's, right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W19_(nuclear_artillery_shell)
  2. Arvenxx

    German BB second Buff, or French BB second Nerf

    Have you given consideration of 32mm of armor vs 50mm of armor and how that translates at T10 with 203mm gun cruisers eager to piss HE everywhere? I have both, and it's quite noticeable how much more survivable GK is over Republique.
  3. Oscars are more SSGNs in the fact they are designed primarily around anti-ship/anti CVBG. That's why they have all the side launchers. No capability to launch ballistic missiles. Dolgorukiy however....
  4. Arvenxx

    USS Thresher

    Someone's read The Silent War and Blind Mans Bluff. Can confirm, the man is legend among certain groups of submariners.
  5. Arvenxx

    The Brand New Giant Russian Submarine

    One could make an argument for Kazan as considered the most dangerous.
  6. Arvenxx

    The Brand New Giant Russian Submarine

    Belgorod is not designed for combat. Khabarovsk. Sarov.
  7. Arvenxx

    The Type 055 Collection

    The corvettes are nowhere near the ASW capability they want for that area, and the FFGs will not cut it.
  8. Arvenxx

    The Type 055 Collection

    It's because of the Spratly/Parcel islands in the SCS. There's also 2 other warships not really available by OSINT, but if you look at the Russian Lider there's a little more there .(Unsure of your access to such information) that scream war-footing. The whole region is building up, Japan rescinded their commitment to no carriers in December, allowing the DDGH's to run F-35's. Being a submarine guy though my focus (and specialty) is elsewhere. If your an aficionado by trade, this may interest you however. http://www.hisutton.com/China_Sailless_Submarine.html
  9. Arvenxx

    The Type 055 Collection

    Dunno if you have the latest copy of Jane's, but the working theory is the Renhai's are absolutely going to fit A2AD for the CV's. 001, 001A and 002 are going to be based around 3 battlegroups in accordance with their current doctrine. Look around the southern parts of the Bab-El-Mendeb fairly often and you'll see why. Liaoning is going to be a trainer. The Yuting (936) that's fitted with the railgun goes out fairly often.
  10. Arvenxx

    Yamato 20 inch guns

    I mean in theory I could see it being an April Fools setup. H-44's, A-150, Tillman Battleships, and the K-1000's
  11. Absolutely yes, if for nothing more than logistical redundancy. Can you imagine having a forward operating space fleet of small ships and suddenly they lose the ability to access a static base that housed all the supplies they needed to survive. They would potentially be multi-functional (transports with the ability to dock other ships, sure).
  12. Arvenxx

    German line has an Identity crisis.

    So in addition to above's comment with regards to the turtleback, putting an armorbelt well below the waterline making it almost impossible to citadel outside of plunging fire from range, German BB secondaries enjoy the German 1/4 pen mechanic on their 150mm and 128mm secondaries (primaries for some ships). They have Hydro to allow them to get in close starting at T8, they enjoy quick turret traverse. They are designed to get in closer than 10 km. It's also why you see heavier deck armor to shatter HE shells (pretty sure GK has 50mm of deck armor). Hydro keeps you aware of the torps and German AP also has a higher krupp value when doing the penetration calculation if i remember right. Basically, you can't obviously yolo charge a cap without proper support, but WITH that support, you just bulldoze in and take the punishment while your allies pick off the reds. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration
  13. Arvenxx

    Calling RN carrier players!

    If you go to the wiki, you can see the specs for everything typed out. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Hermes
  14. Arvenxx

    Shangri-La as a premium steel ship

    Just pointing out if this was a tie in to the Doolittle Raid 'Shangri La' comment when asked where the B-24's came from, that was the Hornet. Which was a Yorktown class carrier. Enterprise, another Yorktown class carrier, is already in the game as a premium. Saipan fills the escort CV billet I assumed.