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  1. Arvenxx

    USN Gold ammo???

    You...you all realize there were 50 W23 shells deployed at various times across the Iowa's, right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W19_(nuclear_artillery_shell)
  2. Arvenxx

    German BB second Buff, or French BB second Nerf

    Have you given consideration of 32mm of armor vs 50mm of armor and how that translates at T10 with 203mm gun cruisers eager to piss HE everywhere? I have both, and it's quite noticeable how much more survivable GK is over Republique.
  3. Arvenxx

    Answer the phone?

    Alright, since you've all been so engaging, anyone think there should be an option to allow players to contribute resources from their accounts into the treasury? I have around 350k coal that I have 0 use for.
  4. Arvenxx

    Answer the phone?

    Man, let me tell you this influx of recruits is intense. But don't you worry, there's still room for you.
  5. Oscars are more SSGNs in the fact they are designed primarily around anti-ship/anti CVBG. That's why they have all the side launchers. No capability to launch ballistic missiles. Dolgorukiy however....
  6. Arvenxx

    USS Thresher

    Someone's read The Silent War and Blind Mans Bluff. Can confirm, the man is legend among certain groups of submariners.
  7. Arvenxx

    The Brand New Giant Russian Submarine

    One could make an argument for Kazan as considered the most dangerous.
  8. Arvenxx

    The Brand New Giant Russian Submarine

    Belgorod is not designed for combat. Khabarovsk. Sarov.
  9. Arvenxx

    Answer the phone?

    Whose interesting in the Georgia REALLY. It seems...underwhelming
  10. Arvenxx

    Answer the phone?

    Haha yeah I mean the effort that is being put forth in the clan right now is great, I just wanna build on that energy.
  11. Arvenxx

    Answer the phone?

    You know you wanna do this. Even just once.
  12. Arvenxx

    Answer the phone?

    You...could detonate all the things?
  13. Arvenxx

    Answer the phone?

    I've recently updated the initial post, so if you've skimmed past before, there's more fancy info there! With numbers. According to science, you people like numbers and percentages and want those. They're there. Got them this morning, fresh.
  14. Arvenxx

    The Type 055 Collection

    The corvettes are nowhere near the ASW capability they want for that area, and the FFGs will not cut it.
  15. Arvenxx

    Answer the phone?

    Anyone get any of the new Russian BB's? You COULD. Playing Clan battles with us gives you tokens, which can be used to buy containers. Let me tell you, Vladivostok is pretty OP.