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  1. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    Calling [edited]

    Total [edited]!! How is it that a player with a IJN Fuso is able to hit (full salvo) my ship from 16km, dead center mass, with almost no dispersion?? Fuso has the worst Sigma of 1.5 - total [edited]! 20211010_012201_PISB106-Andrea-Doria_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  2. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    Rigged against me

    I hit the cruiser w/ 5 torps from EU Skane (tier VII) destroyer (in one salvo) End of game battle summary said 5 hit totaling 26039 damage
  3. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    Rigged against me

    Someone explain how is it possible to hit a UK cruiser Leander (tier VI), in one salvo with 5 Torps (totaling 26,039 damage) and the ship IS NOT DESTROYED!! The total HP for that ship totals 24,500!! wth is going on WG?? Convinced program is rigged against me more than ever.
  4. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    Rigged battles

    Go ahead - report
  5. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    Rigged battles

    Never gonna pay WG, not getting my money! This game is RIGGED - nuff said
  6. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    Pay WG to reduce your ships Dispersion

    Yeah, WG F-ing with RNG every other day is my 2nd "conspiracy" - Thank you
  7. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    Pay WG to reduce your ships Dispersion

    I didn't say anything about aiming. Im talking about dispersion. Low dispersion means more chance of hits, which means more damage. Damage is everything in this game
  8. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    Pay WG to reduce your ships Dispersion

    How is it possible for another player (in Random battles) that has the same exact ship, firing the same ammo, from ~17km, has very little dispersion. There by causing max / major damage. Also I notice many players are able to always hit mid-center of my ships (basically the citadel) Conspiracy! You must pay WarGaming! And they will apply program codes to your account. So your ships dispersion will be far less than non-paying or cheap player! Low dispersion = more damage per hit = possible wins = more reward (emblems, primo ship ect.....) I haven't paid much to play this game. Only one time did I pay to get about 1200 gold coins (doubloons) That's why the dispersion on all of my ships are so bad. Or not as good as "paying" players. Here we GOOooo.....!
  9. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    frustarting battles

    Wargaming you Stymied my account by reducing the amount of damage my ships inflict.
  10. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    Fix the ricochet of AP shells.

    Thank you for your logical response.
  11. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    Fix the ricochet of AP shells.

    I setup a training room for my Cleveland to target different destroyers. I used tier 5 and 6 DDs, just to see how effective the 150mm shells on the Cleveland will preform. As expected they did much damage w/ HE shells. But with AP shell, I notice most, I mean F-ing most of the shell ricocheted off the DDs - wth!!! This is total B-S. PS AP shells are pretty much "useless" now Too many - Ricochets, non-penetrations, torp belt deflections and last but not the least OVER PENETRATION!!!
  12. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    Over penetration is [edited]

    Don't post stupid answers. You know what I mean!!
  13. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    Over penetration is [edited]

    If you over penetrate a ship. That means you just put a hole through it's Armour - FLOODING SHOULD OCCUR!!! Over penetration with little to no damage is Bull - $@*^&*!!!
  14. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    We need more than randoms

    Add a repair ship or a repair base at the diagonal corner of some maps.
  15. Im_the_Juggernaut_Beotch

    Submarines in Random battles

    I like Submarines much more than Destroyers. But.... Submarine (if allowed) in Random battles will make Battleships un-playable. And.. Cruiser will need depth charges as well. Maybe light cruisers.