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  1. AP for broadside cruisers, HE for when you are pretty much alone defending a flank against three pushing BB who just burn so well.
  2. Got Molotov from a crate 2 days ago. Can't manage to win to save my life but this ship is so much fun. That's the first time I've even done 6 digits worth of fire damage. I just need to learn to stop brawling, nothing like a broadside Atlanta 4km away and 9 overpens. Kinda wish it had a .01 fuse instead of .033 but I just have to learn to stop getting so close to other cruisers. Salt farming wooooo!
  3. That was just me using what I had on hand to test since I don't have any T3 BB's currently and wanted to see what a 12 inch salvo of AP would do from various angles. Obviously BB HE would shred it but I wanted to see how many bounces and how many pens and overpens I'd get.
  4. Her gun reload is gimped badly with a 10 second reload but its not bad otherwise. V25 gets 2 double torp tubes with a single launcher each side but with a 40 second reload and 3 guns. Storoz gets 3 triple tubes but they are very short ranged and requires you to ambush ships or do suicide runs along with 3 guns. Sampson gets 4 doubles but only 2 a side which requires you to do turns to dump all 4 tubes and is more of a gun boat with its 4 guns albeit with a 7 second reload. All the other dds must either ambush ships with torps, shoot in smoke for a short duration undetected or they'll be detected while engaging enemies while Umi can sneak around chucking out 8km torps every 24 seconds Have fun with your .10 damage pens then.
  5. I think most people agree quite a few of the Japanese DD's are in a bad spot, Umi isn't one of them and I have an issue with her. Her 25mm upper belt. It'll shatter HE from every cruiser and destroyer she'll encounter. And angle and you'll just bounce those 12" shells right off. And this isn't some gun boat that will be spotted all the time, this is a torp boat with a 3.5km stealth torping buffer without captain skills which will not have to deal with hydro, planes (except for the rare Katori) or radar. And that's not all she gets. This is the top hull health pools of all the low tier DD's. Tachibana 7000 Umikaze 10300 Wakatake 8200 Isokaze 10300 Smith 7300 Sampson 9100 Wickes 8900 Clemson 10900 V25 7700 G101 11000 V170 10300 Storozhevoi 7800 Derzki 9700 Izyaskav 10300 Umi has more health than every other T2 DD, more than all but one T3 DD and is equal to T4 DD's. I don't mind the large health pool in and of itself but combine that with the 25mm belt and I have a issue with that. If a Umi is detected that can pop smoke to break contact and turn tail and flee and if a gunboat actually does its job and chases the Umi down and the Umi doesn't torp it or your team doesn't help you out it should be able to rip it apart without part of the DD being immune to damage. And unlike Khab trying to use AP against a Umi is a exercise in futility. She's too thin and you'll get more overpens than pens. If a Sampson is focus on by the enemy fleet it should be ripped apart, if a V25 is focused down it should be shredded, likewise for Storoz. And if a Umikaze is focused down it should be ripped apart without enemy cruisers and destroyers having to worry about their shells shattering on a 25mm belt, stealth torp boats (and destroyers in general) should not be able to tank and shrug off damage. She can have her large health pool but stealth torp boats don't need 25mm belts.
  6. Step 1: Find a island. Step 2: Hug it like your Waifu Make it your castle. Step 3: Defend your Waifu castle. Step 4: ? Step 5: Profit. Its such a squishy yet fun ship.
  7. Is good place. Stop by offtopic for plenty of dogs and warbird pictures. Place is also full of very polite fluffy Canadian tentacle monsters masquerading as humans so thats neat as well.
  8. Dragging this back up, not because I want to see this added to the game (I don't) but because I finally found the article from a former weapons officer on Newport News discussing this. So in 1971 NN almost engaged a drone with the 8 inchers but held fire due to safety concerns and during tests they verified the main battery had no issues tracking even the fastest jet as long as it was inbound. Now I just need to find something on the shakedown cruise since supposedly thats when NN shot down a drone 18 and a half miles away which my gut feeling says is exaggerated but did happen in some form.
  9. Thanks for the book WG!

    Oh ship I didn't notice that. My work. Negative. Chester county airport in PA.
  10. May have been better off in off topic but I couldn't decide where to put it so eh, here it is. Thanks @SuperNikoPower & @Trevzor for sending me a book!
  11. USS Sa...

    Ahhhhh that makes sense.
  12. USS Sa...

    Image is too low res to use machine translation with a picture but can anyone tell what the 8.2km is referencing or able to read it? It doesn't match anything on the DM so I dunno if that's AA range, secondary range or something else entirely.
  13. Its being reverted supposedly but why were Mikasa's and Ishizuchi's names on their stern removed from the ships?
  14. Hyperbolic title yay! Before: After: Before: After: And hey if you're gonna strip Mikasa of her name you might as well go all the way and take her nameplate off as well instead of leaving it there reminding us of the glory days. Gimme my names back dammit!
  15. You have an Atlanta though. You can pound through that mission in 2 matches.