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  1. There have been no changes to any guns other than the RN BB's which are still in testing.
  2. You cut out the first part of SEA's post. That is crazy out of field enough that I can't see them making this up, SEA-group gets their hands on very early builds so I could see WG testing something like this although I don't think I wanna see something this over the top make it live even if one can only make use of these special abilities once in a blue moon .
  3. But the hits still are shattering. If they weren't thicker than 34mm we wouldn't be having shatters and every hit to Iowa's 5"/38's would be a pen instead. HE shells have a "splashArmorCoeff" and all modules have a "armorCoeff" which I'm pretty sure is related to splash and I'm fairly certain is what is hurting the 5"/38, how that works though is almost entirely unknown to be honest though so I am speculating for that last part.
  4. Well my chart of secondary armor was ripped directly out of my client files so its recent and I manually went over everything and double checked them all so I trust my numbers but at the same time I also trust GM3d but also at the same time they don't even show secondary armor on most ships including the German line so now I'm doubting myself and wondering where GM3d's numbers came from because it isn't from the gameparam file. This is the raw data of one Secondary mount on the Iowa.
  5. Iowa, NC and Montana do seem to have correct armor thickness but yeah for whatever reason Missouri and Alabama have 25mm armor plating instead which I'm pretty sure isn't right. Several other secondary mounts also are off as well so next time Sub_Octavion does a Q&A on reddit I'm going to try to see if I can convince them to take a look over secondary armor and fix anything that's off.
  6. Huh guess no ones interested. Anyways went looking for real life values. Yamato http://www.navypedia.org/ships/japan/jap_bb_yamato.htm Iowa http://pwencycl.kgbudge.com/I/o/Iowa_class.htm Bismarck http://www.combinedfleet.com/okun_biz.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scharnhorst-class_battleship#Armour So depending on whatever source WG used secondary turret armor is fairly accurate although in some cases simplified without only one thickness of armor and sometimes missing details or in Yamato's case, thinner than the same gun on other ships for no particular reason.
  7. Some of you may have noticed that the in-game armor viewer does not show armor on secondaries, GM3d shows it on some US and German ships but many don't show up there either so I dug through the files and gathered a list of everything. Secondaries can change between ship hulls and a ship could have the same secondary in unarmored single mounts, turrets or casemates with different armor thicknesses and each gun has its own individual listing in the game files and I didn't really have the urge to go through every single one so there is the possibility I missed something so keep that in mind. I'm gonna start out with Dunkerque as an example since her armor numbers are different than other secondaries. "PFGS008_130_45_Mle_1932_quad_prem" "armor": { "65576": 80.0, "65578": 105.0, "65579": 135.0, "65580": 90.0, "65581": 90.0 "PFGS003_130_45_Mle_1932_twin" "armor": { "65576": 20.0, "65578": 20.0, "65579": 20.0, "65580": 20.0, "65581": 20.0 Now we need a point of reference for these numbers . http://www.navypedia.org/ships/france/fr_bb_dunkerque.htm For most secondaries this seems to be the formula. 65636 is turret floor, 65636 is turret face, 65569 is turret roof, 65568 is turret sides, 65571 is turret rear and 65580 is used when the armor model is only composed of one thickness. Just ignore things that start with 1 or are listed as 0 thickness. Yamato PJGS002_155mm60_Type3 "65580": 25.0 PJGS139_127mm40_Type89_Mod_A3 "armor": { "65580": 13.0 Montana "PAGS145_5in54" "armorCoeff": 0.2, "armor": { "65580": 64.0 ‎Großer Kurfürst "PGGS081_127mm_KC_40" "armor": { "65568": 25.0, "65569": 37.0, "65571": 15.0, "65633": 0.0, "65635": 10.0, "65636": 50.0, "131171": 0.0, "196707": 0.0 "PGGS002_150mm_SKC_28_RF" "armor": { "65580": 100.0, "131116": 0.0, "196652": 0.0 Izumo "PJGS002_155mm60_Type3" "armor": { "65580": 76.0 PJGS003_127mm40_Type89_Mod_A "armor": { "65580": 13.0 Iowa "PAGS010_5in38_Mk32_Mod12" "armor": { "65568": 64.0, "65569": 64.0, "65571": 64.0, "65633": 0.0, "65635": 0.0, "65636": 64.0, "131169": 0.0, "131171": 0.0, "196707": 0.0, "262243": 0.0 Friedrich_der_Grosse "PGGS056_105mm_DopL_C38" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PGGS002_150mm_SKC_28_RF" "armor": { "65580": 100.0, "131116": 0.0, "196652": 0.0 Amagi PJGS053_140mm_Type3 "armor": { "65580": 32.0 PJGS009_127mm40_Type_89 "armor": { "65580": 13.0 North Carolina "PAGS010_5in38_Mk32_Mod12" "armor": { "65568": 50.0, "65569": 50.0, "65571": 50.0, "65633": 0.0, "65635": 0.0, "65636": 50.0, "131169": 0.0, "131171": 0.0, "196707": 0.0, "262243": 0.0 Bismarck/Tirpitz "PGGS004_105_mm_SKC_37" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PGGS002_150mm_SKC_28_RF" "armor": { "65580": 100.0, "131116": 0.0, "196652": 0.0 Nagato "PJGS053_140mm_Type3" "armor": { "65580": 25.0 "PJGS009_127mm40_Type_89" "armor": { "65580": 13.0 Colorado PAGS007_5in25_Mk19_Mod6 "armor": { "65580": 6.0 Gneisenau "PGGS081_127mm_KC_40" "armor": { "65568": 25.0, "65569": 37.0, "65571": 15.0, "65633": 0.0, "65635": 10.0, "65636": 50.0, "131171": 0.0, "196707": 0.0 "PGGS038_150mm_SK_C28" "armor": { "65580": 55.0 Fuso "PJGS008_150mm50_Type_41" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PJGS009_127mm40_Type_89" "armor": { "65580": 13.0 New Mexico "PAGS029_5in51_Mk_7" "armor": { "65580": 6.0 Bayern "PGGS067_150mm_SK_L45_C13" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PGGS003_105_mm_SKC_33" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PGGS019_88mm45_SK_L45" "armor": { "65580": 12.0 Kongo "PJGS008_150mm50_Type_41" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PJGS009_127mm40_Type_89" "armor": { "65580": 13.0 New York PAGS029_5in51_Mk_7 "armor": { "65580": 6.0 Konig "PGGS049_150mm_SK_L45_C06" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PGGS003_105_mm_SKC_33" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PGGS018_88mm_ZwillingsFlak" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 Myogi "PJGS015_120mm45_Type_HaGun_10" "armor": { "1": 0.0, "65580": 13.0, "131116": 0.0 "PJGS008_150mm50_Type_41" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PJGS079_76mm40" "armor": { "65580": 6.0 Wyoming "PAGS149_5in_51_Mk7" "armor": { "65580": 19.0 PAGS029_5in51_Mk_7 "armor": { "65580": 6.0 Kaiser "PGGS049_150mm_SK_L45_C06" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PGGS018_88mm_ZwillingsFlak" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 Kawachi "PJGS070_152mm45_mask" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PJGS079_76mm40" "armor": { "65580": 6.0 "PJGS086_120mm40" "armor": { "65580": 13.0 PJGS080_120mm40 "65580": 6.0 South Carolina "PAGS045_3in50_Mk4" "armor": { "65580": 6.0 Nassau "PGGS052_88mm45_casemate_SK_L45" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PGGS049_150mm_SK_L45_C06" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PGGS062_88mm45_SK_L45" "armor": { "65580": 6.0 "HP_GGS_22" "PGGS019_88mm45_SK_L45" "65580": 12.0 Yeah my column is too long, I could delete it and make it right but I don't wanna take the time. Premiums: Ishizuchi "PJGS128_152mm50_Type41" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PJGS045_76mm40_Type3" "65580": 6.0 Mikasa PJGS136_76mm40_with_shield_2 "armor": { "65580": 6.0, "131116": 0.0 PJGS131_152mm40_Color_White" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 PJGS137_152mm40_Color_Black "armor": { "65580": 20.0 "PJGS138_76mm40_with_shield_Black" "armor": { "65580": 6.0, "131116": 0.0 "PJGS133_76mm40_with_shield_White" "armor": { "65580": 6.0, "131116": 0.0 Missouri "PAGS010_5in38_Mk32_Mod12" "armor": { "65568": 25.0, "65569": 25.0, "65571": 25.0, "65633": 0.0, "65635": 0.0, "65636": 25.0, "131169": 0.0, "131171": 0.0, "196707": 0.0, "262243": 0.0 Alabama PAGS010_5in38_Mk32_Mod12 "armor": { "65568": 25.0, "65569": 25.0, "65571": 25.0, "65633": 0.0, "65635": 0.0, "65636": 25.0, "131169": 0.0, "131171": 0.0, "196707": 0.0, "262243": 0.0 Warspite "PBGS011_152mm50_Type41" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 PBGS006_4in45_QF_Mk_XIX "armor": { "65568": 12.0, "65569": 12.0, "65571": 12.0, "65635": 12.0 Hood PBGS006_4in45_QF_Mk_XIX "armor": { "65568": 12.0, "65569": 12.0, "65571": 12.0, "65635": 12.0 Scharnhorst "PGGS038_150mm_SK_C28" "armor": { "65580": 55.0 "PGGS003_105_mm_SKC_33" "armor": { "65580": 20.0 So yeah there you go, not sure why some ships get multiple pieces and others one single piece covering the entire thing or why Yamato's 155's are only 25mm while Izumo's are 76mm but if you were wondering why some secondaries are much squishier than others now you know. If any researchers wanna chime in on secondary turret armor in-game compared to what those turrets had in real life I'd be interested in that.
  8. I haven't checked all the different marks but I think most BB's have different levels of historically accurate secondary armor (tI think), some of which can shrug off shells. Montana's 5/54's have 64mm of armor, Iowa's 5/38's have 64mm as well, Alabama's have 25mm (I think), theres a 5in38_Mk32_Mod12 which has 25mm of armor all, another 5in38_Mk32_Mod12 with 50mm all around (that one's on NC I think), yet another 5in38_Mk32_Mod12 with 32mm of armor and so on. At least Dunkerque's quad secondary armor is historically accurate and I think everything else is to some vague degree.
  9. A week or so ago on Reddit someone pointed out St Louis has longer secondary range than HIV and Sub_Octavion popped up, talked with some team members and said its a mistake and they'd fix it. Presumably this is related to that although I don't know why they'd nerf Fiji's secondaries since Leander has the same secondary range. I'll probably datamine the PT tonight and confirm that since occasionally SEA has gotten things wrong. I can't find the Q&A that started this but this is because someone mentioned high tier CV's have enough speed they can run away from DD's chasing them and they could do little since their HE would shatter, AP would bounce, you can't torp something that starts running from you at full speed when they are first detected and all you could hope to do was start fires and Sub or someone else said they'd pass that on and I guess this is the result.
  10. Didn't add that since this post was more about changes made during PT2 and that has been known for at least a week or so.
  11. https://sea-group.org/?p=3128&lang=en Because clearly German BB's needed a secondary range increase.
  12. 16 battles, 12 wins in random and everyone's a potato. Lets all just charge straight into the middle and get focused and die one at a time. At this point I'm guessing citadels is RNG based since I get them once in a blue moon with AP and all I'm doing is shooting AP since even the Chikuma's AP goes right through the bow of anything including battleships and every hit will do more damage than HE does even on destroyers since I don't think overpens are a thing. Cruisers can only chip away at DD's, the only thing that can one shot one is a BB or another DD's torps. Near instant starts and stops and you will go full speed through turns. Aiming accurately with touch controls is somewhat iffy, over and undershooting is a thing. Shell flight time is near instant so you can't start maneuvering after a salvo is fired at you. I highly doubt this will lure players away from the real game anymore than Super Mario Run will lure people away from the full fledged Mario games. Its a mobile game and does not compare to the real thing. Also anyone else in the US who wants to try it be prepared for constant 400-800ms ping.
  13. Yeah I saw after I posted. It wasn't there when I started making the post but it took a while to screenshot and resize all my images and by the time I was done I was beaten.
  14. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.wargaming.wows.blitz Asia only. I mean theoretically you caaaaaan get the .apk from third party sites like I did and download it manually to check it out but expect constant 400ms ping and you run the risk of those downloads being injected with trojans so YMMV. If its not made by WG they really want you to believe it is. Its got the same load screen as the full game and Wargaming is plastered everywhere with all the links going to WG's websites. Limited repair parties for everyone. Farewell Myogi. Farewell Cleveland. Moar dakka. CV's Manually controller secondaries. And it wouldn't be a mobile game without P2W elements.
  15. Meh 18 battles in Cleveland this ranked season with 12 wins, only 1 star loss out of all 6 losses and almost at rank 8. And I'm not even using my 19 point cleve captain and am grinding Seagal instead so my build is nowhere near complete. So no not gonna stop using one of my favorite ships. Not seeing the issues with these. I am shoot at broadside BB's and in knifefights always go full broadside. The citadel is just flush with the waterline and incredibly hard to hit unless you aim at the waterline and hope RNG doesn't screw you over, above the waterline there's nothing. Broadside AP will overpen but if you angle it'll just overmatch your hull and deal .33 pens. Last night I went full broadside to a Arizona at 2km with almost full health and killed him without taking serious damage and several days before was angled to a Fuso at 4km and ate a broadside that stripped around 20K from me without a single citadel.