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  1. Honestly I've always been a solo player bouncing back and forth on whether I should join a clan and I've gotten some offers but they've all been serious clans who were gunning for me purely because of my stats which rubbed me the wrong way since I play for fun and not drama so count me in.
  2. Kongo just cause I like having 7.2km AA bubbles even if its only like 40 dps and Krasny Krym cause its got decent AA for its tier which meshes well with the captain skills needed to boost AA and you're a mythical unicorn that no one ever sees so every CV wants a piece of you.
  3. Funny I could've sworn this barely effects DD's unless you've got a enemy less than 3km away and is primarily a BB nerf preventing them from firing undetected from smoke but hey what do I know.
  4. The bottom 20 feet of the ship is buried in mud obscuring the damage but its a bit haunting to see a small section of the damaged area where the second torpedo hit. You've got the ammo still loaded in the Bofors. A piece with kill markings on it just lying there. A random toolbox just lying on the ocean floor. And then for some reason the rear turret that didn't fall out still in its mount just sitting there. Almost like its waiting for the day to be raised from the ocean floor and be turned into space cruiser Indianapolis. Then there was that bit in the stream they mentioned that apparently I-58, the submarine that torpedoed her that was scuttled post war was found a week ago as well. And then in the middle of the stream it struck me that I was watching a live stream in high resolution of the remains of a ship 18,000 feet below the surface on the other side of the world and what it must feel like for those few remaining crew who also were watching it to see it up once more.
  5. Oh yeah watched it live. A am almost fully positive that model they are using to illustrate sections of the ship is from WoW.
  6. I think it'd depend greatly on the circumstances. At the ranges a Des Moines class cruiser would begin engaging the enemy planes would be far enough out they would be completely unprepared to suddenly come under fire and presumably would be flying in a straight line until they are suddenly under fire. And other than the testimony by that crew member of Newport News I can't really find anything on the accuracy of the guns against planes but Gene Slover said one intended purpose was to disrupt and break up inbound enemy plane formations when they were far away and in that regard the 8/55 seemed to function successfully although it arrived too late to prove itself in combat. I can't say for sure but I'm pretty sure the engagement window was bigger than one would think. I know the archive where the AA range charts are for the 8/55 and I do need to request a copy at some point but there isn't a copy online but during the war the US experimented with using the 16"/50 for engaging aircraft and those charts are online, its obviously a very different gun but it can give us a very very rough look of what the engagement window at certain elevations is like. This isn't an area I know much about and I'm curious now, for German and Japanese land and naval bombers when they would head out to engage enemy ships what altitude would they normally fly at?
  7. The 8/55 was useless at close range but was would have been devastating both physically and psychologically at very long range against aircraft. I'm almost positive this story is exaggerated and should be taken with some doubt but it gives an example of her capabilities. http://www.uss-newport-news.com/mail/archive01.htm I don't think Des Moines ever got them but Salem had 8" cams for the Mark 1A fire control for aircraft engagement, Des Moines only had 5/38 ballistic cams which required spotting corrections and didn't work very well. Supposedly in the 60s or 70s a crewmember talks about engaging drones using the 8/55s in a US Naval institute magazine and they are all available online but it requires a paid membership to view the archives.
  8. After a unlucky and disastrous start with only 3 wins in my first 12 battles I'm finally gotten a hang of this ship. It can more than hold its own but you need at least a 14 point captain with the right skills making it oh so very sub-par out of the box. There is no tanking any 15" gun or above and your only option is staying at range against them but despite its upper 10mm bow section you can bow tank anything below that without eating citadels making it far more resilient than people think. Despite the almost 17km range I find myself brawling anything from DD's to BB's more than I thought I would. Been looking for a challenging ship to play since the Ishizuchi has been buffed to the point of being overpowered and I've found my new goal. Recovering from my stumble out of the gate and getting this ship up to a 60% win rate is gonna be a fun challenge. Also its so fun to frequently get comments asking what on earth this ship is since no one plays it or knows anything about it.
  9. Right I almost forgot. Not interested in air racers but like anthropomorphic personifications of inanimate objects? They got you covered.
  10. Original attempt was 3 days ago but engine went bleh and they had to change a cylinder bank but thats done and they should be getting ready to do another attempt today. https://www.facebook.com/groups/313222938811896/permalink/1978477792286394/ http://pursuitaviation.com/world-speed-record https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10159148219625545&set=gm.1977343082399865&type=3&theater https://m.facebook.com/groups/313222938811896?view=permalink&id=1974631589337681 Several test flights were flown yesterday. https://www.facebook.com/Race4/video...9182625080545/ They changed out a cylinder bank and released a time lapse video of the change. https://www.facebook.com/PursuitAvia...1057049927840/ You can follow along here. https://www.facebook.com/PursuitAviationCo/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/313222938811896/?fref=nf They attempted to livestream the first attempt but had to abort that one, I'm assuming they'll post a live stream when the attempt happens today as well on one of those Facebook pages and you don't need an account to watch.
  11. Well yeah even if the Banana's 76mm shell weighs some 14lbs thats still 14lbs of metal shrapnel that realistically would wreak havoc on AA mounts but in-game AP shells don't seem to explode like HE shells do with a blast radius that will harm nearby modules and I can't think of any game mechanics that would cause this for sure so its got me curious. Sub_Octavian will probably be having a Q&A on Reddit soon so I guess I'll bring it up when that happens. Huh, I guess maybe I should also try raining down shells on some lightly armored cruiser turrets to see if I can incapacitate or destroy one with shatters, I doubt it but won't know for sure unless I try.
  12. A long time ago I was throwing AP at a South Carolina and noticed on a salvo of shatters I destroyed a aa module but I didn't take any screenshots for proof and it slipped my mind until recently so I decided to run some tests in the training room. I used the Tachibana for this test because her AP is unique, a while back when they did global changes to AP normalization her values were changed from roughly 62 degrees to 10 which removed her ability to pen anything at any angle but she still has one unique thing left over. With the exception of high tier US cruisers on most ships their AP starts ricocheting at 45 degrees and will always ricochet at 60 degrees. Tachibana's always richochet numbers are normal at 60 degrees but her start richochet numbers are 91 degrees which apparently override the other numbers and you can see the result here: Her AP will always shatter or pen, it is impossible for them to bounce. Couple that with her low penetration and very high arcs at 9km with reasonable accuracy it makes her the perfect ship to do this test which just involved firing AP until something happened. Given Yamato is slathered with secondaries and AA mounts she made the perfect target for this test and it did not disappoint. It took 180 hits to accomplish but I managed to take out a AA mount with a shatter. Now the question is how? My first assumption is that AP shells have a small bursting charge in real life and even on a shatter it still explodes which could cause it but here's most of the data on her AP and there's nothing like that in-game. This is her HE shell in comparison: The splashCubeSize is the size of the explosion and all AP shells in-game is set to 0 so I don't think that's it. I can see several possibilities. 1. Despite what I can find AP shells on shattering do actually have a small bursting charge that go off that can effect things in a small radius. 2. A very long time ago AP shells had spalling damage which was brokenly overpowered and was taken out in 0.3 or so, there's nothing in the client files that I can find and its unlikely but there's a small possibility that some spalling code involving modules was left behind in the server files which is what took out the mount. 3. Ribbons might be bugged and a shell actually penetrated. Or AA module damage is still not fully understood and its something entirely different. I welcome anyone's elses pet theories on this. On way or another this isn't going to effect anyone's gameplay but I find it to be a mildly interesting fact considering everything we know about AP in-game says it won't do any damage unless the shell penetrates so there it is.
  13. Straight fact. WG has done nothing wrong because they have done nothing. There have been no changes to fire resistance of any ship.
  14. Lets be honest, its a cheap B movie intended to be in those little dvd rental kiosks and to be on Netflix/whatever other online movie services there are along with the likes of all those cheap Seagal films. It was never intended to be some blockbuster movie. I suppose if you're drunk you'll get some laughs out of it though. WG, Indianapolis buff when?
  15. It's kinda overpowered now but I put in over 200 battles in the Ishizuchi back when she had a 30 second reload and was over 800 battles before they buffed her range and detection and she used to have a very bad reputation. On occasion I mess around in the Tachibana for the challenge as well. Currently I've been spending the last few weeks derping around in the Krasny Krym and seeing what playstyle I need to adapt to to get her to work as a challenge.