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  1. CaptSpock

    Training Room Save?

    thanks, DionKraft: I am finding it very useful for my CV training. Flexible for me to design scenarios to train with - especially CV's where I need the most help in leading targets and dodging flak.
  2. CaptSpock

    Training Room Save?

    I created a private training room. How can I save it so I don't have to recreate it?
  3. CaptSpock


    Hello HGU: I think the trailer opened on the attack on Pearl Harbor to set the stage as an intelligence failure in order to dramatize the intelligence success at Midway. Oh yeah, I'm with you on the 1976 version with the star-studded cast. And yeah I agree that the PH 2000 was a bust. I am interested to see if the new movie will include Navy Cryptologist CDR Joe Rochefort who thought up the "AF" trick.
  4. CaptSpock


    The “Midway” trailer had been released. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6924650/?fbclid=IwAR1PpGtxCD45yDD_Cm44rQTXLYyZeCmxhXMJkJsLhZz0a5OpJA4Yvq3msT4 By the looks of it, makes me think some of the WoWS designers were doing some of the graphics.
  5. JAKeller: thank you shipmate! that is reassuring good news. "Spock our here, Captain. Live long and perspire!"
  6. JAKeller: Roger that; agree. But my question still stands. Where does 32-bit WoWS stand regarding upgrade to 64-bit?
  7. The Apple iMac warning image was small and hard to read, so I will retype it here: "World of Warships app is not optimized for your Mac and needs to be updated. This app will not work with future versions of macOS and needs to be updated to improve compatibility. Contact the developer for more details." This warning has to do with Apple phasing out all compatibility with 32-bit apps in future MacOS releases. https://9to5mac.com/2018/04/11/mac-32-bit-app-warning/ For Developers: What is the status of WoWS development with respect to 64-bit development ?
  8. just got this warning on my iMac which is part of Apple declaring they will soon no longer support 32bit apps. So, where is WoWS with respect to 64 bit?
  9. Bubble:. No. Waiting till summer fix apparently
  10. Update 0.8.2: it would have been nice to at least acknowledge that the mac end of things was being worked with an estimated delivery date
  11. I am waiting it out until it's fixed.
  12. Mac OS: I've hung and crashed so many times that I've had to deal with "Service Required" on all my ships as a result of being in game but not able to play leaving my ships sitting/sinking = ducks thus incurring service. Thet has cost me over 300,000 credits to get my ships back. I would hope I would get a refund for that as well.
  13. new Mac mini with Mojave 10.14.13 same problem: freezes / crashes nearly every game. I enjoy this game. PLEASE FIX!
  14. DEEP SIGH. iMac was running fine . . . until and now I am getting a crash on every attempted load. PLEASE FIX THIS!
  15. CaptSpock

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    for the limited amount of time I've been able to play due to the Mac issues, here are my observations: - aircraft in general have changed from strategic/operational assets to tactical assets. All my attention is riveted on the squad in flight (with an occasional glance at the big map to maneuver the CV.) -- top spread appears wider than previously. I can no longer fly 2 squads of torp planes and do a full criss-cross on a target. torp plane attacks are limited to 3 torps at best. I have yet to succeed in a 3 torp criss-cross due to being shot down - fighters have been tethered to the CV; they can no longer escort a strike package - CV damage control has been automated eliminating player choice as to when to initiate. - I agree with the comment that DD's are far more vulnerable to air attack under the current update. in a recent game I was dodging bombs left and right as flights sequentially broke off from the squad and kept me jumping. My 2 cents . . . hey! wig took the cents sign off my KB? :-)