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  1. Pentium_

    Another Update, Another Annoying Bug

    I got same problem have to restart the game or else it's just sits in that screen
  2. I am sorry did WG just admitted to power creep ? or am I dreaming ? 🤔🤔🤔
  3. Pentium_

    Armada: Orkan

    Why i can't use my coupon on this :( This ship is for sale for doubloons :(
  4. So i got about 10 or so perma camos for my Tech Tree T10 ships , yes they are money makers and i enjoy playing T10s without worrying that i may lose money , but in the future i plan not to buy any more perm camos. Here are my reasons. 1. The ship i enjoy may be changed for the worse and not playable as much as i used to (Yueyang , Henry IV, Kleber etc ) no problems with changes per say (cough cough) but frequency of play changes and perm camo is not warranted anymore if i use it once a month just to take the dust off it. 2. This instance with Moscow. I purchased perm camo for Tech Tree T10 ship . I should end up with Perm Camo for Tech Tree T10 ship. 3. this is pixels and by most accounts i don't have any rights. I love this game but i seen time and time again this is not the first game there online game company is treating it's customers unfairly , just because they can and have the rights to do so. Thanks.
  5. I am not sure what to say here , how do they expect us to play ?
  6. Pentium_

    My Sincere Thank - 25k Sub 30 Ship Giveaway

    Thank you Pentium_ NA
  7. the max range on Smolensk is 19+km :)
  8. Pentium_

    Truly awful teams

    Had a game yesterday , guy in Graf refuse to Cap .. we had 1 CV vs 6 ships advantage at the end but only 2 caps since whole team did not go to caps all game. At the end we lost because he would just try to hunt CV 20 km away instead of capping 5km away from him to stop points bleeding. Some people are clueless and they don't want to listen or learn how to play .. As much as this is team game , the cooperation in this game is HORRIBLE and you don't get punished for doing stupid things.
  9. In related but unrelated question , x2 bonus is it only for first reset ? or was it a promotion time ? Now i see only 10k point per line after first line was reset. Thank you
  10. I had 740 the other day... i will update with picture once i am back from work.
  11. Pentium_

    Wargaming censoring hardcore

    The People who did not want nerfs to occur out number the people who wanted them , and most of people for nerfing GC don't have this ship to begin with , so i would say they are bias and can't be trusted .. My opinion. So WG listened to majority and now you have choice not to spend any money as you wish, but i think it's fare let the people who did not like the nerf to spend as they want, without listening to your rumbling.
  12. Pentium_

    Rental Ships - An Idea?

    It would be nice if they give $6 discount from purchase price, if a user decides to purchase the ship, you know incentives work.
  13. I am sorry , they graph shows 28.62% will spend less , how can you add them together if they not going to spend money or slow down spending ? I maybe I was spending $300 before and now i will spend $10, yes i spend money but it's 96% less money .. So you can't just say there is no change and they will keep spending. even just 1 ship $25 vs 10 ships $250 is drastic change.
  14. Can you please show me 56.5% ?