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  1. So I was taking out the Barracuda, rotating the subs per match for maximium fun, when I stumbled upon a strat. The Barracuda's secondaries open up and/or continue firing while the sub is surfacing or diving. mashing the F and C keys appropriately to get the depth indicator hovering basically exactly halway between surfaced and periscope depth gives me the surface detectability of a submerged sub while having a 6km secondary range, alowing me to farm damage and torp with impunity. I've posted this image elsewhere but I'll include it because I think the stats speak for themselves, its a very nifty strategy (or exploit, you choose). Mayhaps we'll see the rise of the arty!divison of Barracudas?
  2. _Shadow_Kat_

    Submarines First Impressions?

    Yeah, this I can recommend. average games look like so: Team lost; was the sole survivor of the team so we failed pretty hard... the secondaries are pretty powerful though, they were a joy. Instant 3 fires was actualy pretty pervailant. Perhaps a lucky/unlucky game?