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  1. These two screen shots were taken from the same battle on the morning of 04/44/2022. This individual's account is stated to have been registered on 04/19/2022. How is this possible? It is mathematically impossible to play this much in as little as 5 days, even assuming each battle last 5 minutes and you don't sleep, potty, or eat. If one doesn't eat, sleep, or potty, then it will still take at least 17 days to play that many 5 minute battles ( and we know not all battles last only 5 minutes). Does this have to do with a account name change? I'm really curious as to what is going on here.
  2. yamato4745

    Russian CV Sniping

    In the last 2 days I have been Sniped in my ranger 3 out of 4-5 games. It really feels all other CVs have been made obsolete by the new Russian ones. All it takes are 3-4 rocket plane attacks and BOOM, I'm dead. Does staying just right behind your allies help any? I've tried it once and it didn't seem to matter much. I'm not trying to spread flames here, but looking for other's experience. If anyone else has tips for dealing with this I would welcome them.
  3. yamato4745

    ST, Axis vs coalition

    War Gaming could also put out a tier viii version of Nagato (ex: Nagato 1942?) with slightly buffed armor and possibly slightly buffed reload to compensate for one less gun barrel. Not sure if this would be good for the game over all, but would help some with the Axis lack of 16 inch in this scenario. I think down tiering a Yamato class to tier viii would still be too much.
  4. yamato4745

    Thunderer vs Yamato

    Was thinking about getting the Thunderer, but already have the Yamato. Both seem like accurate sniper ships, just wondering if they are that similar and if Thunderer is worth getting if I already have the Yamato? Thanks.