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  1. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    IFHE/plating changes made simple (T10)

    Depends what's shooting it, really. Smoli's armor reduction has the more important nerf of making her sides, previously 70mm thick on the belt, overmatchable by 406mm guns. This means, even angled, 16" guns (which is often the most common caliber BB gun at tier 8-10) will punch right through your belt and touch your citadel. Given that Smolensk isn't very difficult to citadel broadside, I'd say overall her durability will take a big hit from this - but I haven't played the PT extensively with her, so I don't know how she'll actually perform.
  2. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Oh, My Captains, My Captains....

    I generally just reset everything I can except the ships I'm actively playing or ones I know won't be affected by changes. Bit of a bummer, I wanted to play some Daring tonight but I'm going to keep her captain reset in case I forget to do it later...
  3. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Ship That Just Don't Feel Right

    Kiev. A long time ago in a WoWS far far away when it was tier 7, it was fun as hell (and OP) and very easy to play. After adjustment to tier 8 I seriously can not get to grips with this DD. Being bottom tier DD probably doesn't help a ton, especially for a dedicated gunboat. Now it mostly sits in my port as a reminder of the 'good old days.'
  4. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Get Smolensk Now or Wait For Nuestrashimy To Go For Coal?

    As hard as it is for me to say it, because the Smolensk is utter cancer and rightfully deserves to be removed from the game... ...I can't logically recommend not getting it if you have the means to acquire it. If you can get it, get it. It's going away, lord knows when/how/if you'll ever be able to get it again. Just don't forget to take a shower.
  5. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    What should be my next tier X?

    Moskva, easily. Given that she's going away (along with Kirov, so make sure you have her too!), it's a no-brainer to get her while you still can. IMO.
  6. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Might have picked the wrong line to Grind? IJN DDs

    For me it's all about consistency. I just can't find torpedo-based ships that consistent with my playstyle, so I typically tend to stay away from them.
  7. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Might have picked the wrong line to Grind? IJN DDs

    Don't bother with the Shimakaze. It's the most handicapped & forgotten tier 10 destroyer you could possibly get. DDs already suffer by being situationally powerful ships, but the Shimakaze line especially takes that to a whole new level. You could go 1 game with 250,000 damage from floods & torpedoes to 15 in a row below 30k with maybe 1 or 2 torpedo hits. And with a class that can be as game-to-game variable as a destroyer, you want all the consistency you can get, something Shimakaze won't give you. I'd backtrack for the Akizuki - Harugumo line if you still want something Japanese. Otherwise you have the Gearing and Fletcher, both of which are probably the best torpedo boats in the game (Gearing torpedo build is actually fun & viable, do recommend). British DDs are also good if you haven't tried them out yet.
  8. Is it even possible to get before it's removed? 244,000 coal in ~2 months seems impossible, and even with a coupon (183,000 coal) players are looking at ~3,050 coal a day, for 60 days to get it.
  9. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Not Stat shaming

    Easiest way IMO is to look at it on an individual ship basis. As a rule of thumb, if you're doing more damage/spotting damage than your ship has HP, you're contributing your "fair share." Of course this doesn't mean to stop trying once you exceed your HP in damage, but it means that you've at least held up your end of the bargain for your team.
  10. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    WINNERS - Starfall Competition

    30 wins for 1 super container that will probably just be 50 useless flags?
  11. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Overpens are a PLAGUE. It's time for BB waterline hits to cause flooding.

    Here's the sought-after post in case OP edits it btw.
  12. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Overpens are a PLAGUE. It's time for BB waterline hits to cause flooding.

    Me waiting for this thread to happen
  13. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Confused by AA operation.

    That sounds more right. Thanks for the correction.
  14. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Confused by AA operation.

    You can no longer lock onto a singular aircraft or squadron. What you can do is choose a side of your ship (half-and-half, split down the length of the vessel) to "boost" the AA on. The opposite side suffers an AA decrease, but the AA boost on the strengthened side makes up for it when shooting aircraft down. The default key is 'N' I beleive.
  15. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    What happened to USN AA?

    A big part of it is the range nerfs. You used to be able to push yout 5" guns out to 7km and your 40mms to nearly 5km. Can't do that anymore. Your AA has less time to fire at planes both approaching and flying around your ship, which means you take a huge hit in your AA's effectiveness due to the reduction in effective range.