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  1. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Good Morning San Diego

    Really what's happening is the testers are (shocker) usually very good players, and able to make even a statistically poor ship look like it's overperforming on the spreadsheet.
  2. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    People quitting the game

    I'd compare it to sports. Every sports team has a bad season, yet fans will still tune in and watch their team lose, again and again, because they want to be a "part" of the win. I feel like something similar happens to games, especially ones people grow up liking but become increasingly bitter towards as the game changes.
  3. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Legendary Upgrades - Worst Nightmare for new players

    Why is this? Mostly .. because Wargaming decided to make it so. I am not a fan of the changes to legendary mods that were made either, the old mission system was far superior and an achievable reward for obtaining tier 10. I am not a fan of their move into the research bureau, the RB should've been added with its own rewards and should not have sucked in legendary mods with its arrival.
  4. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    What premium would you pick?

    Probably Georgia. Looks like a fun combination of 18" guns, speed and secondaries on the already proven & capable Iowa hull.
  5. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Steel Ships Decision

    Incomparable for me and it's not even close.
  6. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Separation of Economy from Camos Discussion Thread

    Cautiously optimistic with this one. Hope it pans out well. Seeing Missouri get her credit mod permanently affixed is nice though. Not a fan of the changes to the premium camouflages in terms of their service cost reduction, but maybe it doesn't matter & I can't do the math to tell.
  7. I'd love to see an event for the Sullivan in the style of the one done for Texas, where a portion of profit goes towards the museum ship. The Sullivans gets donations & we get a ship.
  8. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Very sad to see the way wargaming is heading

    It used to be possible prior to the removal of team damage. You can still grief in some ways, but it's certainly more difficult.
  9. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Very sad to see the way wargaming is heading

    It's likely you're misinterpreting this. As an example, a player deliberately griefing someone because they are a popular streamer in World of Warships could count as a violation.
  10. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Canarias Needs Torpedoes

    No problem!
  11. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Canarias Needs Torpedoes

    Which is just yet another random inaccuracy that slipped in to gut-punch her alpha & AP DPM.
  12. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Canarias Needs Torpedoes

    I don't see how restoring Canaria's AP DPM would make her "OP." She shares identical guns to the Devonshire, yet inexplicably has less AP DPM than her British counterpart (3,800 v 4,500). Furthermore, both Canarias and Devonshire are missing a not insubstantial amount of velocity on their 8" shells. In game they travel at 814 m/s, however every historical document I can find places the shell velocity around 840 m/s at lowest.
  13. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    The USS Black makes its return.

    Good to see Black return to the armory for coal.
  14. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Canarias Needs Torpedoes

    What Canarias really needs is AP that isn't missing ~25% of its damage & 10% of it's maximum velocity.
  15. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Need Civil Engineering Help!

    Funnily enough my campus has rentable electric scooters. It's subscription or ride based, a year pass is something like $100 or so. Also covers scooters that are found around the town outside the university.