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  1. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Spotting damage must be acknowledged & rewarded more

    I've occasionally bumbled into spotting range of ships that were previously detected and my spotting damage goes up 0. Not sure if I was getting rewarded at all for it (hell, don't even know how much spotting damage is worth currently). It's hard to gauge completely, but currently it feels as though upon lighting a ship up, all damage done to that ship is added to your own personal spotting damage. The indication of whether or not you're actually the one doing the spotting damage is nigh impossible to tell unless you can follow the damage done to said ship and the damage counting on your meter.
  2. Having played World of Tanks many years back, playing light tanks wasn't the most impressive or action-packed experience, especially when the team was spread evenly and you couldn't press a flank. That said, World of Tanks does a hell of a lot more to encourage spotting damage than World of Warships does. In World of Warships, you only get a damage counter and ribbons for spotting things. The XP reward for spotting damage is very pitiful, easily outpaced by raw damage or caps. Fair enough, caps are important to make the game easier on your team. But spotting damage should be as important as raw damage, because somebody has to do the spotting or there's nothing to shoot at! I'm sure this is an experience many of us can relate to, with entire flanks of enemy ships vanishing as the ship spotting them breaks line of sight, oftentimes mere seconds before you fire a salvo or were setting up for a torpedo drop. I would really like to see spotting damage acknowledged & rewarded more. Both in credit and XP gain, and hopefully, with some achievements for doing an outstanding job spotting the enemy team and assisting your own in sinking them. Proposed Changes Some sort of marker that displays next to an enemy ship's icon that you are spotting. Currently the only way to tell if you are spotting a ship taking damage is to watch your spotting damage counter as said ship takes hits. Increase in credit & XP gains for doing spotting damage. Doing damage is half of the fight, spotting things so that your team can do damage is the other half! It must be rewarded more generously! More ribbons (oh boy, more ribbons!). A ribbon for spotting an enemy ship that is sunk by your team, due to your spotting, would be a great place to start. Ideally there's a reward that goes with it as well. Proposed Achievements Screening - Spot & sink (or assist in the sinking of) 3 enemy ships. Lookout - Cause spotting damage equivalent to 20%* of the enemy team's total base health pool. Until the Bitter End - Keep 3 (or more) enemy ships spotted until 75% of (3 or more) enemy ships' health is gone. Eye of Cthulhu - Spot 5 or more enemy ships that are sunk by your team. You must be the one spotting them at the moment of their sinking. [Some of these achievements may need to be adjusted for CVs, or CVs can receive their own set of achievements for spotting.] *25%, maybe even 30% might be more appropriate.
  3. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Jean Bart Tier 8 Premium [Dev Blog]

    A lot's changed since June 22...
  4. 36 battle sample, time to dictate whether or not this ship is OP.
  5. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Anchors Aweigh Wednesday - Marine Nationale Jean Bart

    Not sure why I'm being credited for the photo when I definitely didn't take it, but okay!
  6. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    IFHE still required for this line?

    Only DDs thusfar that really should take IFHE are the IJN DDs equipped with 100mm guns and, I beleive, the USSR DDs with 130mms.
  7. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Sawfish is Recruiting!

    Recruiting. Recruiting never changes (or ends).
  8. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    Swap JOAT for AR and you got a deal.
  9. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    Of the two IFHE is more valuable.
  10. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    IFHE on Cleveland

    IFHE is a must-pick on every light cruiser that can fire HE.
  11. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Sawfish is Recruiting!

    Your English is just fine, I can understand you perfectly! Glad you like the name and clan logo!
  12. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Rental ships.

    Oh no... After playing WoT when the MM is absolutely flooded with rentals, I really hope they manage it better in WoWS...
  13. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    A Best ship for Co Op?

    Pensacola, Helena, Cleveland... Cruisers in general are a pretty safe bet. Don't use DDs, the bots have god tier torpedo dodging abilities.
  14. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Sawfish is Recruiting!

    No 10 posts in a row allowed by 1 person.
  15. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Yubari in the "Best" tab in the Arsenal

    Yuubari when she came out was an AA terror, and especially with all the carriers back in CBT she was a ton of fun to play as you shot down everything. Seems she's had a case of the power creep though, she's just been left behind as newer ships have been added with more interesting AA suites. Even the special upgrade and DFAA don't seem to really make her as fun as she used to be back-in-the-day.