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  1. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Most OP ships

    CV: Saipan. BB: Yamato, Imp. Nik, Nelson, Conqueror. CL/CA: Helena, Belfast. DD: Harugumo, Kitakaze, Kamikaze.
  2. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    British DD's

    Lightning and Daring are both good for their tiers IMO. Both are worth grinding to. Daring requires a bit more captain points to be effective (at least 14 with CE + IFHE), meaning her build options are a bit more limited - and you need a higher level captain. Lightning is more flexible with build options.
  3. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    British DD's

    Pretty good, but it's going against very heavy hitters like Kitakaze, Fletcher, and the Pan-Asian DD at IX (forgot its name). Fletcher is a better all-rounder, Kitakaze has better guns, and Pan-Asian has better torpedoes for dealing with larger ships. She's not awful, but she's kind of an "all around" type DD that doesn't excel at anything, and I'd say that for that role the Fletcher is better overall. If you want to specialize in guns go Kitakaze, if you want to specialize in torpedoes with a side of good guns go the Pan-Asian.
  4. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    British DD's

    From personal experience. Acasta / Icarus - Meh Decent guns and okay torps, nothing incredible. Usual mid-tier meh DDs. They're reasonably stealthy and the single launch torpedoes can make for some nice dev strikes on the generally less experienced players around these tiers. Jervis / Lightning - Great Great. Both of these are VERY good ships, with Lightning being one of if not the new best balanced DD for cap contesting, torpedoes, and guns. It's a truly amazing ship. Lightning is a definite keeper. Jutland / Daring - Good & Great, with skills Good, but they are what you make them. They have very low caliber guns which means you must take IFHE to do any sort of damage. The AP is good and has nice pen angles, but the second a DD or anything goes nose in - you simply won't get pens. IFHE is mandatory meaning you need a 14 point captain before they're really anything special. Guns and torpedoes are nice, overall they're pretty good knife fighters / gun ships. The torpedoes are pretty good, but the range is a bit of a hold back, using it often puts you in the danger zone of radar spam at high tier. Jutland isn't horrible, but practically speaking it's a down tiered and nerfed Daring. Highlights: Lightning and Daring are both fantastic. Daring requires a high point captain with IFHE to be able to reach full potential. Lightning with a 10 pointer is an incredibly competitive DD for its tier, and my personal favorite at 8 right now. Jervis is pretty good, but IMO the Pan Asian GM is a bit better with the gun angles, AA, and deep water torpedoes. That said the single launcher and normal torpedoes makes Jervis very good at hitting DDs in smokes, and she gets a 3km/3km hydro too. Jutland isn't bad, but it feels like a nerfed Daring at 9. Everything else is kinda meh.
  5. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Columbia ? - never mind

    Sadly, probably just a bug. Cleveland was called "Columbia" when she was moved to tier 8 originally to prevent confusion between the tier 6 version and the tier 8 testing version. I'd still like to see her as a premium, she had a solid history.
  6. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Anti package thief glitter bomb

    Maybe I've just gotten a lazy delivery person, but occasionally I've had some boxes so big they were practically crammed into my mailbox. Never had anything damaged thank god, but I've had some where I had to loop some cord around the back of it to dislodge the box.
  7. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Anti package thief glitter bomb

    US here, sign for package seems to depend on the cost of it.. Or the shipper's instructions. Not sure exactly how much it has to be, I've had to sign on some stuff worth $25 and other times $100+ packages have just been left on my porch. I'm pretty sure you can adjust whether it has to be signed for some delivery services.
  8. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Anti package thief glitter bomb

    Thoroughly enjoyed this video, having had encounters with package thieves and revenge plots of my own before!
  9. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Freedom camo Cleveland

    Additionally, in @desmo_2's screenshot you can see a gear icon in the lower right-hand corner above his ships. There are toggles for which skins are visible, your toggle options may have disabled the freedom camo.
  10. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Do you support adding Arms Race to ranked?

    I have a growing feeling that it will be fun for the first few games, but quickly become boring as it goes on. Really hoping that it's better than I expect.
  11. Both teams advance individually. The team with the higher ranking is the rank of your clan. The reason for having two teams is so more people can participate in clan battles among the larger, more active clans.
  12. I don't have it on hand, but if I looked I can find a dev stream where they did say that they "were interested in changing the way radar detects ships" or something along those ends.
  13. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    What currency(s) for Alaska?

    Unknown at this time. If I had to guess, it's going to be FXP. Otherwise there's going to be a sh*tstorm of epic proportions on the forums (think Alabama incident).
  14. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    DD captains need a stat shown

    Spotting damage stats would also be amazing... Plus more rewards for doing spotting/scouting. Your team can't shoot what they can't see, reward the good spotters more WG, please!
  15. Fast_Battleship_Iowa

    Jean Bart new Favorite BB?

    Her AA is not the best BB AA in the game, but it's certainly really damn good for her tier. If you build her for it, she'll absolutely gobble planes (even without an AA build, it's still quite strong).