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  1. Rental ships.

    Oh no... After playing WoT when the MM is absolutely flooded with rentals, I really hope they manage it better in WoWS...
  2. A Best ship for Co Op?

    Pensacola, Helena, Cleveland... Cruisers in general are a pretty safe bet. Don't use DDs, the bots have god tier torpedo dodging abilities.
  3. Sawfish is Recruiting!

    No 10 posts in a row allowed by 1 person.
  4. Yubari in the "Best" tab in the Arsenal

    Yuubari when she came out was an AA terror, and especially with all the carriers back in CBT she was a ton of fun to play as you shot down everything. Seems she's had a case of the power creep though, she's just been left behind as newer ships have been added with more interesting AA suites. Even the special upgrade and DFAA don't seem to really make her as fun as she used to be back-in-the-day.
  5. Alaska shoud be a Tier 7 Battleship

    But Scharnhorst and Gneisenau are both battleships and Alaska herself is a large cruiser... Why would they suddenly reclassify them into the incorrect trees?
  6. What to buy with Anniversary Tokens?

    IMO the patches are actually pretty good, better than the others we've seen thus far available in the arsenal.
  7. Sawfish is Recruiting!

    No 10 in a row Helena posts here.
  8. got the harugumo

    If you play it more like a cruiser than a destroyer and stay at extreme range, you'll suffer less than the current radar meta and get better results. She's more of a super weakly armored, no-citadel-cruiser than a destroyer.
  9. Just going to grind it out the old fashioned way, through the Kitakaze. Probably not going to keep her, I don't think she looks like enough of an upgrade from Akizuki. Harugumo looks great, planning on keeping her and later getting a camo for her if I feel she deserves one. The tier X premium camo is just too good to pass up!
  10. Sawfish is Recruiting!

    Helena went AFK so I'm here to tell you that we're still recruiting, as hard as that is to beleive! That's why I'm posting this! Please join us if you want to participate in our clan, we only need 1 more dedicated player for team Alpha in clan battles!
  11. What to use sharks tokens on?

    I'd get the flag because it looks pretty nice for both teams, and then just empty the remainder of your points into crates for coal.
  12. Your Karma

    56, used to have 78 at one point. People seem much more likely to report than to complement. Karma doesn't really matter anyways, it gives you nothing but a number that only you can see next to your name.
  13. FB Development Blog: Clan Base 2.0

    This all sounds very good, I'm a fan of what they're doing to revamp the clan base. Also very appreciative of the full reset to the clan so the newer buildings can be prioritized over the old, if needed.
  14. So today I met a Jean Bart

    Try a Flamu video!
  15. So today I met a Jean Bart

    German HE, even with the inherent 1/4 pen, is pretty trash. French guns have lower HE pen but generally better performance when the HE can actually do damage. Pretty sure they have a higher theoretical fires/minute and have a generally faster rate of fire.