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  1. How it Works: Fires

    So... All of the details and calculations proving that you can survive for over 14 minutes with a fire burning? How about you, what would you contribute on how to minimize fire damage? Because I've completely just posted what you can do to minimize it and how it would work in a theoretical situation with math.
  2. How it Works: Fires

    Currently, there are a total of 4 captain skills, 3 upgrades, 2 flags, and 2 consumables that directly impact how much you burn and how much damage you will take from fire. Captain Skills High Alert - Decreases the recharge time for repair party. Basics of Survivability - Decreases the duration of fires by 15%. Fire Prevention - Decreases the chance of fire by 10%, and reduces the number of possible fire zones from 4 to 3 (removes 1 of the midship fire zones). Superintendent - Adds another repair party, and on one ship, another damage control. Upgrades Damage Control System Modification 1 - Decreases the chance of fire by 5%. Damage Control System Modification 2 - Decreases the duration of fire by 15%. Damage Control Party Modification 1 - Increases the duration of damage control by 40%. Flags India Delta - Increases the amount of possible HP recovered by repair party by 20%. India Yankee - Decreases the duration of fire by 20%. Consumables Damage control - instantly puts out all fires, and immediately nullifies any fires set during its active time. Repair party - heals 100% of damage done by fires. Can only heal a certain % of your total HP per use. You can mount all of those flags and upgrades to your vessel at the same time. You can take all of those captain skills with just a 13 point captain. Every battleship from tier 2 onwards has damage control and repair party. I can't tell you how to build or play your ships. But you have so many tools to reduce the damage you take from fires significantly. If you refuse to use them, than the fire is your problem. You can reduce the duration of fires by 50%. You can reduce the chance of being set on fire by 15%. You can completely remove a fire zone from your ship, immediately removing 1/4th of the maximum fire damage you can take. You can heal 100% of all damage received from fire. If you were to try and kill a full-health Yamato with only fire, assuming she never repaired or used a heal, it would take 6 fires, burning for their full duration, to kill a Yamato. That's 6 straight minutes worth of fire with no heals and no repairs. If Yamato had all of the above skills and modules, and was using her heal and repairs: Fires burn for 35s and deal 10% hull HP if they burn for this full duration. DCP adds a 14s invulnerability phase and is on 80s cooldown. Repair party can heal up to 16.8% of HP and lasts 28s, is also on a 80s cooldown. It would take 14 minutes of constant burning to sink a full HP Yamato. Math: [ Fire is set (0%, 0s) → DCP (14s) → Fire Set (35s, 10% HP) → Fire Set (35s, 10% HP) → Repair Party (+16.8% HP, 28s) → Fire Set (10s, 3% HP) → DCP (14s) ] x5* *Number of Repair Parties with superintendent and premium consumable. Total time: 108s x5 = 540s, 9 minutes Raw fire damage: 23% x5 = 115% of total HP Raw health restored: 16.8% x5 = 84% of total HP Actual fire damage: 115% - 84% = 31% of total HP lost to fire Alright, so now you're out of repair parties. You only have DCPs now. You also now have 69% of your total HP remaining after 9 minutes straight of burning and DCP + heals. [ Fire is set (0%, 0s) → DCP (14s) → Fire Set (35s, 10% HP) → Fire Set (35s, 10% HP) → Fire Set (10s, 3% HP) → DCP (14s) ] Total time: 108s Raw fire damage: 23% Raw health restored: 0% Actual fire damage: 23% You can survive 3 sets of these (69% of HP remaining, each set does 23% of your HP) before you run out of HP and die. Meaning that you can survive for 864 seconds worth of fire (14.4 minutes).
  3. How it Works: Fires

    Fire is the most counterable type of damage in the game. There is no problem with it, and people who think there's an issue are really bad at damage management, or refuse to take measures to minimize the damage fire can do to them.
  4. Losing credits

    Tier 9 is the worst for losing money. Even with clan bonuses, flags, and that perma-camo you're still going to get brutal losses of credits.
  5. DD XP....Seriously?

    What effort? You didn't even manage to cap or defend a single point. All you did was damage farm on 2 battleships. You only even hit an enemy destroyer once! The reason you got so little XP was because XP is based on % damage done to an enemy ship. BBs are good for farming big damage numbers, but are terrible if you want XP.
  6. What's the deal with Hindy?

    As it's been said before Warships Today has been broken for months now. Wowstats.org is a better site.
  7. Ship Anatomy Question

    That's where her tenders are stored.
  8. Baltimore AP

    Generally (against battleships). Broadside = fire superheavy. All ranges. Slightly angled (angled 30-90 degrees) = fire super heavy at medium and close ranges, otherwise HE is better. Extremely angled (nose-in) = switch to HE. Try experimenting a little bit, eventually you'll get the hang of what angles they can penetrate. While their penetration angles are quite generous, they still have limits and there are certainly angles and ranges where HE is going to be the better pick.
  9. Thought we'd be matched against other Squalls trying to progress to Gale. Thanks for the answer.
  10. Thought three Gale-league clans in a row while still in Squall. Is this normal?
  11. Clan Battles and Hindiburg

    Priority Target - Allows you to know how many people are targeting you. Not only useful for helping to avoid fire, but useful for predicting incoming torpedoes or an enemy ready to ambush you. If you can't see a ship but that thing suddenly shows someone is targeting you, you can better use your consumables to mitigate incoming damage in the form of torps or shells. Preventative Maintenance - losing turrets or torpedo tubes when you really need them always sucks. Taking this with the module greatly increases their durability and reduces the chances that they'll be lost when you need them most. DCCA - Bit of an interesting one here, but since Hindenburg doesn't get radar, your fighter planes are a 5-minute long substitute. They can spot ships, torpedoes, and are just generally useful overall. Having twice as many of them helps with maintaining a better field of protection around your ship and increases their uptime if they're being shot at by AA. Adrenaline Rush - Do I even need to explain this? More DPM lower health you get. Very useful since you will be getting shot at and taking damage. Superintendent - More heals, hydro, planes. You lose nothing by taking this really. Demolition Expert - Hindenburg has pretty decent HE but with a sorta meh fire chance. While DM doesn't really need DE because of the sheer volume of HE she can put out, it helps Hindenburg a lot for dealing with angled ships. Concealment Expert - Useless once you start firing, but helps you get into position without taking more damage than you need to. RPF - Great skill that really synergizes well with your excellent hydro and double fighter planes. With these three DDs are going to have a very rough time sneaking up on you. An excellent choice IMO.