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  1. When the commander skill rework comes out. Flint is not getting a range increase like the one Atlanta is going to get. So the Flint will have the range of 11km without any ways of increasing it. I know the change is only 2km, but those 2 km are actually quite important when you only have so much to begin with. There are some dd that has a longer firing range at tier 7. I know Smolensk won't get a range increase also, but at least Smolensk has gun fire control system mod 2 to increase the range. I am not a big fan of Atlanta and Flint, so I don't have much experience in them. So any ideas or tips on how to play flint with 11km range only? Cuz 11 and 13 km actually sounds and feels so different...
  2. Pulgy

    Santa Crates

    If you want ships, you need to buy the big containers instead of the normal ones or the mega ones. For like 50 bucks, you can get 20 big containers. The odds of a ship is said to be somewhere slightly above 10%. You can go watch other people's unboxing to somewhat confirm. But from my experience, you can almost always get 2 ships from 20 containers. Spending 750 means you could've possibly gotten 300 crates if you buy the big containers. You will likely get around 30 ships. I opened 216 big crates and I got 23 ships this year. The odds for higher tier and rare ships do seem to be lower slightly, but I got a benham in my first 20 crates despite not owning multiple lower tier ships like west viriginia, markarov, yuudachi, amonst many others. So it is definitely possible. I honestly have no clue what you did. Perhaps you bought the normal containers and expected something out of that. But if you bought the big containers and only got an atlanta, you should ask for a refund, and think hard about what you did this past year, because you are definitely on the naughty list.
  3. I perhaps got some kind of an update or perhaps even a fix here for those using laptops. One of my friends who normally plays wows on his surface laptop was experiencing this issue too. I am not sure how he managed to play on a surface laptop in the first place, but he was playing on it just fine before. He tried all the possible methods like reinstalling, restarting pc, etc. None of them worked. So he quit the game for about a week thinking perhaps things will somehow change. When he came back, the issue was still there. He noticed that every time he plays wows, his laptop would get extremely hot and the fan just sounds like its getting ready for a takeoff. So he tried helping his surface cool by using some frozen water bottles. And believe it or not, that actually solved the issue for him. And it has been about a week and he is happily playing wows without any of the previous problems. I have no clue why or how that worked, and I have no idea if it is going to work in other people's case. Perhaps wargaming released a patch recently that fixed this problem and this is all a coincidence. I am just putting this out there since it is the only fix I came across that seems to work without having to spend big bucks on modifying or upgrading a computer.
  4. Pulgy

    NoZoupForYou crate perspective

    If the shortlist thing is like actually true, then these crates are not fair for those who only want to spend like 30 dollars and gamble a good high tier ship or two out of it. But then at the same time, these crates are actually quite beneficial for those certain handful of players who have a lot of premiums, and are looking to add that last rare ship they are missing or just ships a ship they haven't bought yet into their port. I remember someone saying the odds for a ship is like around 10% or something for the big containers, and 48 bucks gets you 20 big crates. Thinking about it, if someone own all the shortlisted ships and a few lower tier ships, spending 48 bucks and get 1 or 2 possibly higher tier ships aren't too bad of an investment if you add on the flags and camos. A friend of mine who had markarov and quite a large amount of tier 5 and 6 premium ships got an indomitable and a Georgia from spending 48 dollars. Me personally, I didn't own Makarov when I open my first 20 big crates and I didn't watch Flamu's video about the shortlist until after my pulls, so I knew nothing about a shortlist. In the first 20 crates, I got 2 super containers, 1 being a cossack and the other one is Poltava. I didn't get a markarov until my 2nd 20 crates. Just incase someone is curious, I got a markarov and a West Virginia from those 2nd set of 20 big crates. I opened quite a decent amount of crates, and I can reliably get on average 2 premium ships every 20 big crates. I also tried opening 2 sets of 8 big crates, and I got 2 ships out of those 16 crates. So the odds of a ship seems to be quite consistent.
  5. Lootboxes are too RNG heavy. And different people have different experience with them. I know a friend who bought 10 Christmas crates last year and got 2 tier 9 and 1 tier 8. But I also had a clanmate from my previous clan who spent 800 dollars and failed to get a single tier 9. And often, forums can be misleading too. People who don't get good things would normally get on the forum and complain, while those who got what they want would normally go and spam the ship they got. So you don't really get an accurate portrait of the lootbox, and the accurate chances for a ship. With all that said, I do feel like the odds (at least for me personally) has been getting worse by year.
  6. I know the Santa Containers will be out on December 4th. But being as impatient as I am, I am extremely eager to know what ships will be included and what’s not included. Anyone got guesses? Will puerto rico be in this? I remember reading somewhere they might put that ship on sale again. I could be wrong obviously @Hapa_FodderCan you give the impatient players like me any sneak peak?
  7. Ah that's true. If I remember correctly, you get 1200 research points a month if you complete all three daily mission, which is a decent amount. Regrinding from t7 to t8 or t8 to t9 only gives 1500.
  8. The ship's classification was changed. So it's no longer considered a tier 10 tech tree ship. It would've counted if you got the other 4 ships before Moskva's change. But now, since the classification change, you only have 4, because again, Moskva doesn't count as a researchable tech tree tier 10 ship. You will have to grind another line. And trust me, you likely won't find research bureau that intriguing if you only have 5 tier 10 ships. The amount of time it takes to get a ship might not be worth it. The 1st reset in a season gives double RP. You can get a little more than 20,000 if you reset an actual ship (resetting cv gives less) Normal resets only gives somewhere around 10,000. The cheapest ship there is in research bureau now cost 43,000 if I remember correctly. And it's a tier 9. It takes at least 2 resets to get a tier 9 ship and 3 resets to get a tier 10 (Colbert costing 57,000). You are essentially trading 3 tier 10 ships for 1 research bureau tier 10 ship.
  9. I was playing on bootcamp with Windows 10, not on macOS, so as far as the game is concerned, I am playing on a windows laptop. I appreciate your response, but it would be even better if you can read my thread fully. And this always happens too. Whenever I mention the word Mac in a support ticket, doesn't even matter if I am playing on macOS or windows, I get a response back regarding how I should play on windows instead (just to clarify, I have never played wows on macOS before. I ALWAYS play on windows 10 with bootcamp). It's almost like they are doing a word search, if the word Mac is detected, they just copy and paste a response and send it back.
  10. Oh ya, I totally forgot about that. I couldn't quit the game whenever it happened and I have to shut off my pc in order to close the game.
  11. Pulgy

    Premium Ship Review - ARP Yamato

    Not gonna judge on those who bought it... There are people making thousands of dollars a week that are playing this game, and there are also people that are struggling playing wows for fun. If someone buys it, I will never understand why, but it is their own money. Despite how bad this bundle is, it might actually be a good thing that people who have the money are buying these big bundles. It keeps the game alive and it funds wargaming so they can hopefully make new ships that are more interesting instead of copying and pasting.
  12. Pulgy

    Premium Ship Review - ARP Yamato

    I have never noticed yamato having that long of a base secondary range. Is it worth running a secondary build on Yamato tho? Running secondary battery mod 1 for the range means u can put aiming system mod 1. And of course, the requirement of a secondary spec ijn captain. Not gonna lie, I have never thought about secondary on yamato, but it does sound somewhat intriguing.
  13. I started encountering this problem about a week or two ago. Playing on a vanilla copy of the game, things including minimap freezing up and ships models not moving would happen. I don't play on a good computer. The computer I play on is actually not good for gaming at all, but I don't really care personally if my fps is at 100 or if its at 30. And I don't care if I see every wave in the water or every small detail on ships. I am here to play a game, not watch a movie, so as long as the game runs without lags or things like that and I can play, I am okay with it. (Plzzz don't flame meeee) I primarily play wows on my little 2016 MacBook running bootcamp. It wasn't great, but it runs fine with low settings and I was able to play relatively smoothly. When it stopped working, I tried reinstalling, I even completely redid the bootcamp and installed a brand new copy of windows. The issue still persist on my computer. All the other apps I had works and there are no issues with my MacBook hardware at all. After redoing bootcamp and redownloading wows for about 3 times, I found my old 2012 MacBook and tried playing wows in bootcamp, and funny enough, these issues never happened and the game runs just fine. For me personally, this issue didn't happen after a specific update. It just started acting up one day all of a sudden. I was able to play couple key battles and lots of random and coop games with no problem after the update up until the day it happened. And I found it really strange that the same game runs just fine on an older computer with older hardware, and it doesn't work on the newer one in comparison. I guess I will just have to play on my older computer until hopefully, wargaming fix the problem one day. Plzzz fix the issue, it would be really appreciated.