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  1. YamatoA150

    Italians are coming!

    Would the torpedoes be considered as part of a Stock Hull, or do these appear to be in their final refits with some liberties taken? Also, now that I get a better look at Paolo, she definitely looks as if she could have been implemented as a low tier, extra-light cruiser. Which further reinforces my belief that she may have originally been part of the line but pulled for reasons. Since it seems that the T8-T10 are all WG Originals, what are the odds that the T8 is a Zara+ semi-Original? Like; Zara with all her strengths, but liberties taken to make her something of a theoretical sub-class successor that also fits into T8.
  2. YamatoA150

    Italians are coming!

    I find it humorous and sad that the two Italian Cruiser Premiums are uptiered by 1, while the Italian line cruisers Trento and Zara are downtiered 1. I do wonder if recent T10 Italian DD, Paolo Emilio, was originally trialled as a CL before being adjusted as a DD. It would explain why she suddenly appeared out of the blue alongside the Italian Cruiser line. It's also not the first time that WG has repurposed a ship; the Atlanta was originally the T10 "DD" according to Alpha Testers, before being removed and made a CL proper. This would just be the reverse; a CL converted into a DD. They have buffed base maneuverability similar to RN CLs on top of the custom Smoke they get for emergency retreats.
  3. YamatoA150

    Italians are coming!

    Something to note is that with the upcoming AA Sector tweak and accompanying AA Skill tweaks, it could be possible that the Italian AA would be "good enough" when actively using AA Sectors to make up for the lack of AADF, but otherwise subpar if ignored (or forgotten). Depends on the AA soft stats and whether or not one feels the need to build a partial/full AA build.
  4. YamatoA150

    Italians are coming!

    Paging @Sparviero, your Italian Cruiser Line is coming SOON. T8-T10 will be available tomorrow in a Russian Stream.
  5. YamatoA150

    Oh come on WG!

    STILL SALTY ABOUT TSUSHIMA. Semi-seriousness aside, WG really should have just made all Event Commanders (including Collaboration and Halloween/Rogue Wave/Etc) have special skills, even if it's just the usual EM bonus and maybe a token JoaT bonus. Moreso since many of them have to be purchased anyway, whether it's directly via the Shop or indirectly via Premium Container Currency.
  6. YamatoA150

    Is Ark Royal some kinda joke?

    For Operations. Same reason Mutsu and Ashitaka each got a new lease on life as strong Operations (and Co-Op) boats. LWM really likes how well Ark seems to perform in T6 Ops in her current iteration. Given that most T6 Operations use T3-T6 ships with the occasional T7+ boss ship, Ark as she is currently would basically be easy mode. Moreso since Operation AI do not appear to use AA Sector shifting and are not likely upgraded/module-equipped, so bringing in T4 planes with custom bombing setups is not as big an issue as it would be in PvP. WG could always toss in alternate plane groups that aren't quite historically accurate (or historically notable), for gameplay purposes. Say copying Furious' planes but tweaking the stats; whether it's bomb count, planes per attack run, drop pattern, etc. This would solve the tiering issue; the balanced T6 planes for a more even T5~T8 MM spread, and the T4 planes mainly for Operations/Co-Op with their slightly OP potential. Or given that they do have a means to detect selected game modes, just put up 2 different stats for Ark Royal's planes. While in Operations/Co-Op, they're the slightly OP setup. When in Random/PvP, they shift to a completely ahistorical stat set, effectively making the T4 planes a biplane "skin" on T6 planes (in other words; Furious-type planes with Ark Royal's biplane models). It wouldn't be the first time WG has offered alternate loadouts for CVs, nor would it also be the first time WG tested some new feature, if they chose instead to just have two loadout stats that change between Co-Op and PvP modes.
  7. YamatoA150

    How Did 8.5 Affect CVs?

    Because part of the reward calculations is based on percent damage dealt, NOT total damage dealt in the entire match, along with a smaller bonus for delivering the kill shot. With that example, if you dealt 20k to both DDs and 40k to the BB, you'd be rewarded more for the damage dealt to the DDs than for what you did to the BB, since that 20k was a greater percentage of the DD's health taken away than the 40k on the BB. Of course, if you sank both a DD and a BB with 100% damage via Dev.Strike or Detonation, then they would count about the same since it was 100% damage dealt to both. This is specifically because WG doesn't want players to just farm damage off BBs and expect a high return; they want players to go after DDs and Cruisers. So even if one did 20k damage each to a DD, a CL, a CA, CV, and a BB, the 20k dealt to the DD rewards more than the 20k dealt to a CL, CA, CV, or BB because that's more health lopped off percent-wise.
  8. YamatoA150

    Is Ark Royal some kinda joke?

    Ark Royal is still in testing. LWM currently puts her as potentially OP in the right battles or in T5-6 matches, and UP in T7-8 matches. Ark is supposed to be something of a T6 Kaga, but her initial iteration doesn't yet have the same level of Plane Regen as Kaga does. Give it time. WG will probably end up giving Ark both a slight Plane HP buff and possibly fast Plane Regen, so that they can at least spam single attack runs endlessly.
  9. YamatoA150

    Ark Royal Playtesting Memes & Quick Preview

    I'd buy it for Operations; assuming it kept its performance but was limited to Operations (then auto-shifts to rebalanced PvP/Co-Op stats when Random/Co-Op/T6 Ranked is selected).
  10. The Kongou sisters in general make for ideal Premium candidates: Kongou ('44) at T6 with her late-war AA; tighten up the accuracy a bit and upgrade the main battery RoF to 28s, and add any missing HP and armor from the increased displacement/tier. Would pretty much compete with PeF; better in some respects, worse in some others. Haruna ('45) at T6, with her late-war AA/secondary setup; similar to Kongou, give her a 28s reload and missing HP and armor based on displacement/tier, but instead of improving the accuracy, buff the secondary ranges to rival or exceed PeF. Again, better than PeF in some respects, worse in some others. Kirishima ('42) at T5 with her full AA. No changes to stats from the T5 Kongou representative aside from more HP from increased displacement and any missing armor (if any, aside from bow/stern), and again functionally being another Texas/NY situation. The AA alone giving her a Premium status over Hiei (who serves as the Kongou representative). Hiei ('42) at T5, just with 28s reload OR better accuracy instead. This one is optional; could even be a Bundle-only ship (buy the 4 Kongou Sisters Bundle for the price of 3 Premiums) as it's literally a clone of the tech tree ship, just with better main gun reload (or accuracy) and Premium status making it suitable as a trainer. Then let WG go the extra mile and grandfather the ARP Kongou Sisters to match, to vary it up between 2 T5s and 2 T6s, instead of all T5s.
  11. YamatoA150

    CV Summary, my final thread on CVs

    I don't know; WG was pretty serious about it both with in their write-up and in their responses on Reddit in regards to it. They already admitted they were stepping away from typical CV limitations to try and make CVs more enjoyable, including going with a serious support-role for the second line. Of course, it's naturally subject to possible changes.
  12. It's not a failure until after their planned Support CV line is released and even that somehow fails despite being much easier (in theory) to play. We're still on part 1 of their grand CV overhaul. Part 2 is the second CV line and the "Support" role they're hoping to make them play like.
  13. At most, probably another Collection, unlocking some new Flags and maybe a Midway-related Captain with CV-enhanced skills (and an enhanced EM skill just for those wanting to use them on a non-CV). Otherwise, just a minor Mission Chain involving CV-usage and rewarding a Flag. Maybe WG would also release a quick Lexington/Saratoga Premium; one that just has the 8" guns and and adjusted air wing setup, even if they did lose them by Midway.
  14. YamatoA150

    CV Summary, my final thread on CVs

    Now would be a good time for WG to just shift over to releasing the "Support CV" lines and testing to see if that will make CV players less-hated while also improving CV play numbers. Plenty of players expressed more support for being the resident "healer/buffer" for the team via CVs, and still be able to contribute if their healing counts as beneficial "damage" dealt. At least those Support CVs will mainly be working in friendly zones; dropping a smokescreen here and there, waterbombing the poor BB that got 3-4 fires set on it to help kill the fires, and maybe even being a mobile repair point similar to certain Operation CVs, healing up to 50% of damage for any friendlies who stay in their AoE long enough. AA will not be as big an issue, and for self-defense Support CVs can just make do with the old 8.0 super-accurate Rocket Squadrons.
  15. YamatoA150

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Naval Training Center would be perfectly fine if the bonuses instead added a permanent Resource Gain instead of performance buffs, and was applicable for ships starting from T5 onwards. Example: Level 1 10% Permanent FXP Boost Gain Is calculated in the Results Screen Increases the BASE FXP Gain, before modifiers from Flags/Signals/etc. Level 2 5+ Coal Per Battle Translates to 5 Coal per match, win or lose. Any and All Modes. Limit of 250 Free Coal per day. 5% Permanent Coal Gain Modifies Coal earnings from Missions/Events/Containers the same way Clan Base Upgrades increase rewarded Coal. Level 3 1+ Permanent Steel Gain on PvP/Operation Wins Translates to 1 Steel for victorious teams in Operations and PvP. Restricted to wins only. Limit of 50 Free Steel per day. 5% Permanent Steel Gain Modifies Steel earnings from Missions/Events and Ranked/Clan Battles the same way Clan Base Upgrades increase rewarded Steel. This would encourage regrinding and replaying of many lower tier ships, while also granting tangible reward benefits that lets players slowly build up yet another means of increasing their FXP, Coal, and Steel gains.