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  1. So they're still pushing pushing Stock Hull Premium BBs, and ONLY for the IJN. Why the hell can't they restrict that to the USN or RN? At least the USN has far more sister ships they can downtier and sell, with the RN not too far behind. Hell, even the KM gets high tier sister ships in the same tier. Eugen isn't in stock config at T7. Tirpitz isn't in stock config at T7, and they too tended to only have one or two sister ships. This is blatant bias against the IJN. Forget Russian favoritism bias, there's a distinctly anti-IJN Premium bias going on at WG. I do wonder what sort of B$ buffing they'll give Stock Amagi just to complete at T7. My guess is all of Shihtsu's buffs plus 4 more torpedo tubes and maybe RN Hyper Healing. At least she'll become the IJN Hood with all those buffs out the aft. At this rate, my guess is that proper same-tier sister ships with competitive stats to their line sisters will end up being Anime/Collaboration only, while crappy stock Premiums becomes the regular scraps they feed to the rest of the IJN playerbase.
  2. Players also forget that this particular Scenario has friendly fire completely disabled. So a pair of DDs flooding the waters with torps is not entirely a wasted strategy, as long as one of those torps makes it to a Zikasa. Got raged at by some newbie player who didn't understand that, and thought I was "wasting torpedoes" even if one torp hit a friendly while the other 3 KO'd a Zikasa. Then they got mad we lost; but that's entirely due to the rest of the team derping outside of Transylvania's Zone. The only thing that isn't rewarded well is smoke covering for Transylvania, which comes with the risk of being focused by Catapults while trying to keep a mostly steady smokescreen deployment.
  3. It's not hard. Just ask BBs to use AP only and focus catapults first, then Zikasas. Ask DDs to prioritize torping Zikasas known to sail into the Transylvania's zone (designate the targets if necessary), and also to smoke just ahead of the Transylvania in the final half, when multiple Zikasas are focusing Transylvania as well as when Rasputin appears. The cruisers are to HE firebomb everything; but focus on the Zikasas threatening to stop the Transylvania first, unless there is only one BB in play, then they should assist the BB in melting Catapults first. HE shots easily carve up 1k or more on the Catapults, so it helps out the lone BB if they weren't able to take one out with a triple volley or quad volley.
  4. Twice. Launch day for 2 weeks, and either a week-long or weekend sale during Ranked earlier this year, alongside several other T6 Premiums.
  5. What I find most hilarious is the fact that this Armada video has far more effort put into it than the KGV Armada video, and you could tell the editor and narrator were at least more excited about this ship than the KGV. That aside, looks like the Italian BB flavor might be maneuverability, though Julio Cesare is likely a testbed for how far into it they will go (the way Warspite and Hood were tests for a few elements that later showed up in more modest form in the RNBB line).
  6. The deal is only temporary, but yes, there is the one-in-a-million possibility of earning a repeat Kutuzov from an SC and being able to sell it again while the deal is temporarily active. But that of course requires earning both an SC, and a Kutuzov within that SC. And if you do win one during this time period, then I'm pretty sure you used up all your luck for the year.
  7. It can be obtained from SCs, Event Boxes that have a ship drop chance (X-mas boxes for example), and Events (as a reward ship).
  8. Keep complaining; WGNA will be forced to finally add back in the ability to buy signals that prevent Detonation as well as provide other effects. And they can then just point everyone towards them again. Ironically, such whining was far less back when they were available for purchase, aside from those who flat-out refused to pay for them. In the process, it also conveniently answers: - "Ship too slow!" = Buy and equip Speed Signals - "CVs too strong!" = Buy and equip AA boosting Signals - "Fires too strong!" = Buy and equip Consumable CD reduction Signals - "Flooding too strong!" = See "Fires too strong!" - "Healing too weak!" = Buy and equip +20% to HP Repair Party Signals - "Firestarting rates too low!" = Buy and equip both Firestarting rate boosting Signals
  9. I'm buying that as soon as I get home. I have some leftover Doubloons from some bundle purchases I can put towards that. It's also the next best thing to being able to buy Rasputin itself. Now if only the Zikasa skins were available, as well as the T8 Halloween skins for both friendlies and enemies.
  10. No one really cares for yet another DD line; especially a Pan-Asian one. Now if it was at least the British DD line or French DD line, or even a Polish or Norwegian mini-line of DDs, there would be some enthusiasm, but still not as exciting or debated as a cruiser or battleship line.
  11. You know, we are well over the planned 20 Premiums for 2017. Kind of impressive actually. Then again, with the delay of the RNCV line and possible delay of the MNBB line, frees up time towards working on whatever other Premiums they had in reserve.
  12. While I agree that something like an AMD RX series card or an NVIDIA 9XX or 10XX series card would be preferable as a straight-upgrade, considering the OP was just going for something cheap and workable for an interim gaming rig that used an old office workstation as a base, an R7 370 is plenty sufficient. Granted, I'm not sure what they paid for the GPU itself. If the R7 370 was bought used above $120 or so, then yeah, an NVIDIA 1050 or 1050 Ti would be a much better choice for about $40 more; being both cooler and quieter (and under warranty in most cases). If the R7 370 was bought used for less than $100, then it's a bargain to tide them over until they can get a decent and relatively modern entry GPU (or decide to dabble in watercooling or redoing the TIM materials on a potentially disposable GPU). Naturally, there is always the risk of a used GPU being a dud from heavy OC/burn testing or mining/folding. And OP would still have needed to upgrade their PSU; 295w on a PSU of questionable or old make/quality isn't going to safely feed any of those newer GPUs along with the rest of the system. Even a modern RX 550 or GTX 1050 is recommended with a minimum of a Bronze or Silver level 400w PSU from a reputable PSU maker, for sufficient overhead and safety for the system in general, but could manage on a barebones system using a 300w PSU of reliable make. Moreso if said cards are the pinless GTX 1050 or RX 550 HTPC variants rather than the slightly more powerful 6-pin variants, as they feed directly from the mobo's PCIe slot. As OP also has plans on adding a bit to the system further, upgrading to a 600W PSU is a valid option, allowing for just enough spare power for something like a GTX 1080 Ti (250w avg max draw).
  13. Tone was sold on the Chinese server until WG gave them an ultimatum that saw the Chinese game management remove Tone from sale, and IIRC, from all Players ports with a full Doubloon refund. As far as I'm aware, it simply had more catapult fighters it could launch, since the Chinese server never got the experimental updates that WG has been adding off and on for testing on Tone (catapult DB and catapult TB, a rudimentary CV-like interface while firing guns from a top-down view similar to catapult spotter mode, etc).
  14. An R7 370 isn't a bad card, though an R7 390/390X would have been much better if OP could find one for reasonable cost. Even an older R7 290/290X would work as well (which the 390 variants are just slightly improved/overclocked versions of). The only issue really is that AMD/ATI/Radeon cards tend to run hot, and can make a small room pretty toasty (great for winter; not so much in the summer). NVIDIA's 10XX series run much cooler on average, though older generations also ran fairly hot (especially the 9XX series). There's been tests done that show an SSD greatly improves loading times of WoWs though, as it seems to make constant calls to the installed drive for assets. This topic just reminds me of why I enjoy working with old hand-me-down systems, especially those of the AMD-processor type. Cheap to upgrade to a top-of-the-line processor for the socket type via the used market, great overclocking practice, and great training for watercooled building. AMD mobos also allow for easier processor upgrading due to slot commonality as long as the motherboard support is half-decent. My ancient gaming rig uses a Foxconn A79A-S mobo, BIOS flashed to the last and latest version that supports Phenom II X6 hex-core processors (put a lovely 1090t in it and OC'd to 3.5Ghz for the time being), and supports up to 16gb DDR2 (readily available from ebay). About the only real cost was the GPU, which was a used Fury X I bought off a friend who upgraded to a GTX 1080, and the watercooling accessories to help tame the Thuban core (125w) and the Fury X (350w+). Just waiting on the CPU waterblock, and I'm planning on seeing if I can reach 4.0 Ghz on the 1090t under watercooling. Also have an even older MSI K9N4-SLI mobo I've been messing around with to test some build concepts, and will probably keep utilizing until it dies. Maybe once I build up the funds and courage, I'll attempt a custom chilled watercooled build or TEC build. Would require some insulation though. Or maybe go extreme and reuse an old fishtank filled with non-conductive mineral oil or similar and see how far I can overclock the ancient CPU. I have an old set of Erector/SteelTec/Meccano parts I could use to hang the mobo from the top of the tank as well.
  15. Yes, Belfast has often been considered a P2W ship. It didn't get the name "Payfast" and plenty of complaints about her for nothing. Kutuzov gets similar due to her impressive range and ability to smoke camp as well, which is beneficial, even despite the 8km or so spotted radius she will get when firing her guns from stealth with the upcoming changes. Perth was considered situationally OP; more due to her smoke output duration if she's not creating a smoke tunnel for allies to follow her in, and WG said they will consider re-releasing her for sale in the future depending.