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  1. The HSF Spee has an extra Camo bonus over the non-HSF version, if I'm not misremembering. Applies to both HSF Spee Permacamos (HSF camo and non-HSF camo for HSF Spee).
  2. They've already explained that they keep the info in the game simple and to the point to minimize player confusion. And since the average player doesn't usually visit the forums, much less dig further for more specific/detailed stats, it's not worthwhile throwing all the more in depth info at them, leaving those who want the more detailed info to look it up readily available elsewhere, either via 3rd party sites like GM3D or the WoWs Wiki. As well, they've mentioned that it's a relative minority who want all the info at their fingertips; too minor to make a real priority for the UI team. Especially if they have to go and add in an "idiot's guide to terms" for things like krupp value, sigma, etc and only further confuse the average player. Basically, they're sticking to the KISS method as far as statistic presentation goes.
  3. Obtaining signal flags

    They used to sell ALL the normal signal flags on the NA server (even if one had to buy them in slightly overpriced "class starter" bundles), but WG then got cold feet about it and withdrew them entirely, leaving only the basic economic signal flags.
  4. Cyclones fun anymore?

    I still love it. It allows less-stealthy ships to have a bit of temporary concealment and enough time to either regroup and heal, or press a potential surprise attack. Cyclones also makes radar and hydro ships more valuable in such situations. Even if they light up an enemy, if their allies are still too far out, their allies won't be able to open fire on the lit ship.
  5. French BBs

    Maybe it was internal testing that they haven't forwarded out? Well, assuming it's rolled back, it puts the high tier French BBs in a disappointing light as-is, unless they buff the armoring on the T8~T10 to be more resistant to IFHE and up the Speed Boost buff a bit more. At the very least, giving the lower tiers just enough of a speed boost to nearly race Kongou/Scharn in short sprints, and in the higher tiers, just enough to nearly rival Iowa/Missouri in short sprints (all straight-line sprints, with maneuverability values affecting speed loss on turns/rudder shift). The derpy accuracy is fair considering how good their 15" guns are and the barrel counts they can bring into play at certain angles. T10 France though... Just straight up needs to be replaced.
  6. Not until all initial lines have been released, every line getting at least one split, and WG simply cannot squeeze any more flexibility/utility out of it compared to just moving everything over to a new engine. Probably when they finally go for the big 1.0 release. It might also coincide with the actual CV Overhaul, assuming it's an extreme-case total replacement that the newer engine can handle while the current one cannot.
  7. They're slowly updating all their models, so I expect sooner or later Yamato will be given an HD/Ultra-HD model.
  8. Future of new BB lines

    It's better to have a lemon guarding the gate to Yamato, since with the removal of the old dreadnought stock hulls, the only real gatekeepers are Myogi and Izumo. And personally, Izumo just needs a few modest buffs, mainly to secondaries and armoring to make her much less of a lemon.
  9. Future of new BB lines

    Officially, we will have French BBs next. That much is confirmed. Anything else is speculation. That said, it's been highly suspected that the next BB line we might see will be the Russian BB line, based on multiple prior statements from WG late 2016 and throughout 2017. Some of those being that after pushing back the VMF BB line repeatedly, they wanted it out in 2018 after bending over to player request for the RN BB line. This was also further strengthened by a passing statement that WG was having more trouble with the Italians than they had anticipated (IIRC, their BB line, not all the cruiser or DD lines), which makes it unlikely we'll see Italian BBs until 2019 (though we might see Italian Cruisers before 2019). As far as BB line-splits go, WG previously stated they have enough material for about 4-5 USN BB lines, and 3-4 IJN BB lines (in both cases, the line length depending on where they branch off and what flavors separate one line from the other). However, WG has said in a number of 2017 posts that line-splits are extremely low in priority, with only the USN cruiser line-split to happen since they've directly promised that one all the way back to OBT. But other line splits will have to wait until after they finish getting out the last initial lines into the game. So VMF BBs, French DDs, British DDs and CVs, and Italian cruisers, DDs, and BBs are more likely to come out before any other line splits. As for making a possible 1st and 2nd line IJN BB split, here's one of my ideas. Spoilered for length or to skip if not interested.
  10. French BBs

    The T10, France, isn't much better. Sure she hits harder, IF she hits. But she has near-uniform 32mm of armoring like Izumo too the last time I checked, making her extremely vulnerable to IFHE (for that matter, I think Richelieu and Alsace also have a near-uniform 32mm of armor as well). As well, I recall the French players were not happy with the T10 design either, not that it will actually change anything.
  11. French BBs

    The speed boost could have been a bit better; around 10~15% or if I'm not misremembering someone's calculations. It would have allowed the T8-T10 BBs to temporarily match Iowa/Missouri at full straight-line speed but bleed just as bad on hard turns, but not fast enough to actually outrun cruisers (as the original 20% boost did), and allowed a few of the lower tier BBs to roughly get close to Kongou's straight-line speed for a short sprint. That aside, they now have the longest secondary ranges in-game (at the high tiers at least; I'm not sure about the lower tiers), in exchange for a lack of KM level turtleback, so that'll be interesting to see some build reviews over.
  12. It'll be FdG with 4 sets of triple 15" guns of historical, semi-historical, or paper performance, such as longer barrels and higher velocity/pen or better AP shells. However, the secondaries all now fire AP shells while retaining the same long-range as FdG herself. Instead of Hydro, she gains 4 quad-torpedo launchers just like Tirpitz's.
  13. Again, no. They've mentioned this at least once in the past when players were rolling Halloween Crates and wanted to sell their Halloween permacamo. It's only a minority who want to delete a Permanent camouflage, and insignificant enough to not pursue it. Moreso since it also adds to their customer support workload if they have to also add back in the Premium Camouflage as part of a Premium Ship restoration request, and it also avoids delete-happy players from accidentally deleting a 5k Doubloon T10 Permacamo or a rare Event Permacamo (such as the X-mas 2015 and 2016 Permacamos). Considering it's really not an issue as it takes up zero space and isn't worth the trouble of having to deal with Permacamo delete claims, it's easier for WG to leave it as-is than deal with potential fallout.
  14. It could go either way, depending. If it's pure AI, that leaves total control to WG in terms of simplifying balance (since player skill differences wouldn't be an issue anymore) and AI "personality/skill" (does one AI always manual drop, including into smoke? Does another AI always attempt a near-perfect cross-drop? Etc), leaving the other 3 classes to be played like normal while CVs provide that extra possible threat as well as a bit of "flavor" to the battle. They could even up it to 5 CVs per Random match and 3 per PvE, and go for some of their dramatic total warzone cinematic battle teasers if they wanted. If the planes can be player-controlled on some level while the CVs themselves remain under AI control, it could either be: A team-wide "request fire support" option, where a player may request support from the nearest planes; either for a bombing run to force a ship to bare their broadside, or to scout up while the player is hiding in smoke, with some CDs and limitations here and there so that no player could call down the firepower of all 3 CVs to one spot, or "hog" a fighter squad the entire match for scouting and bombing run defense. Or have an actual player or two focus entirely on the air battle (while the other one or two CVs and their planes remain AI-controlled for a certain bit of unpredictability) while the CVs themselves simply go about following the majority of the team and remaining mobile. In exchange for having the player sit through the fight, they could theoretically be permitted to either take control of another CV's remaining squads if theirs sank, or allow players to use the other AI CVs as forward rearming points at the cost of slower turnaround times. Both player-controlled options would also permit usage of land-based air forces too if WG wanted, on maps where there's island bases. If it's under the former fire support option, players could request a heavier strike but face longer CDs from ground-based air support, whereas if it's the latter style of control, air players would instead command the strength of the airbase and its preset loadouts instead of the CVs, up until the airbase is destroyed and the player then transferred over to controlling the CV group with the most intact squads.
  15. It looks as if you sold during the time WG decided to offer full Doubloon refunds instead of Silver for Belfast and Kutuzov temporarily, for those who felt their ships were weaker after the smoke spotting mechanics change.