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  1. WG had the flimsy excuse that the reason the IJN don't get special generic commanders was because they got the lion's share of Collaboration commanders. Except when WG was confronted about it by asking them to give all Collaboration commanders as well as Event commanders (Halloween/Space/Waterworld/Misc like Dusty Rhodes) similar buffs as Special commanders (mostly EM + a 3pt or 4pt skill depending on commander), they said no. Meanwhile, here's WG putting out increasingly specialized and sometimes OP Commanders for every nation EXCEPT the IJN. And to make it more ironic, Isoroku's bonuses are notably not as great as Halsey or the recent Unique KM and VMF commanders. It's just WG being Salty about Tsushima as usual.
  2. Roma just needs SAP in place of her HE. That will instantly make her a menace considering how potent Cruiser SAP already is. As for Gascogne, she's mainly in need of an actual role to play. While she does have similar DCP/RP cooldown like what Massachusetts also got, she doesn't have much else going for her. I'd go with just giving her secondaries the same accuracy as Massachusetts and Georgia, and an additional 2km of base secondary range. That would fit in with her need to bare some sides to bring in her aft guns, and allow her to bring a large portion of her secondaries onto a target, and still balanced by having slightly worse main gun DPM than Bismarck or Tirpitz and also having large swaths of 32mm armoring making her quite vulnerable to CA level HE. The alternative is just giving her MBRB in a separate slot to make up for the fact that she still has a lower reload rate than Bismarck/Tirpitz, instead allowing her to have greater burst DPS with being able to eke out 2 or so volleys per MBRB.
  3. YamatoA150

    Is there a USN bias in this game

    There is a USN-Favored Bias in the game insofar as WG is making (mostly) enticing USN Premiums in order to guarantee easy $$$ from their highest or second-highest earning server. There is a bigger USN-Favored Bias in the NA forums, especially from more patriotic players, but it's otherwise unsurprising. Outside of that, the USN tree ships are pretty balanced, and pretty flexible despite shifting metas. If anything, they predominantly gained in buffs over time, rather than any real nerfs outside of global or line-split tweaks. There is also a clear Russian-Favored Bias in the game, but that's due to WG refusing to add some artificial limitations to their ships, and instead giving them flawless paper stats. It's especially evident when you get ships like Kremlin, which has a mere 35s traverse despite having turrets that weight almost the same as Yamato's, or Khab's B$ speeds regardless of whatever plan it's actually based off of, and many of the favorable stats/gimmicks given to various VMF ships. Ironically, there is hardly any Russian-Favored Bias on the RU Server; if anything, they're the server that preferred USN and German ships due to their superior brawling capabilities in the deathballs they like so much. They were the same server to criticize the VMF Cruiser line for being underpowered because none of their ships could brawl as well as USN or German cruisers. The only anti-Nation bias Wargaming has is being anti-IJN. 2nd oldest nationality in game, yet hardly any Premiums. Of the few they've released, most are stupid one-trick ships that are far less flexible than the ships in the tree, or worse, downtiered stock hulls. The only good ones were Atago, the Kamikaze trio, and debatably, Musashi. Atago was a recycled Alpha test ship to replace Kitakami. The Kamikaze trio were hated for being mere tweaked clones of Minekaze, and only became OP and valued after the IJN DD overhauls. Musashi is only strong when no CVs are present, but that isn't as often as it used to be Pre-CV rework. It's also evident with their continuing reluctance to tweak or buff any of the IJN ships even after major meta shifts. It took forever for them to just give Yamato her missing AA. It took forever for them to buff Kii, only to half-a$$ it with buffs that didn't make sense with its intended play style. They still refuse to buff Zao's missing HP despite no longer having OWSF as her "sales gimmick", which she lost the HP for in the first place, leaving her with less HP than even Minotaur, a CL. The IJN AA is so crappy post-AA rework that they could give every IJN ship their missing AA and it still wouldn't do squat. It's made doubly ironic considering that at least half the WoWs Dev team were hardcore anime fans, and have actively pursued Collaboration attempts with Haifuri, Arpeggio, and the Chinese game AzurLane (but using the Japanese VAs), so one would have expected that WG would be a little more open to also marketing some good, flexible IJN Premiums and Collab content to draw some cash off the anime-fanbase instead of half-a$$ing everything (especially the AL Collaboration with their crappy MS paint camouflage instead of taking the Blitz AL Camouflages and HDfying them for the main game). Last but not least, there is a bit of EU favoritism from WG too, but that's because EU competes with NA for highest spender. Many of their Premiums are pretty decent, with a few borderline OP. Their tech trees are also pretty balanced, if flavored to some degree. The RN BB line notably gets considerable ahistorical buffs for gameplay reasons, but then you have the KM BB line still suffering from a lack of major buffs. The only European nationality to get hated-on is Italy for some reason. Many of the potential gimmicks for Italians is getting misrepresented or taken for VMF gimmicks instead. Both Premium Duke cruisers are overtiered by 1. The Italian DD Leone was overtiered by 1 or 2 based on stats. WG stubbornly refuses to give Roma SAP instead of HE
  4. YamatoA150

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Just a bit. But then again, Russia never officially signed treaties listing ships by caliber. It's only a "light cruiser" insofar as Mogami Hull C with 155s is a "light cruiser". Russia is just Asian Texas; everything's bigger there. Their "light cruisers" being sub-200mm armed warships with armoring halfway between a typical CL and a typical CA, and their "heavy cruisers" being closer to that of superheavy/large cruisers.
  5. YamatoA150

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Not going to lie; Nevsky is looking to be hella fun. It's basically a DM/Zao/Hindenburg Tri-brid. The firebombing capability of Zao, almost similar RoF as DM, and slightly better velocity than Hindenburg. All she'll need is IFHE to break 30mm, and even with the reduced Firestarting %, can still light up the opposition.
  6. Good news then; the recent post by WG added 4 additional VMF Premium cruisers on top of the soon-to-be-Premium Kirov and Moskva and the 5 new line cruisers. 9 down, 21 more to go. There's also Borodino, so 20 more. Add VMF CVs, that leaves 16 more. Maybe VMF Submarines, probably 12 more (if subs are stagger tiered like CVs). Pobeda/Slava, if it ever comes, brings it down to 11-ish. An eventual VMF BB line split, probably another 4 or so using alternate designs, so around 7 left. Add in some low-effort Premiums like some low-tier VMF BBs that can't fit into a second VMF BB line, a few more DDs, and a Premium VMF CV just because, and that should wrap things up. 5 years should be enough time to squeeze out 30 more VMF ships between a token Italian BB and DD line.
  7. Fair enough; corrected. And added to after revisiting the post (loosely inspired by your USN sniper line and remembering the Leviathan's accuracy consumable).
  8. WG did have plans to split the USN and IJN BB lines into 4 lines and 3 lines respectively. USN: 2 Slow 1 Fast 1 BC IJN: 1 Slow 1 Fast 1 BC The plans have likely changed since then, but WG can still eke out 3+ with some flavor. USN: Original Line - All-rounder Self-explanatory. Split 1 - Brawler Uses most of the other USN battleships that weren't used for the original line. Gives up some main gun accuracy for better maneuverability (rudder shift and less speed-loss on a turn) and in the upper tiers, better secondaries too. Inspired by Massachusetts, but with standard USN DCP/RP cooldown. Splits or side-grades at T3 with say, the Delaware-class or at T4 with say, the Florida-class. T3-T6 mainly just have better maneuverability. T7-T10 start having good secondaries, similar to KM BBs. Secondary accuracy steadily gets better up to T10. Split 2 - Battlecruiser Can be a mini-split starting at T7 or T8, depending. Focus would be on speedy battlecruisers; trading armor for speed. Has battlecruiser accuracy but standard 30s reload. Uses a Modernized Battlecruiser Lexington or a fictional sister ship (if CC Lexi is a Premium). Split 3 - Sniper Uses most of the other USN battleships that weren't used for the original line or Split 1. Gives up secondary range, and in the higher tiers, speed, for a unique accuracy-boosting consumable and slightly better baseline accuracy. Inspired by Halloween Leviathan's special accuracy consumable, but toned down to temporarily grant battlecruiser or cruiser accuracy. "Assisted Targeting" Consumable (alternatively; FCS/Radar Assisted Targeting, or FRAT) Lasts 32s - 2 volleys at most Available from T7 onwards T7-T8 CD is 1:30 Premium and 2:00 Normal T9-T10 CD is 1:00 Premium and 1:30 Normal Splits or side-grades at T3 or T4. T3-T6 have slightly better base accuracy than the Original Line, but NOT battlecruiser accurate. T7-T10 adds the "Assisted Targeting" consumable. IJN: Original Line - Mostly remains as-is. Modernized Tosa is swapped in place of Amagi. Amagi is moved to Split 1. Split 1 - Fast Line 30kt or more; can be a hybrid battlecruiser/battleship split. Focused on being able to reposition quickly and bringing in considerable firepower Could either be a mini-split branching from Nagato at T7 to Amagi at T8, or a fuller line kitbashing various historical IJN designs with ahistorical modernizations. T9 is a Modernized Kii variant Uses Izumo's 410mm/50 instead of 10cm DPs and torpedoes. Slightly better armor than Amagi, but has similar TDS as Amagi. T10 is a Modernized #13 10x 460mm/50 variant. Has a great TDS and similarly trollish armor as Amagi. Despite 10 460mm guns, the ship's strength lies with being mobile and played like a Mega Amagi. 1.9 Sigma vs Yamato's 2.1 Split 2 - Slow Line Has a focus on even better accuracy than the Original Line, at the expense of reload. Such as 35s reload but battlecruiser dispersion. Top speed of only 28kt. Could split at T6 from Fuso, side-grading to Hyuuga also at T6. T6 Hyuuga could have a fictional gun-only refit; only gaining the AA rockets and AA guns her BBV form got. T7 is a WG Original OR the 35k, 9-gun, Kongou Replacement design but Modernized. 35k Design A - 3x3 410mm T8 is one of the 35k, 10-gun, Kongou Replacement designs but Modernized. 35k Design B - 1x2 + 2x4 410mm (IJN KGV) 35k Design X - 2x2 + 2x3 410mm T9 is a Modernized IJN 3x3 Design such as the Fujimoto 1930 Project OR a gun-downgraded A-140 Design (410mm instead of 460mm) Upgraded to use Izumo's 410mm/50 T10 is a Modernized Design A-140J3 (IJN Montana) 4x3 410mm/50 Split 3 - 510mm Battleships A micro-split using the 510mm cannons, branches off Yamato with an usual "downsplit" to T9 then back to T10 from said T9. T9 is the 3x2 510mm Yamato-class upgun, with all the missing enhancements from the refit plans. 40s reload Battlecruiser accuracy 72s main gun traverse 12x2 10cm DPs 16km secondary range (when fully spec'd) 720m turning 10mm less Deck and Belt Armor, but Additional Citadel armor and full-length TDS. T10 is the 4x2 510mm A-150 design. 40s reload Battlecruiser accuracy 72s main gun traverse 16x2 10cm DPs 800m turning full-length TDS
  9. YamatoA150

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    I didn't see this posted here, but it's another new VMF Cruiser. A Premium. Was on the RU Stream earlier today. Clip can be seen here. Russian Premium Cruiser Ochakov According to Reddit, it's design MLK-8-152 (a Smolensk variant); with NO Smoke, and instead equipped with 8x 152mm guns. Expected to possibly be auto-loading (high rate of fire).
  10. A new "Smolensk" is in testing too. A Premium. Was on the RU Stream earlier today. Clip can be seen here. Russian Premium Cruiser Ochakov According to Reddit, it's actually design MLK-8-152 (a Smolensk variant); with NO Smoke, and instead equipped with 8x 152mm guns. Expected to possibly be auto-loading (high rate of fire).
  11. Paolo was a recycled light cruiser from the Italian Cruiser line remade into a Destroyer Leader-type of ship, wasn't it? Leone though definitely seemed like it'd be a testbed for Italian DDs, except they never finalized what they want to do with it. And that ship too had its own host of issues players were pointing out. I feel that the 4 of the 5 new VMF Cruisers are either unused models from the VMF Cruiser line development and Stalingrad's development (as a Reward Ship for Clan battles), or something the modelers have worked on in their own time that WG decided to implement on short notice (or both). For the former, WG has been on an unused asset recycling spree as of late, starting with downtiered stock hulls, but now have been converting some assets into new hybrid ships like Georgia, Ohio, and Neustrashimy. We know that not all the ships WG has modeled for some lines gets used either due to not fitting the tier or due to better first choice options, such as Worchester and Buffalo sitting out while Des Moines made it in. And as far as Stalingrad goes, we know WG had long been working on a ship they felt would have been a great Clan Battles reward, so it wouldn't be too unusual to have one or two Stalingrad designs modeled and picked one that best fit their idea of a solid Clan reward. For the latter, WG themselves have admitted in one of the development videos awhile back that they do have modelers who work on ships they're interested in, even if it's not immediately part of the plans. The T5 BB, Okt.Rev, was one of those. I believe they mentioned one of the French BBs having been another. One or two of the semi-fictional German Premiums are probably another; a fanproject made official. It wouldn't be much of a stretch for some of those modelers to take interest in a few spare VMF cruiser designs and modeled those out. Moreso if since they have access to the Russian Archives and could pull as many designs they like and model those off-and-on. It doesn't excuse the the fact that we're getting another VMF line split so soon after a recent VMF line release (relatively speaking, but the VMF BB line wasn't all that long ago), but it's also probably all they had ready for one reason or another after work on the Pan-EU DDs were done. But if that was the case, they could just as easily have done a long overdue mini-split for the IJN Cruiser line; adding in Takao at T8 and working out a T9 (if it isn't Chokai with a semi-fictional refit to the 203mm/55 prototype gun) and T10 built around having wide torpedo arcs and being more pen resistant (the way Atago is more resistant to 457~460mm than other IJN cruisers thanks to the 41-42mm deck).
  12. As a random aside; Reddit figured that Tallin is a Hipper hull with VMF equipment and makeover; basically ex-Lutzow if she was fully outfitted for naval duty by the Soviets, using the same/similar guns as the Kirov-class in place of the 2x German Twin 203s. Her refit used in this instance was supposedly one of three options; triple 153s, triple 180s, and twin 203s. So at the very least; Talin isn't completely paper (~90% built); just her planned (paper) refit giving her 4x Triple 180s and Soviet AA/DPs. Maybe the torpedoes too. According to this person, the RU CMs have shed a little more info: Pretty much confirms that Riga and Petropavlovsk are Stalingrad-lite in concept and design; probably in playstyle too. Same for Talin being ex-Lutzow, just with a fictional refit. The part about being able to keep Kirov and Moskva is further cemented by Mr. Conway here. So be sure to buy the two and keep them in your port.
  13. If I had to guess, the T10 Permacamo will be refunded as T10 Permacamo for Nevsky, while Moskva is given her Premium Camo. Her Space Camo will probably carry over with her directly and just have bonuses matching that of the Premium Camo, and isn't likely to be refunded since Nevsky doesn't have one, and it's no different than buying special Event Camouflages for Premiums. Commander-wise, I'd cautiously assume they'll follow whatever they did for the USN Cruiser line split; Captains are auto-retrained to the new tree ships, while WG provides a 6-10pt Commander for the newly split ships (in this case, Kirov and Moskva). The weirdness though is that since Moskva and Kirov are becoming Premiums rather than being split into a new line, they might not get a Captain since they can technically use any VMF Commander without retraining.
  14. To quote the Medium Article: Basically, Riga and Petropavlovsk appears to be more like Stalingrad-lite, with a focus on mid-range punching. Anything past 14km, and it becomes a long-range scattershot like Kronstadt (or worse, depending on that dispersion curve past 14km). I'm fully expecting Petropavlovsk to be similar to Hindenburg; a large and visible cruiser with some mid-range flexibility. The apparent lack of torpedoes is probably made up for with better and more consistent AP punch than Hindenburg.