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  1. I feel Vigilance is worth the points. Moreso since it directly boosts Hydro's Torpedo detection range, making it perfect for the KM lines as a whole. Split his time between Tirpitz and Bismarck, and Vigilance will help out with spotting torpedoes even a second earlier. Put him on a Bismarck or Tirpitz with TAM for even more spite (since Vigilance also stacks with TAM). As far as JoaT goes, it becomes a viable alternative to the Damage Control CD reduction skill, especially on brawl-centric KM BBs. One of my alternate KM BB brawlers had High Alert to keep DCP on slightly shorter CD, now I can cut the CD of not only DCP but all the other consumables (Hydro/Plane) by 10% too.
  2. which line comes after USN CLs?

    Realistically speaking, either the RN DD line or the VMF BB line. The VMF BB line is likely due out in August/September due to Gamescom, while the RN DD line would just be filler somewhere in-between. Italian cruisers were mentioned as being due winter 2018, so we're looking at November/December (or December/January) for them. Would they be American scrap/hand-me-downs or semi-fictional Japanese hand-me-downs or both? Because the game is effectively alternate history, I wouldn't be surprised if the Philippines got a line of scrap ships. Same applies for a Pan Asian cruiser and battleship line, a Pan-Minor European "nation" complete with cruisers and BBs, a Commonwealth DD/Cruiser/BB line, and an Australian DD/Cruiser/BB line. Humor aside, yes, I know most of what they got were actually DDs in the CW-era, but it'd be funny to see WG spring imaginary whole navies after 2019/2020, after the Italian lines finish and WG starts doing line splits. I mean, it'd be hilarious seeing the rage of offended players at a full WWII/post-war Philippine Navy using an assortment of USN and IJN ships (kind of like the rage behind some of WoT's tank nation lines), where the USN ones are probably worst-variant versions of certain classes and the IJN ones some war prizes offloaded on them.
  3. I feel the odds are that HMS Thunderer will be a 4x2 457mm Conqueror downtiered to T9 is high. It'd basically be a Vanguard w/ 18" guns, while reserving Vanguard herself, likely as a future T8 Premium. I do have to wonder what sort of nerfs she'll get; concealment is a likely one, and main gun accuracy would also probably be a bit worse (or if it remains the same, nerfs to rudder shift and Repair Party instead). I'd assume the RNAP would also be normalized into regular AP giving her a bit more punch at range compared to 457 Conqueror vs BBs and some CAs, but consequently also more overpens at shorter ranges (Conqueror's short-fuse AP does work wonderfully at medium-short ranges vs BBs and at many ranges vs DDs and cruisers). Personally, what WG would do to Vanguard would be interesting; considering that she'll need a fair amount of buffs just to be competitive. T6 guns at T8, sluggish traverse (likely going to be buffed to 45s at least, like all the other upper tier RN BBs), sluggish maneuverability (offset by buffed rudder shift), and only impressive T9/T10 level AA going for her (and AA is still a notable balancing factor for WG). As for the USN Cruiser split, I'm looking forward to Buffalo, Helena, and Worcester. Definitely will be selling Nola and Baltimore for extra funds once they're downtiered. Mr. Doe 2.0 seems perfect for Buffalo as well.
  4. IJN BBs. Granted this was in CBT, and the IJN BB line was considered far more punishing (but also far more rewarding) than it is now. Back before Captain skills and fancy modules. Back when it really only took one pathetic DD HE shell to start fires and keep it going almost eternally. And most importantly, back when IJN BBs had extremely awful dreadnought-like stock hulls up until T9 (and even then, Izumo's stock hull was atrocious). I learned the very meaning of patience with that line back then, but also learned how to aim with decent accuracy at long-range, racking up a generous number of Devastating Strike+First Blood or a citpen or two against unlucky cruisers back before it was an achievement. Then get called a hacker because of it.
  5. So Kitakami 2.0? Or the old Senjou (aka IJN Des Moines w/ Moskva-level Firestarting Railguns and 20km Long Lances)?
  6. Considering how much the Collaboration captains cost, it'd be nice if they too got a minor bonus; even if it's just generic boosted EM. I don't expect it will happen with this Collab, but now that WG has no qualms about selling unique captains, it should carry over to future Collabs like the Azur Lane captains, even if it's just a generic bonus only to EM and nothing else.
  7. I distinctly recall that WG mentioned that their past data collection results were that CVs were mostly unwanted, but WG also mentioned that they couldn't outright drop them as then it would require they further split up lines in a manner to replace them (not that it's not impossible, considering we could have DDs, CLs, CAs, BCs, and BBs, and Aviation Cruisers/Battleships). Further, the CVs were meant to help speed up a game by providing scouting power and piling their attacks alongside their teammates' focused fire rather than solo slaughter everything. I remember the Jutland statement. Wasn't that on Reddit? Something about how players preferred a game of old-school naval gunnery with very limited aerial advantages (limited to the catapult planes only), but they insisted that CVs were necessary.
  8. Historical Ammunition Levels

    There was some unofficial discussion (with some official feedback) way back in CBT and earlier, but the idea was simply dropped since the biggest hit would be destroyers. Second biggest being cruisers with torpedoes; as it was mainly the IJN that carried a reload or two for them. Then throw in some of the carriers too; having to balance both bombs/torps as well as aircraft. The only ships that still have any kind of "ammo" are CVs; and in the form of planes available.
  9. Roma Kobayashi camo question.

    Everyone sees your pope hat/MacPro/Water Heater/Beer Can top even if you mod it, because mods only affect the client end. The only exception is if other players turned off Kobayashi camouflage visibility, but then all they see is a stock Roma while those that still have it on see your fabulous Roma. At most, you'll get a minor bit of ribbing about it ("what's that on top of your mast!?" or "the pope wants his hat back"), but you just roll with it and play on. It doesn't change your armor scheme; it's just blank space that shells harmlessly fly through, and it doesn't affect your concealment either.
  10. In addition to it just being due to Colorado's overall design, there's also the fact that most players aim for the upper sections of Colorado to deal more consistent damage (like most players do vs KM and USN BBs in general) rather than attempting a citadel strike unless they're close enough. As well, A Colorado cornered is a very juicy target that gets focused down quite often. Nagato on the other hand, is fairly trollish when angled like much of the IJN BB line, but is a lot more susceptible to a citpen if they bare the broadside at the wrong moment. It's pretty often that players aim lower vs a Nagato rather than aiming up in the hopes of scoring a sweet citadel (the result being plenty of decent Nagato players baiting shots just to turn into/away from them and shrug it off). Nagato also has the speed, range, and accuracy to stay out of the way until the late-game, which helps with damage mitigation (can't damage what you can't effectively hit).
  11. Richilieu Class: Jean Bart

    If Jean Bart were to appear in-game, she'd likely have to be T9 FXP Premium; with her AA pushing T10/T11 levels while her overall stats aren't much better than Richelieu at T8 (just more HP due to greater displacement and tiering, and greater TDS as a result of the larger bulge she got to maintain a certain draft). Give her Republique's long secondary range, and she'd be perfect. Natural weaknesses being only 8x 15" guns at T9, which is a sizable one due to overmatch immunity breakpoints for many T9 and T10 ships. But it could be made up for with slightly better accuracy than Richelieu too.
  12. Argentina Confirmed!

    Thanks for that response. Looking forward to some Pan Asian BBs now; even if they're just low-tier fodder.
  13. It's still in testing. Also, WG said they're holding her back until they feel the time is right to release her. As she is now, she just needs the 6th Module slot (T9/T10 module options) to balance her; pick the USN accuracy module for tighter dispersion or the secondary RoF module for faster-firing secondaries. That aside, I suspect maybe not until July 4th as another 'Murrica ship to score easy profit on, and via the usual online shop w/ Bundle options.
  14. Argentina Confirmed!

    Not surprising, since we already got confirmation something last month that the test ship Boise would be renamed and marketed as an Argentinian ship. The question though; will it be the first of a Pan American group as a Premium (a la Lo Yang and Anshan)? Or will it be part of its own Nationality like Poland (who does have enough ships for a potential partial DD line)?
  15. Just to quote the transcript mentioning the "new weapon" type that was tested and aborted. The other bits I mentioned were elaborated upon to some degree across Reddit. So Anti-Ship Missiles/Rockets are a no-go. That being said, WG themselves said elsewhere that rocket AA may be included as-necessary. Not as gimmicky as Hood's, but similar, for the few ships that did carry rocket AA (a few IJN and I believe a few more RN). As for plane-launched rockets, WG mentioned that rockets launched from aircraft against ships is also a possibility, if/when they decide it's suitable to have them without making them OP.