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  1. YamatoA150

    Tosa class as prem T8 IJN BB. Your Ideads?

    I wonder if 510mm would even be able to citpen Project 24 through the bow though; assuming Project 24 retains the 400mm plate protecting the forward area of her citadel. I have a feeling it won't though. Her sides though, are a different story. Again, assuming Project 24 keeps to her designed armor scheme. Both 6x 510mm and 8x 510mm designs existed for A150. And honestly, it could swing in any number of directions. But I do agree that either form won't actually be as effective as Yamato herself, simply due to how game mechanics favor more barrels over individual shell punch. Conversely however, that makes it perfectly valid to include as a T10 if WG so desired, though that opens up a different can of worms; ones that WG can avoid on the grounds of "we don't have the relevant gun data, so no go" for rival German 20" guns (to say nothing of the fact that due to over-engineering, a German H-44 would be too massive compared to the 8x 510 Super Yamato). Based on the late war plans for Shinano onwards, the only obvious elements that either would have over Yamato, in-game, are: 10cm DPs - Straight buff to long-range AA and secondary potential, even if nerfed to 1/5th HE pen. Reinforced Bulges/TDS - Increased resistance to torpedoes (and mines). Reinforced Citadel - Straight buff to citadel thickness, at the slight expense of some armoring from the turrets and non-vital areas of the ship. Faster Traverse - Due to both the twin 510mm turrets weighing slightly less than the triple 460s and the slight armor reduction, in addition to traverse motor upgrades. Everything else would be reliant on how WG theoretically balanced the Super Yamatos. For example: 6x 510mm: Restore historical maneuverability (640m and more responsive rudder shift), compensating for both the lack of Alpha and DPS by being able to actively evade or pull a fast retreat. 2.2 accuracy minimum, if not greater. Main guns limited to 55s traverse base. Main guns limited to 30s reload. Potentially increase secondary ranges to 10km or greater to compensate for the lack of main gun Alpha and DPS. 8x 510mm: Maneuverability similar or slightly worse than Conqueror, given rough length similarity, but better than Yamato for gameplay purposes. 2.0 accuracy minimum if not 2.1. Main guns limited to 55s traverse base. Main guns limited to 30s reload. Potentially increase secondary ranges to 10km or greater to compensate for the lack of main gun Alpha and DPS. And all this is before getting into consumable gimmicks (radar, hydro, Super/Hyper Repair Party, quick DCP, etc). Though I went with the assumption that these would just be straight, classic IJN BBs. At most, I'd just give them both Yamato's old Super Heal as they would definitely still have the raised citadel, even if it's been uparmored as based on the revisions planned for Shinano onwards.
  2. YamatoA150

    Tosa class as prem T8 IJN BB. Your Ideads?

    You bring up valid points, though I feel it depends on the degree of modernization WG goes with it. Mirroring Amagi's armor scheme over for both Tosa and Kii would make them quite tanky; just add HP for increased durability and optional strengthened belt armoring. I was going with the assumption that Tosa would get a more extensive refit a la Amagi, including considerable armor upgrades, and just more HP/armoring in some places at the expense of speed. That alone would put her into T8 territory, and mirror Amagi to some degree (rather than Kii). Give her some range too, so that she plays more like Nagato before and Izumo after, at range rather than attempting to close. That would leave a Kii-sister ship in Owari for T9; with 10 of Izumo's upgraded 410s instead of torpedoes for improved shell velocity and range, and a heavy Hiei-esque Yamato-style modernization that adds 10cm DPs instead of the older 12.7cm DPs. Keep a 30kt top speed, if not increasing it slightly (to 31kt) thanks to a heavy modernization. Assuming she's given turrets of similar traverse speed as Izumo's on top of everything else, she'll be extremely flexible as both a ranged second-line BB as well as a harasser like Amagi, though the increased shell velocities do run the risk of increased overpens up close. Limiting her to a 1.8 or 1.9 sigma would compensate some for having 1 extra gun and almost as much flexibility as Iowa/Missouri (still not as fast or as maneuverable, but slightly more firepower and trollish armoring). Then maybe round out the line with a heavily modernized #13 that retains a respectable 30kt speed, but brings in 8x 460mm into play, as unlike Conqueror or even Republique, #13 would have overmatch advantage, avoiding most of the balancing issues that Conqueror suffered from during her original 8x457 only test iteration. Keep a 2.1 sigma like Yamato for accuracy, and 10cm DPs to round out her secondaries and long-range AA (or the experimental 12.7s instead). And since she's of a different design from Yamato, she'd have a more conventional box citadel that makes angling more convenient for her rather than bow-on play like Yamato, and could either benefit from a turtleback akin to Amagi or a flat, waterline citadel not unlike Izumo. The difference mainly being in how easily her broadside would be punished at certain ranges (Amagi being more resistant at short range). So the old line would just swap Tosa in for Amagi, while Amagi becomes the T8 of a theoretical "fast" line, then going up to a modernized Kii-class Owari, then a modernized #13. That being said, I could also see less-modernized Tosa being a T7, Owari with a less-modernized form at T8, A modernized #13 at T9 (thanks to Musashi proving 460s at T9 don't affect the meta much, and also having one less barrel in exchange for some proper AA), and maybe a WG original at T10, being an Amagi on roids, with 10x 460s, but "only" 1.8 or 1.9 sigma (as opposed to 2.0 or 2.1). Or alternatively, a WG original based on #13, but with higher velocity 460s (using the 460mm/50 as a base, instead of Yamato's 460mm/45). This is mainly to avoid going up any further in caliber to say, the 480mm cannon, as well as avoid going into gimmicks for the second line beyond faster speed and maybe better DCP or RP than the main line.
  3. YamatoA150

    Tosa class as prem T8 IJN BB. Your Ideads?

    In all seriousness, I would rather have Tosa in a second IJN BB line, as the T8 "battleship" counterpart to Amagi, with very similar modernization (just more armor and HP in exchange for a lack of speed). Maybe even swap the two, should the second IJN BB line be a "fast" one.
  4. YamatoA150

    New Ship

    Interestingly, according to Reddit, it's just a Zao with a lazy copy/paste of additional 10cm DPs and edited just a bit. While I do feel that the IJN Atlanta will come to the game in time, I don't think it'll be as lazily done. After all, it would be better to allow for superfiring turrets up and down the centerline, similar to Tzoli's refined AA cruiser rendition.
  5. 2 years is pretty long, I agree. They just deemed that it wasn't a priority, but acknowledged there was an issue. And the fact of the matter is, they get side-tracked somewhat easily. They also took almost as long to actually finish the IJN DD split after originally promising it would be out only a few months later from the initial, rushed release. And in the time between the IJN release and the wrapping up of it, they managed to squeeze out the PA DD line and plenty of other new ships, yet could not even squeeze out two ships to finish things off. There's also the fact that WG has, for the most part, ignored the IJN playerbase until recently. Just look at how many buffs other lines get, or how many decent Premiums other nations get. They've recently made an number of major buffs to the USN, while the IJN just gets the bare minimum, despite both being pretty old nations by meta standards.
  6. YamatoA150

    Where are The Nelsons Torpedo Tubes?

    Let's be honest here; that italicized bit means almost nothing now. WG's newest current statement is "Is not subject to change unless we feel the meta can handle it." Case-in-point; Submarines. WG has been repeatedly asked about it, we've seen the hundreds of threads debating their inclusion and WG's stance to it at the time, and so forth. Prior to that, "No 457mm guns or larger below T10". Then Musashi came out. Prior to that, "No torpedoes on BBs ever". Then Tirpitz came out. And those are just the ones I remember causing a massive fuss. There's also the April Fools Bathtub event, in which fixed, underwater, forward-tube torpedoes were included on ships as a test. I'm more surprised others forget Hood's torpedoes; they were above-water mounted, (visible in a number of shots of the ship even), but she didn't get them while the random dreadnought Mutsu got hers. And even in internal testing at the time before she was shelved for a few months, Ashitaka had them too. At least trying to campaign for above-water torpedoes on Hood and Ashitaka (at least before she was given the shell buff) would have made more sense than trying to campaign for underwater torpedo launchers.
  7. WG admitted some time ago that they have received nothing but mostly negative feedback in regards to Izumo, and that if they could go back in time and change things, they would have used a different design for Izumo to make for a more conventional climb. Instead, they have committed to overhauling her piecemeal, which also included plans to entirely remodel her superstructure to be more period accurate; in-line with Yamato's superstructure (mainly tiered AA/DP for better firing arcs). At the time, they promised they couldn't do everything at once, but will seriously work to make Izumo less of a pain than she has been for many. The first major buff she got was the armor buff, that reduced her flammability to IFHE-equipped CLs and DDs. This would be the second major buff; an improvement to accuracy. Hopefully the third major buff will be a redo of her superstructure, either during or after the VMF BB's modeling phase is done. As for a bit of an aside; all the feedback in regards to Izumo is partly why other Nelson-esque ships have been shifted to Premium status, as the playstyle is too different and unique to reasonably balance within a line. First with Nelson (in which WG directly stated was due out of too many balancing issues that would affect it in a line), and now with the eventual T8 Lenin BB (which is another Nelson-type). Ultimately, it would be nice to see Izumo just split off as an FXP Premium (free to existing owners of the ship) and balanced appropriately, while a more conventional 16" AB-X "Yamato-lite" take up T9 and better balanced with the rest of the line. I doubt that will happen though.
  8. Holy hell; they actually buffed Nagato with the one change that she really needed. The Izumo change is another long-overdue one, though I feel that it should have been 1.9 sigma but buff the turret armor while keeping the traverse. Or actually redoing her superstructure/DP/AA setup to be tiered and allow for more secondary fire in better arcs other than broadside-only. Kii getting a few much-needed buffs is nice, though it still doesn't change the fact that she's still a ship with dissociative identity disorder. She's now a battleship trying to be a cruiser. I mean; "due to the bad broadside of Kii, she will be able to use her torps more efficiently and without getting into brawl range" basically means that players are expected to dump the torpedoes in advance (rip any nearby friendlies joining the hunt), then try to deal damage with her inaccurate guns at range. At least cut the vertical dispersion some so that already inaccurate shells don't fly over/under the target if they're hell-bent on not giving the IJN a decent harasser (not brawler). I still don't understand why they couldn't just buff her armor/TDS to match Amagi's, buff secondary range, and cut the main gun reload to 30s. She'd still have poor accuracy, but she'd be able to work her way in and unleash hell at closer ranges. Not a brawler by any means, but a solid harasser and aggressor who can dictate the engagement thanks to a solid combo of armor and armament. The torpedoes are still situational as hell given their firing angles, compared to Sharn/Gneis/Tirpitz's.
  9. YamatoA150

    Does anyone remember the old name for Zao?

    Senjou also used to have 20km torpedoes and DM's RoF (though not the traverse; but it was still faster than Zao's current traverse). Too bad she had to be balanced.
  10. YamatoA150

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Exeter

    Personally, all CAs should have a standard cruiser Repair Party. That would instantly prop up CAs below T9 a bit more without any changes to offensive capability. As for Exeter, I feel that she'd only need a longer CD between smoke if she's able to redeploy it under 20s. Force them to move a bit more and reposition while waiting for the timer to finish, as well as just giving opponents a chance to get a few volleys in against a careless Exeter. Other than that, if she also has normal maneuverability, she would mostly be balanced; a bit strong given concealment and smoke potential, but offset by extremely poor armor for a CA. The fact she doesn't seem to have British HE (1/4 Pen + Bigger AoE) and may or may not have British AP (Short Fuse + Improved Normalization) alleviated most of my concerns. In this respect, I feel she shouldn't be getting enhanced normalization on the AP either.
  11. YamatoA150

    Wargaming Store Clearance sale.

    For those obsessed with Torpillows, I just want to remind everyone that some were purchased from sites like Aliexpress, which trended awhile back on WoWs Reddit. There's also the Shimakaze's little gun fairies from KanColle too (alternate variant). That being said, a WoWs edition Torpillow with the logo sewn onto the side would be tempting.
  12. YamatoA150

    Wargaming Store Clearance sale.

    Just to be sure, these are in European sizes, which is different from US sizes right?
  13. I wouldn't be so quick to panic. The year has only begun, and they're still trying to finish out their CV overhaul. Their main goals as far as the CL/CA and IFHE changes were: They don't want IFHE to be borderline mandatory on everything less than 203. They want <203 caliber cruisers to not be as potent as 203+ cruisers against certain armor setups, requiring that <203 cruisers risk themselves a bit more. They also want to make CAs more viable compared to CLs, with one of the examples having been tweaks to armoring (allowing CAs to bounce more AP at certain angles while CLs are more likely to eat a pen at similar angles). I expect that we'll see more of this rebalancing done around Q2 2019, after the CV overhaul has had its course settled and the remaining balancing issues just "waiting on more data" before WG does much more. After all, WG rarely ever adjusts stats of new lines or major changes until after a few months of data (unless it becomes overwhelmingly negative within the first month or two; mostly on the RU server). It would also coincide with the impending release of the VMF BB line, making CLs a bit more vulnerable to BB caliber AP while CAs are a bit more resistant, and correspondingly, CLs less effective against CAs while CAs can better hunt CLs.
  14. Honestly, the same can be said of Concealment Expert, EM, BFT, AFT, and Priority Target, and then just replace those skills with ones that vary up the playstyle even more. For example: A new T3 skill that decreases the time needed to shift AA sectors, replacing BFT. A T4 skill that strictly increases secondary ranges further but at a slight expense to accuracy by tier (so one could now gain 16km+ secondaries, but at the cost of accuracy). Replaces AFT; taking it to a more extreme level given built-in AFT. This is assuming that WG did bake in a general secondary range buff as part of their planned changes to make secondaries in general more viable. A T4 skill that increases guaranteed detection of torpedoes, aircraft, and ships by an additional 2km, replacing CE and allowing partial stacking with Vigilance, Hydro, and the TAM module (like how Vigilance stacks with TAM and Hydro, but Hydro and TAM do not affect each other). In this case, ship, torpedo, and aircraft detection stacks with TAM and Vigilance, but not Hydro (or Radar for that matter). So an anti-CE skill of sorts, but situational in some respects. Especially useful for scouting DDs and some CLs, assuming scouting in general is rewarded a bit more. A T2 skill that increases secondary armament armoring at the slight expense of traverse and RoF and replaces EM. Hardens secondaries further via considerably increased HP, but secondary RoF and traverse speeds suffer some. This also affects DP secondaries' AA effectiveness some as well (long-range AA take an RoF hit, and a slight penalty to AA sector shifting). A T1 skill that notifies the player when a CV has got them in their sights for a bombing run, and replaces PT. For those that may want to balance between either showing that broadside to avoid planes or suffering a bombing run or two to tank incomings shots before taking evasive maneuvers against follow-up bombing runs. A T2 skill that reduces Fire/Flooding chances as damage increases, but at the expense of faster-firing armaments as health decreases. A reverse anti-Adrenaline Rush skill of sorts, that shifts personnel from offensive capability duties to defensive capability. It only reduces the rate of being set on fire or flooded the deeper into the red one goes, but doesn't stop the damage from coming from direct hits. Also doesn't prevent module/turret damage.
  15. Leone is pretty badly overtiered; she'd make a tolerable, if mediocre T5 or a decent T4, but at T6 she's just bait; not even worth the cost of a T6 Premium DD (as she is currently). The problem though is that WG is really stubborn about keeping to a tier they planned for a ship to be in. JB was the only lucky one to be moved up a tier rather than suffer all the ridiculous nerfs they had planned for her had she remained a T8. Both Ducas were left forcefully uptiered and gimmicked to try and compensate instead of being taken down a tier and adjusted reasonably. Kii was left unnecessarily nerfed just to compensate and as a result, is still worse than Amagi in everything but AA. As I see it, Leone will likely end up being given a ton of gimmicks to compensate if they refuse to downtier her by one at the least. I'd assume some fictional and ridiculous maneuverability, super smoke, maybe hydro, and out-of-the-blue super torpedoes. Both to further spite the IJN torpedo DDs and to also ignore her inconvenient gun performance.