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  1. Surprised and not surprised to see you're still active on this forum, lol.

    1. YamatoA150


      I've minimized my vocal time here since the game has only been going downhill with the heavy focus on high tier Premiums, a lack of updates to maps and Operations, and the increasingly insulting "Collaborations" (low effort money grabs). And the fact that in my personal case, there hasn't been any decent IJN Premiums worth spending time to get, although Kitakami might tempt me enough.

      I still do keep up with events though; vainly hoping for a change in WG's mindset to make the game fun again.

    2. goldeagle1123


      Yeah the game crossed the tipping point to be "beyond saving" for me years ago in terms of balance and where the went with the garbage rework to carriers, etc. The stupid high tier premium bonanza and inexcusably unbalanced myriad of Soviet ships plaguing the game is insult to injury. 

      They're long gone, but I yearn for the simpler times of when the Tirpitz being in the game was novel.

  2. YamatoA150

    New forum layout and restructure.

    Would it be too much to ask if you could please copy/paste and send my post to me in a PM?
  3. YamatoA150

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    I'm under the assumption it's more that the USN doesn't have any other 18" gun carrier designs while almost all other nations do, and they're also experimenting with high-caliber broadside alphas (massive punch, but low reload). For the longest time, Amagi was actually one of the better alpha broadsiders thanks to 10 guns vs 8 or 9 in its tier but pretty well balanced for the most part, but now we get the SoDak20 with 12 of them in the tier, but is also paying a heftier penalty in exchange for being able to further massacre T6s and abuse unlucky T7s. Whatever the outcome of balancing is, it's quite likely that none of them will see a major reload buff (maybe 38s at T8 and 35s at T9-10), but at least get some defensive buffs; maybe just the same artificially enhanced maneuverability as the rest of the USN Standard BBs and faster reloading DCP.
  4. YamatoA150

    New forum layout and restructure.

    Is there no way we can look back at our old posts at least? I have written up an in-depth comparison of PC WoWs lackluster AL Collaborations vs Mobile WoWs that was posted in this thread (linked to my post), but now I have no way of viewing it.
  5. YamatoA150

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    There isn't much to debate yet; USN gets more guns, "great AA" (not something even worth considering into balance now), and considerable punch per shell, with some hefty penalties for that number of guns. Armor is up in the air. If anything, the push towards giving the USN 12x 406mm guns at T8 and T9 and 12x 457mm guns at T10 means the IJN can get in on the concept too, but better balanced by having slightly fewer guns but more speed and faster reload as per their designs: The 25-26 knot Kongou Replacement designs that could squeeze into T7 and T8, depending on the weight class (IIRC; 30k and 35k tons before modernizations, differences just being in armor). 9x or 10x Kongou Replacement design at T7; either with 32s reload (9x to flex on Sinop) or 35s reload (10x KGV-like design). 10x KGV-like Kongou Replacement design at T8; either keeping the same 30s reload like Amagi since it's the same number of guns. Further increases the likelihood of seeing more 10x 410mm IJN BBs at T8 and T9; such as in a modernized Tosa at T8 and a modernized Kii at T9. Opens the way to Number 13 Design L with 10x 460mm at T10; effectively a Super Amagi since it's the same 5x2 setup like Amagi, Tosa, and Kii before it. Reload would just be slightly penalized to 32-35s on account of only having 10 guns and having better speed than Vermont. Further opens the way to 460mm guns a tier lower; as in either another Yamato-class at T9, or a Number 13 Design variant with 4x Twin 460mm at T9, as basically "Super Nagato". This would be sort of a mirror to the classic More Guns vs Powerful Guns originally exemplified by Montana vs Yamato, except now it's 12x USN 16" at T9 vs 8x or 9x IJN 460mm at T9. Increases the chances of Design A-140 J3, a 4x Triple 410mm IJN design, to exist either at T9 or T10 (or both; just because) depending on balancing. Increases the chances of seeing the 4x Twin 510mm "Extended Yamato Refit" concept with 12x Twin covered 100mm DPs (6 per side), which is basically Shikishima on the Ohio plan. Becoming the new More Guns vs Bigger Guns rivalry between the USN and IJN; except it's Vermont vs "Extended Yamato Refit". Outside of the IJN, this loosens things also for the Germans (maybe 8x 480mm on a GK variant), French (9x 431mm on a conventional AB-X design or hog wild with 3x4 431mm on a "Mega Alsace"), and Italians (that 4x4 406mm monster design isn't looking so out of place now...). Caliber creep or more guns creep is going to be a thing for sure, to help push more ships/lines.
  6. YamatoA150

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Reload might see a slight buff to something like 38s or such, and speed could go up to 25kt, but I wouldn't expect much. For one, they're currently set for a 9.7 release, meaning they have near final stats already. The way the ships are set up, it's all but expected that players would either have to take the turret traverse module (bringing the traverse to something like 33-35s) or the reload module (also bringing the reload to something like 33-35s). Which sort of makes sense since the T9 and T10 would be way too OP with decent 35-40s traverse, standard 30-32s reloading, 12x 16" and 12x 18" guns at T9 and T10 while everyone else only has 10x or 9x 16" at T9 (Musashi currently the sole outlier with 9x 18.1") and only 8x or 9x 18" or 18.1" guns at T10. On the other hand, this very much pigeonholes the ships to two builds.
  7. YamatoA150

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Nothing wrong with using it as basis; in fact, a modernized take was posted a while back on the EU forums and on Reddit. However, the idea of a 4x2 456mm/56 warship is more likely to end up in the Premium arena alongside the likes of Thunderer and Ohio, where it could be more easily balanced independent of the main line. At least with the 406mm/56 monster Italian gun, WG could either do a 2x2+2x3 design similar to Cesare, or a conventional 4x3 "Montana-noid", and it's partially hard-balanced by armor pen mechanics (though if implemented properly, would be a pretty vicious gun; likely moreso than Slava's or Champagne's 16" guns, hence the likelihood of having a 35-40s reload but more comfortable handling and traverse similar to Roma).
  8. YamatoA150

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    In retrospect, the inclusion of the 12x 457 Tillman alongside the Shikishima does open many doors now that they've made it clear they're no longer limiting their design inclusions. One is a high-powered Italian 406mm/56 12-gun monstrosity of a BB at T10, as it'd also likely have to have similar low reload to make up for such a massive punch (rivals that of 457s, only hard countered by armor mechanics). Another opens plenty of doors for the IJN, with the IJN's Number 13 Design L variant that has 10x 460mm guns in Twin turrets at T10 (though possibly better balanced only because it's 10 guns in a Super Amagi format). This also permits addition of the IJN 8x 510mm and 12x 460mm Extended Yamato designs too, since they could see their traverse downgraded to 55-60s and given slightly worse accuracy, but also make up for it with IJN accuracy curves (same way Fuso is still considered "accurate" through sheer shell count despite having one of the worst accuracy of all IJN BBs). Same could also apply to a fictional variation of Republique; having 9x (3x3), 10x (KGV-esque 1x2 and 2x4), and even 12x (3x4 mega Alsace) with 431mm. And even GK with Twin 480mm (stepping somewhat on the IJN's overmatch territory, but as a Premium or side-grade).
  9. YamatoA150

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    It seems that the T8 and T9 are basically Modernized 1920 SoDak variants and the T10 effectively a Modernized Tillman, so you're probably right in that they very much evoke the USN Standards because their origins stem from that lineage.
  10. YamatoA150

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    The new ships are effectively California's playstyle, just in higher tiers. So sluggish handling, slow top speed, but extra guns (relative to their peers; 12x 16" at T9 and 12x 18" at T10). Sounds like a line of campy BBs that will be eaten alive in the high tiers.
  11. YamatoA150

    ST, new ships.

    This new Amagi-based Premium, the Asama, is likely one of 3 things (or a combo of 2 of them): A testbed for a planned IJN BB Line split (moreso if Amagi is swapped with Tosa and made the T8 of the Fast Line Split). A new Premium Amagi; a low-effort clone that takes a popular IJN BB and either makes it better or worse (knowing WG's bias against IJN Premiums though...). A testbed for a planned change to Amagi herself. Of them, 1 and 2 are more likely. 1 is possible, but it'd be odd for WG to be working on an IJN BB line split when they haven't even teased an Italian BB line, and also considering that they said they weren't prioritizing a refresh of the IJN BB line any time soon; which would also include their plans to rework or replace Izumo as they mentioned about a year or two back (one of the Dev Q&As; mentions that if they were to revisit the IJN BB line for an update and split, they'd rework Izumo). Granted, this doesn't mean that it's not possible either; rather, it could be an extremely early testbed for how they want to vary up the IJN BB line split (instead of keeping to the theme of all of them as the main snipers in-game). 2 seems the likeliest; considering the mixed reception from Kii and every other IJN Premium to date (excluding Atago, the Kamikaze/Fujin trio, Kaga, and sometimes Musashi). As well, Amagi is pretty balanced according to server stats (50~51% as of 3/6/20), and is a pretty well-liked ship for being both flexible and punchy. WG could easily make her more fun with a trollish secondary and/or VMF-style accuracy buff and set up as a mid-range harasser, just upgrading her DPs to 100mm like Kii but no torpedoes (instead still being relatively trollishly tanky). A wilder, unexpected idea (and not likely; but considering the random turret/weapon swap on Champagne) is an ahistorical weapons setup, such as triple 14" guns in place of the twin 16" guns. Since the armor overhaul is going live pretty much as-is, 14" guns will have an even tougher time at T8 than they used to, but a volley of 15 guns will still be lolworthy and have "Asama" act more like a large cruiser. 3 doesn't make sense considering it would go against the line's flavor and Amagi herself is pretty balanced across all servers (again, 50~51%).
  12. The idea of French, triple, 406mm guns is historical. Alsace N2 was designed with 3x Triple 406mm turrets, following the US and their continued mission to 1-UP the Italians. However, nothing came of it as the war came to an end and the age of battleships waned. WG just kitbashed the Alsace N2's turrets with Gascogne. That design is entirely fictional. That aside, there's been some debate on whether France would have pursued 16" guns or not. Some say yes they would have, since they were in competition with Italy and would have upgraded to 16"+ to counter Italy's own plans for 16" guns. Others say no they wouldn't have, and would have instead tried to beat out Italy via the number of guns; reusing existing designs (quad turrets and their 380mm guns). Then there was France's position on it; they were actually considering the 3x triple 380mm gun N1 Design since it's more cost-effective than either the N2 or N3 design; but they didn't have much experience with triple turrets, already had the infrastructure for quads, and it was cheaper just expanding the shipyards to accommodate the Alsace N3 design than it was to try and develop new techniques and construction capabilities for a triple 380mm turret. Same goes for the 406mm gun; they'd have to develop the gun and build a new triple turret design around it, although it could theoretically reuse some of the same elements as the quad turrets (barbette size, making it a bit of a drop-in option for Richelieu and JB if they wanted). They'd still have to expand the yards to accommodate the N2 design as well.
  13. Champagne feels rather lazier than usual, and a last-resort attempt to make the Gascogne-loadout interesting. The least they could have done if they wanted some cash was the Alsace N1 design at T8, which is 3x3 380mm. Basically French Monarch, but better; speedier at 31kt and with Speed Boost as per French BB flavor. Maybe also having Alsace's trademark black hole armor due to the space armoring design. Or the Alsace N2 design at T9, which is 3x3 406mm. Basically a French Iowa, but with Speed Boost as per French BB flavor; still formidable considering base top speed for the N2 design was 31kt. Would also have the spaced armoring resulting in the black hole armor scheme. FdR is clearly their new planned testbed for AP Rockets. Probably capable of multiple citadels vs many cruisers, hence the "high alpha, low turnaround" concept. Instead of picking on DDs and BBs with HE Rockets, they're picking on cruisers. Probably also a great torpedo spread, if only to further beat on larger cruisers (CAs and "Large Cruisers" like Alaska) and battleships.
  14. WG had the flimsy excuse that the reason the IJN don't get special generic commanders was because they got the lion's share of Collaboration commanders. Except when WG was confronted about it by asking them to give all Collaboration commanders as well as Event commanders (Halloween/Space/Waterworld/Misc like Dusty Rhodes) similar buffs as Special commanders (mostly EM + a 3pt or 4pt skill depending on commander), they said no. Meanwhile, here's WG putting out increasingly specialized and sometimes OP Commanders for every nation EXCEPT the IJN. And to make it more ironic, Isoroku's bonuses are notably not as great as Halsey or the recent Unique KM and VMF commanders. It's just WG being Salty about Tsushima as usual.
  15. Roma just needs SAP in place of her HE. That will instantly make her a menace considering how potent Cruiser SAP already is. As for Gascogne, she's mainly in need of an actual role to play. While she does have similar DCP/RP cooldown like what Massachusetts also got, she doesn't have much else going for her. I'd go with just giving her secondaries the same accuracy as Massachusetts and Georgia, and an additional 2km of base secondary range. That would fit in with her need to bare some sides to bring in her aft guns, and allow her to bring a large portion of her secondaries onto a target, and still balanced by having slightly worse main gun DPM than Bismarck or Tirpitz and also having large swaths of 32mm armoring making her quite vulnerable to CA level HE. The alternative is just giving her MBRB in a separate slot to make up for the fact that she still has a lower reload rate than Bismarck/Tirpitz, instead allowing her to have greater burst DPS with being able to eke out 2 or so volleys per MBRB.