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  1. That would be fine if they didn't also get Warspite-level Heals from T3-T7, and RNCL level Hyper Heals at T8+, and superior concealment, and superior HE, and good accuracy, and better rudder shift, and short-fuse AP, and buffed traverse (especially on the 457mm guns; they should be slower at 60s). Only at the slight expense of AA, secondaries, and slowest traverse per tier aside from T10, where Yamato retains the slowest (72s from T3-T6, and 45s from T7-T10).
  2. RN BBs should have high citadels in exchange for all the other ridiculous advantages they get.
  3. I was derping for the 3rd Mission of the 2nd RN BB Weekly Mission chain; just needed to kill a DD, and was using my rusty DD playing skills to try and nab one kill. I put up such a shamfur dispray that battle though. Apologies if I was greeted in-game; I had the chat disabled.
  4. Eh, this really only affects my Kutuzov and Henri, but I'm not surprised it's taken this long. It does help out poor Izumo some; though Izumo herself just needs a straight buff to her 32mm armor sections not on the bow/stern.
  5. Except defensively, WV is straight up superior; with better deck armor making her more immune to certain AP bomb calibers (if not straight-up immune), and additional TDS provided by larger bulges. Throw in the better DP guns that WG insists is T8 levels as well, and WV is pretty much only Premium material. Maryland can get away being with a hull upgrade as the Colorado in-game is already halfway to Maryland; just needs most of the AA and the HP she's lacking as I believe most of her final current Hull is actually Maryland's anyway. The Super Heal still would need to go on a Maryland upgrade though; considering the HP restoration was % based on Colorado's current HP. More HP means a greater heal with the Super Heal, and thus has to go.
  6. Except that WG has also been known to make nerfs to lines if necessary. As well, even Warspite's old traverse wasn't much of a setback considering how well she had been doing prior to her buff. With all the advantages the RN BB lines get even despite their supposed "weaknesses", removing their traverse buff or their rudder shift buff goes a long way. The former still lets them keep the upgraded AP/HE performance, but they cannot easily bring them into play even with the buffed rudder shift. The latter makes them sitting ducks after opening fire, even if they could track better or use concealment to get the first strike in. Neither touch upon all the other gimmicks and buffs the line gets, but blunts their advantages some. I expect WG will eventually nerf one or the other some time into release.
  7. "We reversed the roles of HE and AP da? So now HE only good vs battleships, while AP only good vs cruisers and destroyers!" Honestly, I don't see the logic with the RN BB line's current iteration; moreso when you include the concealment advantage, Hyper Heal, superior rudder shift, and ridiculous firestarting chances. They really should remove the traverse buffs on the T7+ and force them to outturn their guns in exchange for both the short-fuse AP and HE 1/4 pen advantage in addition to all the other buffs they got. They would still be painful to deal with, but at least they have to remain still long enough to line up their shots, risking eating torpedoes or losing that one valuable moment to open fire to an enemy broadside and set 4 fires at once.
  8. West Virginia is much better suited to being an FXP Premium (now that it's possible for ships lower than T9); hard to get over a conventional "Buy the Premium from the Shop", but can be flat superior to the Line version as an FXP ship as opposing to be a stronger-than-line shop Premium. Which conveniently gets around the P2W aspect. Colorado herself can get the late-war Maryland upgrade, but just lose the super heal in the process in exchange for all that AA and increased weight adding more HP.
  9. I see they restored the short-fuse again. On one hand, it reduces the effectiveness vs BBs; but on the other, it becomes super-effective on cruisers and most DDs (and any unlucky carrier within range). Personally, I feel either the short-fuse needs to go, or the traverse buff needs to go (back to an entire line of 72s traverse now that Nelson is out; making Nelson's 45s traverse a real selling point). Or buff both the Fire Prevention Skill to -12% chance of Fires and the Damage Control Module to -8% chance of Fires.
  10. Old news; but just to recap: A clearly nerfed version of a T9 level ship, as far as current stats go. - 1.7 sigma - 35s reload - 25% TDS - Selectively nerfed sections of armor - Worse secondary performance (10cm DP mounts) All for 2 torpedo launchers and slightly-better AA (from the DP mounts). I'm hoping they at least unnerf the sigma and standardize the reload to 30s. The slightly degraded secondary performance and the weak TDS can be left as counterbalance, and restored on a proper T9 sister ship.
  11. I don't think Roma will get such as a small turning radius, considering more maneuverable or faster BBs at T8 suffer from some artificially inflated values for "balance". If anything, I'd expect her to be around 800m or more; subject to how they balance her gunnery/armoring. Probably around Tirpitz/Bismarck's 850m, if not Amagi's 870m. Aside from that, it'll be interesting to see how WG handles the guns.
  12. WG bent a bit stating they were looking into it for application onto Mikasa, then Graf Zeppelin and select "large caliber" CVs. I feel that allowing manual secondary control, even if it requires a 4 pt skill, wouldn't overwhelm anything. Then move down the automated "Manual Secondaries" (or rename it to Manually Designated Secondaries) to Rank 3 as an optional choice since it cuts down the number of tracked targets to one rather than one tracked target with increased accuracy while the other side goes drunk-firing on the nearest opportune target if available. It'd also work fine; while having the secondaries under direct control, the main guns go into auto-firing mode but with reduced accuracy, so it's up to the players to continually be aware of the reload times so that they can shift back and forth and not have the AI-controlled guns waste a shot. Then after switching back to the main guns, the secondary guns go back to their reduced accuracy (with or without "Manually Designated Secondaries").
  13. Don't expect them any earlier than Gamescom, if not later. They've done it before with the most hotly demanded lines (KM cruisers and KM BBs), and they will do it again. If you absolutely must play them ASAP, go buy a ticket to Gamescom (and whatever other travel expenses) and visit the WG booth; they'll set you up with a guest account and the ability to play the RN BBs for a limited time. You also may get WG-branded swag for stopping by. Personally though; that money is better saved for things that will help you play the line faster or more enjoyably once they arrive around August 31st or so; whether it's FXP to always buy the B or C hulls, or Credits to buy the ships, or Signals to help speed up XP/CXP gains, etc.
  14. GameModels3D, but you need a paid account to see past... T7 or so. I forget. On the bright side, having a paid account also allows looking at whatever is currently available or mined from the ST Server. The other places are either SEA Group or The Daily Bounce; though the stats they datamine may be slightly different from what's on GM3D since they apparently pull from a different source; but most of the time they remain consistent with what later goes onto GM3D after some updates to the ST server.
  15. I'd say the Mk IIs would basically turn Vanguard into a similar yet different rival to the Bismarck/Tirpitz at most, while being inferior to Monarch and in brawling. - Better AP (and HE, since RN BBs also get HE/4 pen like KM BBs, but with higher firestarting chances) - Better AA - Better rudder shift (but probably same or worse turning circle; as Vanguard had an especially massive one historically) - Better accuracy - Similar flat velocity - Different armoring - Worse secondary range - Worse traverse - Worse RoF - 1km slower - Might get access to Hyper Repair Party instead of Warspite Repair Party Supercharged Mk Is won't be too bad either; just not as fun due to lower pen and lower velocity, and would be more reliant on melting the world that denied it a proper combat record and furthermore, denied it a chance to have better guns.