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  1. Capt Rob:


    I too am a former CT many years ago.  Only on a ship for 2 weeks and that was enough for me.  Spent most of my time in Turkey near the Black sea.  According to your Bio it says that you were born on the 4th of July, 1916..That would make you a 101 years old...WOW...Maybe you really do look like your picture....LOL..


    1. CAPT_Rob


      Lol!  They say you're only as old as you feel.  Some days like today I feel like Methuselah.  Actually I'm only 63, but a very high mileage 63.

      I retired from the Navy in 1993 and was an "A" Brancher.  I must have lived wrong, I ended up with two sea tours.  The first was a Spru-can, the Caron (DD 970) '84 - '87 and the second was the Nassau (LHA 4,) reported aboard in the Persian Gulf just before the Desert Storm ground war started.

      Yep, I'd do it again.

    2. RU4Reel5050


      Hey Rob:

      I was a "R" brancher did HFDF and analyst stationed 3 years in Karamursel Turkey on an Air Force base.  It was good duty there had no extra watches or other duties.  Just went to work at the comm center.  Ya I did 2 weeks on the USS Compton DD for training, hated it.  Hell 63 isn't old i'm 67 and still feel like 30 years old.  (sometimes).   Are you retired from working?  I'm semi retired I go to Florida for the winter, right now up north for xmas.  Nice to meet a former CT on here. 


      Merry Christmas!:cap_happy:

    3. CAPT_Rob


      Nope, not retired.  Financially I'm not able to yet, made some poor decisions including helping family members out.  "No good deed goes unpunished"  Maybe I can sometime before Jean Luc Picard enters Starfleet Academy.  :Smile_teethhappy: