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  1. Yes Mr. Rob, Okinawans are very adaptable a quite nice people.  I grew up in a group home in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture. If you are familiar with it. A lot of US military persons there. My grandmother on mothers side was Naval Lt. Commander. in USN in the 1970s. Never spoke English tell moving to Edmonton at 13 years old when stayed with Mothers sister. But did not fit in there I was too Japanese for them, Returned me to Japan group home tell 17. and too many personal difficulties. 

    trying hard when in Tucson at school to learn English But travel too much for a immersive learning.  I still spend 3 mo a year in Japan and a couple in Russia each year due to work. Not sure If I will be able to archive the P.d.D. due to other obligations. Such is life. 目指すべき所に、近道は存在しない。as they say. (sorry"There are no soft way to places worth going" ) 

    You are kind gentleman. thank you for the time.