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  1. My ship is a Scharnhorst with 13 skill point captain. Will work as a mercenary for any team.
  2. The new German line up

    Yeah, but I have one complaint. Bismarck is in the lineup, but Tirpitz is the same as Bismarck so... what?
  3. Ranked Battles

    BB's and DD's are very popular among ranked battles and CL's and Aircraft Carriers can be used too for support and close combat.
  4. Doing damage

    Here's a shooting guide for what ships to shoot with what shell: Destroyers: HE is the best choice because AP shells would just go right through the unarmored hull, and HE will do more damage by setting targets on fire and dealing blunt damage to poorly armored/unarmored ships. Cruisers: HE/AP. Both shells make good candidates for shooting these ships, but it widely depends on your ship type and caliber of main guns. For example, 16 inch guns from Colorado or North Carolina could deal a lot of damage in well-armored cruisers, but for medium-armored cruisers, use HE to deal damage or finish off a target. Battleships: AP is the best choice because of the well-armored decks and hull armor, but tactical shell use, such as plunging fire, can do good with penetration through the deck and the hull. Beware though, that shells may ricochet off the armor belt, so aim for less armored parts of the ship and do your damage quicky and eventually go for crucial parts of the ship. Aircraft Carriers: HE/AP. It widely depends on the tier of the carrier and the type of damage you want to inflect. HE shells are best used for poorly armored carriers (Tiers 4-6) and is also good for higher tiers in terms of fire damage to top aircraft from taking off and landing . AP shells are best for high tier aircraft carriers (tiers 7-10) and can penetrate and explode the hangar and also damage major components of the ship. There you go. Which shells to use for each class of warship and how to fire them effectively.
  5. IJN Izumo?

    Amagi's gameplay style, from what I heard is based on strong, effective ranged (10.0 km) broadsides and good speeds for quick attacks. So it is similar to the Tirpitz's gameplay style, except that Amagi isn't meant to be so close (6.0 - 5.0 km).
  6. Does Colorado actually suck?

    Yeah, dispersion is terrible and it has a different gameplay style than other U.S. battleships. I played it before the Open Beta wipe and it is a terrible choice of ship based on artillery and dispersion. If you are one of those close range (10.0 km) then this might be your ship. Effective ranges of all battleships is usually 10.0 km.
  7. The basic rule of secondary armament is that guns with the calibers of 155mm+ use AP shells and guns < 155mm use HE shells. For more info on gameplay mechanics, watch Naval Academy episodes to gather more knowledge of the game.
  8. Game crashing and now extreme amount of lag.

    What kind of windows are you using? For good performance, it has to be windows 7-10. If that isn't the problem, try replacing the graphics card to a better one and tune your settings in-game accordingly. If this doesn't work, get a new computer.
  9. Does anyone keep getting a team who has no tactical mindset and no strategies in place? As of now, a lot of my battles had been lost because of a bad team with no tactics, they just focus on unimportant targets, go LEEROY JENKINS!!!!, assume that main armament and torpedoes are heat seeking, and ignore the ships that have 500 hit points left. People really need to watch naval academy and learn how to play the game like a non-amatuer. And yes, people at tier 5 and above do this too. No offense to anyone, but just saying that people need to watch Naval Academy.
  10. I would vote against aim assist mods too. I look at them as for people who don't know how to aim properly or just want to farm points on a large scale.