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  1. GRAM4GB

    About CV event currency

    I need credits to upgrade the midway. And theres only a chance to buy credits with one currency not both thats why Im asking.
  2. Hi I have a question, what happens if I dont use the CV event currency? do I get credits for only one of the currencies and waste the other or I get credits for both? If anyone know the rate of conversion I would be grateful to know as well. Thanks!
  3. Honestly any class will make me super excited to finally get my hands on the Italian tree :D
  4. I feel that there is not enough praise for many positive aspects of the game recently, like all the events since bismarck campaign, eagles vs sharks etc. many special events that rewarded the player while other games are a grind fest with 0 events and 0 rewards. Also the maps improvements and BB AP pen on dds was a much welcomed change, along with the spotting time reduced. While there are cons as everything in life like the conqueror, etc I feel there were more positives than negatives changes this year, and that the positives were not outspoken as the cons. So thank you devs for putting your talent and passion for this game, your work combined with your recent appreciation to player feedback is a killer combination for the game success And this is coming from a kinda salty guy! :P Keep it up o7 ps: cant wait for Italian tech tree ;)
  5. Anyone has this problem? i5 760 oc to 3.8 GHz GTX 970 launched gpu-z at the start of the match, ended with 34% average load, without vsync it goes to 38% from the image cpu use must be above 80%. running max settings vsync with triple buffer. frames are unstable, with many drops to 40 or less fps, 353.3 drivers dunno this weekly "gameready" drivers will help but ill check it out, if no update, problem persist.