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  1. Thank you for remembering our Independence day WG kind of you I would like to remember as well whoever read this about the ARA San Juan that sunk on 2018 with 44 sailors that swore to defend our country, and their own country leadership got them killed.
  2. GRAM4GB

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    For the past 2 years every time a survey popped up I wrote more or less the same thing since I really like this game and filled every survey I came across, it seemed like it was in vain since nothing was mentioned by the community, but finally it has come to everyones attention how broken the mm has been for quite a while now: The game at its core is really good, the pace, the visuals the sound etc. The worst thing in my experience playing this game is how awful the matchmaker is. I play the 1st battle or 2 all good (not great but its ok, no such thing as an mmo with great mm), and after that its one sided matches one after the other. Mostly defeats. Im not a unicum player but I consider myself a good veteran player and joined unicum clans and wanted to play with them; but everytime I come back to this game I just keep getting steam rolled every single time, be it a victory or defeat, even under a pandemic with 2 weeks of free premium I just couldnt enter another battle THATS how bad the mm has been in my experience (and end up getting kicked of those clans cos of inactivity). I would play 4 battles 5 tops if I feel masochistic, 3/4 of those ends under 10 minutes with no more than 2 deaths on the winning side. Its that bad. I want to thank everyone that is using their time to express how important this problem is and also thank wargaming in advance for trying to improve the matchmaker. Pls WG, I can guarantee if steam rolls werent the norm, your playerbase would increase exponentially.
  3. GRAM4GB

    About CV event currency

    I need credits to upgrade the midway. And theres only a chance to buy credits with one currency not both thats why Im asking.
  4. Hi I have a question, what happens if I dont use the CV event currency? do I get credits for only one of the currencies and waste the other or I get credits for both? If anyone know the rate of conversion I would be grateful to know as well. Thanks!
  5. Anyone has this problem? i5 760 oc to 3.8 GHz GTX 970 launched gpu-z at the start of the match, ended with 34% average load, without vsync it goes to 38% from the image cpu use must be above 80%. running max settings vsync with triple buffer. frames are unstable, with many drops to 40 or less fps, 353.3 drivers dunno this weekly "gameready" drivers will help but ill check it out, if no update, problem persist.