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  1. Dr_Mauser

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    So far I've played three battles, and had a spontaneous reboot on the first (Didn't even bluescreen), and in the third I had the "Critical Error. Restart/Terminate" alert. (And got back in just in time to die both times.)
  2. Dr_Mauser

    The one really broken part of the economy

    Wow, this totally went afield of what I was talking about. Although I do get the point about flooding the amount of Free XP if elite ship XP were automatically converted. But there ought to be something you could do with it.
  3. Dr_Mauser

    The one really broken part of the economy

    That's what I did, but these were ordinary CVs. No gold involved. My 19 point Zuiho captain now drives an Akatsuki. Thank god I was able to change his skills freely.
  4. Converting elite ship experience to Free XP. Since I sold off my carriers (A real heartbreak for a Carrier Main, but it just stopped being fun.) I now have all that XP shunted off to my Hashidate, where I can't do a thing with it. How much? Nearly 1.9 million in ship XP. Now it IS possible to free up that XP, but it costs you, a LOT. 1 gold per 25 xp. And 25 XP isn't a lot. I ran the numbers. 1,894,216 xp / 25 = 75,768.64 gold. The max purchase the store lets you make is 25,000 gold for $100.12 so $300.36 + $4.38 (Price of 769 gold) = $304.74 That just to get back the experience I earned in CV battles. All told, I have 2,766,606 xp tied up in Elite Ships that I can't do anything with, unless I buy a LOT of gold. I can't imagine too many people use this feature at all. Of course, it's just whining if you don't propose solutions. Any of these might be worth considering. 1: Change the Exchange Rate. A lot. Make it economically worthwhile to bail out elite ship XP. 2: Elite Experience automatically goes to Free XP, but at some kind of exchange rate (25:1?) Flooding the economy with Free XP at 1:1 would be absurd. It would be a bonus over the 10:1 earned normally in matches, but not a huge one. 3: Elite XP can be used to exchange ship modules the way Elite Commander XP can be used to rearrange skills.
  5. Dr_Mauser

    CV's suck so bad now

    I WAS a CV Main. I took my Zuiho captain up to 19 points. I used to get Krakens in it. My positive Karma was basically matched by the "reports" from salty captains who didn't like getting hit (Well, at least that hasn't changed). I was in on the rework since the initial Beta. I tried submitting bugs and made constructive criticism, but I finally sold off my Japanese CVs today when I realized I just wasn't having any fun. YES, I know how to steer the planes, but when you get a line of flak bursts that span the entire screen, dodging isn't an option. When you continually get matched down two tiers, you know that every squad will only get one attack at best. The AA tends to wipe out the rest of the squad immediately after the attack during the regroup. And while ships can hide behind terrain, AA can shoot you through mountains. Nobody else has to worry about their shells being shot out of the air, but CVs effectively do. You can fire and get back to evading or getting into cover, catch your breath, but a CV has to launch all the time because it takes time to cross the map. The pace of gameplay is exhausting compared to other types. And it's frustrating as hell. It cost me 85 planes once to do 32K damage. Nice that I could sell my ships, but now I have a Hashidate with 1.9 Million XP on it. WTH good does THAT do me? Do you have any idea how much that would cost in real $ to turn into usable free XP at 25 per gold? Probably the single most broken thing in the game economy right there. I may play more DDs now. Hmmm, maybe I AM a glutton for punishment....
  6. Dr_Mauser

    [edited] of the RN DD mission

    I'm just looking at the tech tree and not seeing any British DDs, so how on earth can I participate?