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  1. Sisyphus_ii

    Exclusive Offer for Visa Card Users

    screw again by WG went will I ever learn, made my using visa, then order the special twice and each time "something when wrong" trashed
  2. Sisyphus_ii

    How It Works: Economics – Expenses

    The premium ship's XP should automatically go into FXP. It's makes a premium ship more worth the $.
  3. Sisyphus_ii

    PTS 0.10.6

    thank you for the info
  4. Sisyphus_ii

    PTS 0.10.6

    What is the size of the public test software, I have very limited space on my SSD drive ?
  5. Sisyphus_ii

    PTS 0.10.5

    Thank you development team Damage Caused to Allies In Update 0.10.5, we are disabling the ability to cause damage to allies. This change will have a positive impact on gameplay—your teammates won't be able to damage or destroy your ship now.
  6. I like the new Japanese Lacquer permanent but its benefits are just MEH, compared to other camos with 3 values 100, 75 & 100 or 2 of 100% XP and FXP.
  7. Sisyphus_ii

    Premium Ship Review - Marco Polo

    "painfully slow reload" even with Main Battery Mod 3 so many missed shots. No torpedo protection.
  8. If you play world of warships for Fun, then Marco Polo is NOT for you, it is not fun to play. It is a hard ship to work with, Let me explain. 1. Armor - For a Tier 9, it has a low HP pool . - Citadel is above the water line - the turtle back armor is a very thin 25 mm does not count. 2. Survivability -Torpedo protection is a terrible 27% - you must use a Capt .skill 3pt to get it to 37% - HE fire even with using Fire Prevention Expert (4 pts.) It is not usual for 1- 2 fires fires starting every third hit from a opposing ship 3. Artillery + good but has high dispersion and very low rate of fire 36 sec. - You must use Main Battery Mod 3 to get it close to standard 32 seconds . + SAP is really good against Cruisers when lands also see reload problem. - Secondary are mostly 90s which do not work again any ship, * The 4x3 152 are good but not worth capt. skill after having to spend 7 already. 4. *AA defense is just OK, but as usual will not stop getting sunk by CV it caught alone. 5 Maneuverability + Good speed 33.6 kt - but the rudder response is very slow, you must use steering Gears Mod 1. 6. Concealment * Well it is a battle ship. Conclusion In my opinion this is what can be called "pig in A poke" is not worth $ or coal. Do not do what I have done, bought the @#$% thing. I suspect that is why it gets 200% xp (enter a battle) or would not be played after 2 times.
  9. Sisyphus_ii

    wth?!?! 1v1 brawl????

    another WG,s joke, CV vs Cruiser, does WG think about this game any more or just money.
  10. Even better idea fix the problem instead robbing people of nickles and dimes .
  11. add or change " auto supply resupply in-game currency" to the a default "unchecked" meaning NO resupply and make it the same for all ships. The currently setup, player has to 1. pick a "Economic" signal if none are already selected, 2. "auto-resupply" has to be enabled, 3. The check switch for "auto supply resupply in-game currency " will appear, 4. you can turn uncheck it, meaning no auto-resupply. 5. Finally , deselect "Economic" signal from 1. You get charged twice, once to discover it is ON and second time to discover it is ON for all ships. It should be NO resupply as default, that's why it is a cheat. Bad Bad WG marketing, EU product commission will not like that.
  12. Currently selecting special ship type (most right hand box) each selection give all or nothing display. Adding and "and selection" would allow for most limited display. Instead of currently when selecting "show primary ships and those with no captain" gives all primary ships plus all NO captains ships. Using "and switch" woulds give ONLY those primary ships with NO captains. Much more useful
  13. Sisyphus_ii

    Are you on target to complete Hizen on time?

    started it, realized meh ship, way too much effort for a meh ship. sad Also WG-WoWS marketing seem to have a problem with conflicting events. example, Hizen, captain skill change, new lunar year, clan wars, and usual daily events with very little overlap.
  14. Sisyphus_ii

    Commander Skills Update

    Question: where does the left over XP go ? using the example of 8,000 divided by 110 for a double = 72 doubloon with 80 xp left over. Does all 8000 xp go to EXP pool ?
  15. Sisyphus_ii

    The end of a great game WoWS

    They ran away and i was moving around so much to void rockets could not keep up.