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  1. Yes WG allows transfer account. Here is the proof: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Servers Quote: "Progress in accounts in one server cannot be moved to another server unless in special occasions." So WG does have a workflow to transfer accounts. The argument is whether my request is associated with event that is a 'special occasion'? I have spent 5 years and multi-thousand dollars on this game, and I am moving my entire family to Asia due to job change, effectively July 2019. This is an 'once in a life time' event. I believe my situation qualifies a special occasion. However, I'd like to know if anyone has done that, and what are his/her 'special occasions'.
  2. I can logon NA server from Asia even without VPN. The problem is not accessing the NA server. The problem is that it lags badly. I expect VPN would make it lags even longer. With ping value 150ms, I can barely play BB without significant delay.
  3. Wargaming, I'd like to know how to move my account from NA server to ASIA server. I am currently a NA server user. I may move to Asia this year due to company relocate. This is a multi-year dispatch. I attempted to play my NA account from Asia in an occasion, and I found the ping value is high enough (range from 100 - 200ms) to impact my play and my team's play. I played WoWS since CBT, and have collected 150+ ships since, that include 10 Tier 10 ships and 80+ premium ships. I don't want to lose them by moving to ASIA server. Could you or someone tell me how to migrate my NA account to ASIA server, or if there is any other way to achieve the same purpose?
  4. Big box over Mega if you are going for the ships. If you already have everything, then Mega is better due to it's higher return considering the discount.
  5. You are probably right. That frustration vividly etched in my brain - I was super excited to see a ship and ..... it's an Emden!!
  6. Simuo

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    The system will show the ship in the box opening scene, but what you really get is the doubloons.
  7. I purchased 40 big Santa Box today. I opened them and received 8 premium ships. The sequence is: box #1: T5 - Krispy Kream box #2: T6 - Monaghan box #3: T6 - Duca d'Aosta box #11: T8 - Ashitaka box #15: T7 - Nuve De Julio box #21: T8 - Gasconge box #23: T7 - Z39 box #40: T6 - Mutsu Only the first premium came in the original box, the rest came in the form of super container. This is understandable - I already have 80+% of all premium ships including most rare ones. So the system choose different ones and they came in super container. My hit rate is 20% this year - 5 (big) containers yield a ship. My last year hit rate is 10%. It is significantly better. 8 premium ships for $94 is a good deal. All the flags and doubloons are deal sweetener. Oh, and there is one more thing: 2018 premium ship pool exclude T2-T4 mehbot ships (only mehbot ships are out, Nikolai is still in the lottery draw box) So the box won't let down with a T2 Emden cruiser (that's what I got last year). This makes the good deal even better! I definitely recommend 2018 Santa Box over previous years box!
  8. Nikolai is OP because it breaks the rock-paper-scissor rule. There is no counter play, regardless the ship type. Rock-paper-scissor is a fundamental requirement for game with strategy. Without that, the battle is more a brutal slaughter than an intelligent plot. I don't need to explain how Nikolai wins each BB and cruiser. Nikolai even wins over DD because in T4/5, DD almost always need to expose themselves to send a torp salvo. Nikolai's 12 HE shells can tear them apart. Nikolai can even survive CV because it turns pretty well, and cross-drop doesn't exit this tier. I am sure there are exceptions, that's why Nikolai's win rate is 60% not 100%, but the advantage is big enough to make it OP.
  9. Simuo

    20% win rate in 1st 25 games-Helena

    You didn't worship the RNGesus. Try praying while in queue. Sometimes you need to sacrifice a beer or two. No one can sustain a 20% win rate by playing normally. A single random battle player can only affect win rate by approx. 10%, or 20% for a unicorn. You are probably a better player than this number suggests. If you team-kill, and you do it very destructively, then I suppose 20% win rate is sustainable, although I doubt anyone can successfully do this without getting his account banned.
  10. Simuo

    North Carolina ---> Iowa Question

    You will do better in Iowa. I looked into your BB play stats, you are good shooter with 24% hit rate. This is quite good for an 800 battle player. However, your stats show a conflict result. Here is your main battery hit ratio for your most played ship: Tirpitz: 24% Bismarck: 25% North Carolina: 21% Colorado: 18% Giulio Cesare: 27% Gneisenau: 26% People have BETTER gun hit rate with North Carolina, due to its 2.0 sigma and steep landing angle (compare a 4-iron and a lob wedge, you would know which is more accurate). Your numbers show the opposite. The number shows that the faster the shell travels, the better you do (please use wowsft.com to check the shell speed, krupp, drag, etc). Both Colorado and North Carolina have very slow, yet very accurate gun ballistic, the rest ships are fast bullet shotgun (except Cesare which has flat tragectory, yet accurate gun, which explains the highest hit ratio). The result shows that you are not very used to the USN slow plunging, yet very accurate gun. While playing USN BB, you need to lead the target by a lot, predict where it would turn, know their turning delay/radius, and shoot at that spot. Iowa's gun is more flat than NC's gun, but not by much. So the good news is that you will do better with Iowa, and the bad news is - you won't do as good as Bismarck. You need to train yourself using USN guns. However, the training is totally worthy.
  11. Simuo

    Similar to Arkansas B?

    Arkansas B is different than its Wyoming sister by two factors: (A). it's much stronger with all 6 upgrade slot. (B). it has much better secondary. I would make the differentiation of whether you like (A) the OP-ness of Ark B, or do you like to (B) brawl with secondaries. If the answer is A, then here is your shopping list: Konig Albert, Nikolai, Fujin, Gremyashchy, Arizona, T-61, Belfast, Kutuzov, Musashi, Stalingrad(unreleased). Note that some ships are only available thru $anta's crate. If the answer is B, then grind the German BB line. If the answer is both A and B, then save your money and stick with your awesome Arkansas B.
  12. I am counting my Doubloon spending for the free camo, and potentially early access to T-61. My question is how do I track my spending? Is there an in-game tracking dashboard showing how many Doubloons I spent? Or do I need to open MS-Excel and do my own log keeping? https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/early-access/
  13. Simuo

    Buf Khavabarovsk

    If a lot of ships are shooting at Khab, that Khab isn't playing it right. A Khab's best position is where the enemy need to ROTATE THEIR GUN to shoot it. This usually means the Khab is not at the direct push line, but rather a flank of its own. While the enemy BB group points it to your BB group, The Khab go sideways, keeps the distance around 10km, use the binocular to verifies it's at least 45deg away from enemy's gun bearing, then start firing. The enemy group will react it in three possible ways. CASE1: they turn their gun and shoot you. This means they effectively turn the gun AWAY FROM your main fleet. Awesome, after their first salvo, you stop shooting, let the concealment kicks in, and wait. Enemy ship will be pointing at empty sea while your BB group rain shells on them. Eventually they will turn the gun away from you and shoot back to your BB. Repeat this process. CASE2: they send one, or multiple cruiser (most likely English), to chase you. This means they show their broadside to your BB group. Even better, keep them spotted and let your BB group finish them. CASE3: they send a DD to spot you Don't let this happen. Count enemy DD before you engage. If this does seem to happen (you don't know this until your concealment envelope shrinks), smoke up and keep shooting. Count 20 seconds, then leave the smoke and torp your own smoke. If this doesn't kill enemy DD, it will over-extend it from its support and you will have upper hand. The borrom line: Khab's job isn't play a target ship for shooting. Its job is to disrupt enemy's main fleet and create chaos, frustration and anger.
  14. Simuo

    Konig Albert, tier 3 fun

    Pick a direction with no DD, then brawl into enemy fleet. She has very thick armor and very good penetration, plus secondaries. She is a knife fighter - although you need to plan the entry angle. Her ship/gun takes forever to turn, making she can only fire at one side.
  15. Simuo

    Konig Albert, tier 3 fun

    It's back. As of 7/5/2018, you can buy Konig Albert in premium shop, with a $12.63 price tag. I do agree that Konig Albert is hurting T-3 games. It's too powerful at a too low tier. An experienced veteran with Konig Albert and a 19pt captain sea clubbing in a T3 game can make many new players quit, and it's bad for the game. WG should put a population cap on Konig Albert (such as no more than 3% of all players). If the player base grows then she can be put for sale for variety reason. Beyond that she should be restricted to sell.