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  1. tugmaster_2015

    Biggest game issue: Blowouts

    The issue is with WG for the wide gap of player skillset. Its their game and they are responsible for blowouts due to player skillet. One example is being able to purchase tier 8-10 ships and more specifically the Yammy tier 10 ship. Many many issues are prevalvent within the game. For example I can go to tier 5 and play my premium DD and seal club. Why is that allowed? Also why can new players purchase a high tier ship? The matchmaker is broken and should take into account a lot more specific data to provide more even gameplay. The data is there and WG up to this point has chosen not to take additional actions. WG is responsible for the random battle mess. If you want to blame the players that is on you
  2. tugmaster_2015

    Why I won't do the Aircraft Bureaus Rivalry event

    I didnt sign up or entertain the CV rivalry as I feel that promotes the wrong behavior. How about WG fixes the issues with CV's first? Don't call me a genius as I am a realist
  3. tugmaster_2015

    Feedback for Wargaming

    Post here to send a message to wargaming about how you feel about the company and the direction they are taking towards WOWS. Are they following through on their commitments made recently? Some of it is still too early to tell, however some actions have been taken. I will leave my feedback out of the first message in order to not persuade the tone of the conversation. Constructive feedback is helpful without going overboard. WG needs to hear your feedback and now is the opportunity. Happy sails!
  4. Thanks for the information. This incentive has solidified my decision to stop playing the game effective immediately and wait for the future win backs that pertain to me. No reason for me to continue to grind or pay to get ships when I can get them for free to stop playing. This is the best thing WG has done this year and I all I have to do is stop playing. Maybe in a year or two some actions will be taken and I can check back when they email the promo. Goodbye!
  5. tugmaster_2015

    Important message for the community

    Well said +1
  6. tugmaster_2015

    Important message for the community

    Lancer communicated to me in a professional and clear way for my deleting my post. I cant speak for all moderators however he is doing a good job
  7. tugmaster_2015

    Important message for the community

    Thanks for being a volunteer and keeping things civil. The only point is I was trying to make is WG needs to hold people accountable in order for things to get better or improve.
  8. tugmaster_2015

    Important message for the community

    WG probably hired a PR firm to write it to try and win back customer sentiment. Based on WG history and track record I don't believe anything that was posted.
  9. tugmaster_2015

    Important message for the community

    I did some research and you can post the drop rates on the NA server effective immediately. The excuse of China you can take up with that server and publish it for all other regions. How about you take action instead of hiding behind China?
  10. tugmaster_2015

    Important message for the community

    After all the issues with naval training center, CV rework, Santa containers rigged, gambling containers, summer token lies, no new maps in over a year, subs are terrible, and overall terrible communication. I believe nothing until I see it. I will take a page out of WG response and say I plan to play for free with my wallet closed for the next year while you work on implementing drop rates. I recognize how challenging that must be and you have my hard commitment to wait patiently with my wallet closed until you get around to it
  11. tugmaster_2015

    Community Time with Ev1n and Mademoisail (8/25)

    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. What do say for the 3rd, 4th, and subsequent situations this has occurred with WG? Sorry I can’t believe anything that WG is saying because they lost my trust and I won’t be fooled again.
  12. This guy has figured it out
  13. OP will figure it out with more experience and focus fire. At higher tiers you will see better teamwork (hopefully lol) to target the DD's. Also dont forget to play with your throttle and rudder. Others have posted great advice for you to overcome this obstacle.
  14. tugmaster_2015

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Don't speak for everyone as I think some current and many former players would enjoy seeing the game implode. Personally I don't care either way as I would locate a new game to pass the time as after 5 years the game has become stale.
  15. tugmaster_2015

    WG apology. Finally!

    Thank you for your inquisitive responses which should aid the entire community when they send their apology emails. Don't forget alternative solutions exists in addition to scoring your very own tier 9 premium ship Missouri which comes with 20% credit earnings.