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  1. TeruzukiKaiNi

    Secret Santa 2020!

    Great! Merry Christmas to you
  2. TeruzukiKaiNi

    Secret Santa 2020!

    Figured it out. I misspelled your name for the receiptants But I sent a ticket to WG about it, hopefully it will get cleared up soon. If you still don't get it after WG takes a look I'll get you a new one
  3. TeruzukiKaiNi

    Secret Santa 2020!

    Are you sure? I swore I sent a mega santa container to your account. Check your email.
  4. TeruzukiKaiNi

    Canadian WWII Navy

    We had the 3rd largest navy by the end of WWII, but it was mainly composed of Destroyers and corvettes. Think we had one or two light cruisers, so if WG wanted we could get another premium to accompany Haida.
  5. TeruzukiKaiNi

    Secret Santa 2020!

    Thank you very much! I got a Yuudachi out of the container you gave me. Really appreciate it and Merry Christmas!
  6. TeruzukiKaiNi

    Secret Santa 2020!

    Thank you for the gift! Got 30 special flags out of the container. Merry Christmas! If you're reading this Santa, I just want life to return to normal more than anything else.
  7. TeruzukiKaiNi

    Which ship is overpowered?

    So much for the rework's main goal of making games more fair
  8. TeruzukiKaiNi

    What EXACTLY is Devastating Strike?

    This thread was literally started 3 years ago and killed off more brain cells that it should have. Why was this restarted.
  9. TeruzukiKaiNi

    Secret Santa 2020!

    Seems like we are the last ones this year. Who knows, maybe Santa has a surprise for us later
  10. TeruzukiKaiNi

    Secret Santa 2020!

    Hopefully I wasn't too late to the party lol. I forgot that secret santa happened on the forums.
  11. TeruzukiKaiNi

    Secret Santa 2020!

    Merry Christmas
  12. McNuggets right now would be great ngl
  13. Oh, looks like WG doesn't like Gaijin entertainment. Lol.
  14. Title says all. I went on a hiatus shortly after cv rework happened and only came back now from playing greed [edited]. With Alaska being removed, what will be taking her spot as the new free xp ship, if anyone knows?