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  1. iEatChickenMcNuggets

    If you could get rid of ONE map which one?

    Mountain range without a doubt
  2. iEatChickenMcNuggets

    The Cleveland's main guns are dual-purpose.

    Beat me too it
  3. iEatChickenMcNuggets

    Museum Ships in WoWS

    Um, what?
  4. This is the post that I was looking for. WG screwed with my Kaga and I'm pissed.
  5. iEatChickenMcNuggets

    Museum Ships in WoWS

    They should have preserved Vanguard
  6. If WG did this for GC they should do it for premium CVs too.
  7. iEatChickenMcNuggets

    Vanguard gun angles kill this ship for me. Tips?

    Staying at range; 13-15km+ away from the enemy and using your rudder shift is key. Get too close and you'll be eating citadels for days. Kiting and baiting enemy shots into your belt when you're angled, and then showing your broadside to fire a salvo while their reloading is the jist of it. I play her as more of a support role than a tanker, kiting when I need to since she has decent speed (30knots). Her 2.0 sigma and relatively good AP shells will do the rest. Don't be afraid to use HE though. It's potent and can seriously wreck havoc on enemy dds or angled battleships.
  8. iEatChickenMcNuggets

    $107.25 for the base JB. Premium prices out of control

    $100.79 in Canada
  9. iEatChickenMcNuggets

    HMS Churchill T9 "Super Cruiser" Proposal

    Yes. Please WG.
  10. iEatChickenMcNuggets

    Alternate british battleship line

    I'd rather them change the existing line to a line of Warspite/Vanguard's in playstyle
  11. iEatChickenMcNuggets

    IJN Kirishima Model

    Really nice. I am debating on whether or not to start modeling, since I usually don't have enough time.
  12. iEatChickenMcNuggets

    CVs, Georgia, Monarch and Conqueror. WIP

    You sure bet it well.
  13. iEatChickenMcNuggets

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    How much weed are you smoking zoup? Is WG putting you up to this or are you just trying to score extra brownie points?
  14. iEatChickenMcNuggets

    How's Baltimore?

    Slow shell velocity, lack of an ability to kite. She has good rudder shift and a trollish armour profile but she loses speed in turns. Racking up high damage totals is difficult in my experience, but I'm more concerned about supporting dds for caps when I can.