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  1. Lonewolf_28

    CV Hate

    Bro...stop it. You and me both know that a BB is not dodging crap. [edited] a DD cant dodge a incoming a strike. You might get lucky in a dd if you can get inside a the planes turn circle.
  2. Lonewolf_28

    CV Hate

    I would love to see my AA just obliterate a squadron of planes, but I know that wont happen. I really dont expect AA to make you immune to aircraft, i think it should be more effective. Like impact drops, or make it so aircraft cant dodge flak. Since I cant dodge bombs, rockets, or torps. Only fair
  3. Lonewolf_28

    POMMERN [Is she worth it?]

    So obviously the main guns are terrible, so how the hell am I suppose to get this thing in close to use the secondarys
  4. Lonewolf_28

    POMMERN [Is she worth it?]

    I just the Pomm and I am struggling with it. I cant get the guns to work, and by the time I get into secondary range I am usually being HE spammed...
  5. Lonewolf_28

    CV Hate

    No crapabout the aircraft. The point of that comment was about how worthless AA is. It doesn’t affect the aim of the aircraft, planes regen so losses really dont matter..Define longest second run.....you talk like it take hours for the planes to turn around...which I guarantee is significantly faster than my rudder crap. The only answer I get is too stay in groups..stay close to other ships to maximize your AA bubble...realistic that works at the beginning (somewhat) but not thru out the whole battle. I can angle against other BBs, i can change course, speed and direction against DDs, endure the HE spam of cruisers till I can get cover. So tell me how does one avoid/counter CV attacks....
  6. Lonewolf_28

    CV Hate

    So another sterling example of cv balancing...a Audacious just took 30k health and set three fires with 1 squadron of dive bombers. Granted I was an Iowa, so shouldnt I have decent AA......oh thats right you cant rely on that...its not like cv can regen aircraft or anything....so since obviously I dont know what I am doing...someone please tell how I am supposed to dodge/avoid that.
  7. Lonewolf_28


    How does this ship play, i am close to finishing the build.
  8. Lonewolf_28

    CV Hate

    You said it best, when surface ships are limping along at the end of the battle, with thier AA guns depleted, spreadout from engaging other ships, and the red cv has been border humping, regening the planes that he has lost, (my aa guns dont regen) and then starts picking off ships. Before the rework cvs had limited planes, and guess what....it was balanced. I dont remember anyone [edited] about cvs
  9. Lonewolf_28

    CV Hate

    I absolutely agree with you. Stop the regen of the aircraft and I believe that would balance it out.
  10. Lonewolf_28

    dont see how people can defend how op cv are

    Here is my take on regen of planes. Usually by the end of the match or mid match the cv has taken no damage, while other ships have as they engage the red team. Those ships have a limited number of heals, while the cv has taken no damage and can regen thier planes that they have lost. So in essence as a cv player I can constantly throw planes at you and whittle you down while he/she stays safe and sound across the map. If you think about it you are basically fighting a ship that respawns. That is main problem. Just my pov
  11. Lonewolf_28

    Are you on target to complete Hizen on time?

    Is she even worth spending gold on? I am thru level 16 and almost to 17.
  12. Lonewolf_28

    CV Hate

    I agree their heal is kinda ridiculous, but they have limited charges.
  13. Lonewolf_28

    CV Hate

    Yeah cause thats fair to the other ships who cant regen all of their lost health throught the battle, while the cv humps the map border and constantly tosses planes that into them.....doesn't sound very balanced
  14. Lonewolf_28

    CV Hate

    How so....it has three other squadrons to use, and within a minute the magical plane fairies have regenerated those lost....dude the only mechanic that should be changed is that, u have should have limited number of planes.
  15. Lonewolf_28

    CV Hate

    Do developers read this forum at all?