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  1. Season 5 Playoffs next.. what a season!

    You can find footage from this season at this playlist link, I'll be adding playoffs stuff soon. But yeah, definitely gotta get that footage out there :)
  2. Contest: Need a New Wiki Editor

    If new players are seeking ways to improve, then that's a cause I'd be willing to aid. I'll edit this with my entry later.
  3. Supremacy League Streaming

    We can discuss plans when you get back, Vas.
  4. Supremacy League Streaming

    My idea to improve our visibility is to put together a sports-style highlight/recap reel every week, so that people who can't sit through three hours of streams can still catch all the best moments competitive has to offer. The more streamers we have the easier it will be to collect footage, but I can collect replays if it comes to that. In either case we should be able to expect greater exposure from the forums and reddit.