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  1. We want flags back, I never used the exploit in low tiers and now I get punished for some random dudes. Punish them not us.
  3. ARA_King

    One Stop Moskva 9.5 Thread

    I am confused, a member of my guild created a ticket to WG asking for this: "If I have the moskva researched but not bought, will I get it when 9.5 hits?" and the response from WG was: "If you don't have the ship, you won't get it." @Happa_Fodder
  4. Chile and Brazil understood how to handle economics and to follow the same plan years ago, Argentina still trying to figuring it out.
  5. That will be possible if we don't turn to Venezuela first
  6. I am from a third world country and playing a game with good ping in USA is rare and WoWs is one of them so I am glad to pay.
  7. That is why I never play the lottery or go to the casino, that is my lucky RNG.