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  1. Hel_warrior

    Hey, guess what happened?

    Adjust your playing style a lot of people like carriers. WG as already pissed them off once. You can't play every battle the same
  2. Hel_warrior

    CVs have ruined DDs

    If you had your way all that would be left in the game are BBs and DDs. Carriers are a Major part of the era that their counterparts represent. I'd say adjust your playing style and learn to adapt, all carrier players had to do that after the rework. Also why is it that DDs job to cap, it should be a team effort!
  3. Hel_warrior


    Yeah lol it was more fun.
  4. Hel_warrior

    The Core issue with CVs

    Agreed, and they were balanced before the re-work to. carrier players get so much crap and I feel bad for them
  5. Hel_warrior

    The Core issue with CVs

    You have got to be kidding me. Why does everyone hate on CVs. I've played this game since it's realise and I've never had a problem with them. When in Navel history did a carrier loose health when it's planes were shot down? The core core issues is people stay in their comfort zones and never play CV,s thus they don't understand them, and what's worse is they don't ever learn to love them.
  6. Hel_warrior


    Can we have the version of Cvs back I miss it
  7. Hel_warrior


    When did they lower the credit amount that you could earn with the Missouri?