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  1. BossmanSlim

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Hood

    So to summarize; Bayern guns on an Iowa that has crappier base AA, but defensive fire when the enemy is really close?
  2. BossmanSlim

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Hood

    I remember reading/watching that the Hood can have 5 fires. Is that true?
  3. BossmanSlim

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    I don't remember and it would be inappropriate to share the name anyway. I sure with enough search-fu, you can find it.
  4. BossmanSlim

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

  5. BossmanSlim

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    Was interested in the Bama until I read these two items: Right off the bat, she has comparable dispersion than any of the other high tier American Battleships, with a 1.9 sigma rating. Only Colorado and North Carolina, with a 2.0 value a tier lower, has less vertical dispersion. & Her fragility is further compounded by a tendency to take frequent penetrating hits from AP shells, even when angled. I hated the North Carolina before they buffed the sigma value and this ship sounds like stepping right back into that mess. I also don't like how soft the Iowa is and the Bama sounds worse, if not the same.
  6. BossmanSlim

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

    Thanks. I may have to reconsider if I want this or not. I deplore the Cleveland and USN DD gun arcs. While this ship really rocks close range with DDs, it definitely doesn't want to duel any heavier ships at that range. iChase's video is very misleading as it shows him murdering DDs at under 8km and then shelling a potato Arizona player who is driving full broadside in a straight line. This is possibly the most ideal setup the ship will ever see and may never occur for many people buying the ship. I guess I wait until it shows up on some streams to see what it is like.
  7. BossmanSlim

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

    Depends, for retraining from one ship to the next or getting a few points on a new ship, it should be a fine trainer. If you want to maximize the skills in this ship, then it probably will be slightly less as demo expert vs non-demo expert has a 25% difference in chance of fire.
  8. BossmanSlim

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

    Does this ship play closer to the Shchors or Cleveland? Is it a Cleveland with Shchors guns or a Shchors with Cleveland guns? Reason I ask is that I am fine with the Shchors, but hate the Cleveland.
  9. BossmanSlim

    Premium Ship Review: Flint

    2 of these divisioned together with a sneaky destroyer is a nightmare for anything that gets close. The stats are probably inflated as only the people who are rank 1 three times are going to have it, which SHOULD be the better players. I'd like to see it in the store, as this configuration is superior to the Atlanta.
  10. BossmanSlim

    Premium Ship Review: USS Saipan

    Had my first game with a potato Saipan player. The player has 3 games in any carrier, of which all 3 are today with the Saipan. He is 20K under that average damage, 20 planes under that average on planes killed. We carried him to a victory, bottom exp at 618 exp to the top players 1953, 230 below the next lowest player. After looking a the players profile, he is definitely a wallet warrior. /sigh