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  1. BossmanSlim

    Bad winrate 40%

    Don't worry about overall win rate, worry about individual ship win rates. This a good way to see if you're improving or not; especially if you have been playing the same class of ship for while.
  2. BossmanSlim

    One Guaranteed Way Left to Have Fun

    Play other games?
  3. Math time: 12*60/40 = 18, the number of guns and reload of the Minnesota 9*60/30 = 18, the number of guns and reload of the Iowa The guns have the exact same stats for the most part of the Iowa, so WG literally just changed the reload to compensate for the number of guns. As far as T9 AP DPM adjusted for dispersion (Izzumo is the lowest, so Izumo = 100%, everyone else is lower) Izumo, 100% Minnesota & Iowa, 99% of Izumo Alsace, 98% Freddy, 86% Lion, 84% Sovetsky, 72% This does not include modules.
  4. BossmanSlim

    Statistical proof that MM is NOT RIGGED

    You sure did a lot of math to not really prove much other than as the sample size becomes ever larger then sample mean approaches the population mean. Here's what really matters: What is the increased chance of a win for every point of spread in the teams average win rate? What are the chances of a win of a 60% average win rate team playing a 45% average win rate team, is it 60%, 80%, 96%? If the data shows that a 10 point spread in win rate between teams means the higher win rate team is going to win 95% of the time, people on the loosing team might as well yolo in and get it over with. What is the increased chance of a win for every point of spread in the DDs average win rate and/or CV win rate? Most people theorize that DDs and CVs drive win rate more than anything else on the team. If a player looses or wins a match, what is the chance they will be paired up or down tier or put on a higher or lower overall win rate team based on the results of the prior match? It feels to me that if I win, I get down tiered the next match 80% of the time or if I loose, I get top tiered the next match.
  5. BossmanSlim

    Fixing CVs. How would you do it?

    The primary difference is that in WoT, artillery must expose itself in order to spot if it's the only unit left alive, meaning the enemy can retaliate against the artillery player. CVs can spot and engage with immunity of taking return fire. CVs are worse for the game than artillery because they can engage in many cases with no threat of return fire.
  6. BossmanSlim

    Fixing CVs. How would you do it?

    Maybe they're all getting shot down, but I can't remember seeing the planes return to the carrier, only flying outbound.
  7. BossmanSlim

    Fixing CVs. How would you do it?

    There are a ton of threads on this already, but I'll bite. My biggest issue with CVs is that any surface ship vs a competent CV player auto looses to the CV. The CVs are fairly fast, so they can run and the maps are big enough that they have plenty of places to hide. While DD unseen torp spam is annoying, it can be mitigated. Every surface ship has a chance against any other surface ship. This crops up the most at the end of the game where the most of the surface ships are dead and the CV ship is alive, with most of it's health hiding somewhere on the map. Unless the CV is behind on points, the CV will win the match for his/her team in almost all cases. I have lost count of the number of times where I was one of the last players alive on my team only to get whittled down by the CV with no chance at returning fire. This is extremely unfun and is currently the primary reason I can't get motivated log in most days. My second issue is that CVs are given very special treatment in regards to fire and flooding. This mind boggling on so many levels and it is baffling to me why a class that is all but immune to enemy planes, has infinite range and can hide taking no enemy fire the whole game is also immune to dots once it is discovered. Lastly, enemy planes should have to fly both ways and not just disappear when the player presses F. They should be able to launch another sortie before the others return, but the returning planes should remain on the map so players can see where the enemy carrier is.
  8. BossmanSlim


    MM should be +/- one tier unless the player waits more than 3 minutes for a game. This would mean that during peak times, it would be +/- one tier and during slow times it would be +/- two tiers. I'd be willing to wait a couple extra minutes to get a +/- 1 tier game than always being bottom tier by 2 tiers to others. T5 and T8 are particularly a pain due to these issues.
  9. BossmanSlim

    Where does Rank1 wows compare to other games?

    World of Warships only has had one true competitive competition where skill actually mattered and that is/was King of the Sea. All other competitions are reach X goal by doing Y; which boils down a function of time and/or getting lucky with teams. Getting rank 1 only means that the player endured the grind and managed to get enough non-potato games in a row that they could be net star positive.
  10. BossmanSlim

    How to avoid grinding?

    Basically, come to the realization that the grind is endless and unless there is something you really want, don't grind to just grind unless your having fun.
  11. BossmanSlim

    NoZoup got me thinking

    His points in the video: Wargaming is a for profit business and therefore they have to sell "stuff" to keep a free to play game around Most people are in the game to shoot ships and don't really care about anything else. 9 out of 10 times, whatever the issue is, it's your fault, not others. Carriers are here to stay, get over it. If you have an issue with it, quit, as that is the only way it will change Stats mean nothing. My thoughts on these It's hard to walk the pay to win vs alternate path to gather money. I think the Scharnhorst is a perfect example of what a premium ship should be. It is a great alternative to the T7 ship. No premium ship (Tirpitz) should be hands down better than the tech tree ship (Bismark). Oddly enough, at the Bismark had much better secondaries than the Tirpitz and most people saw that as the trade-off for the Tirpitz's torpedoes. WG however decided to buff the Tirpitz and now it is simply better than the Bismark. True and will never change. My biggest issue with this mentality is that if this were a single player game, then it wouldn't matter; however, as someone else's poor game play directly slows down my progression, it matters to me. True True, though I think it is WG's duty to mitigate the negative impacts they have on the game. True, though it does help overcome some gating in getting into Clans. I also think for a certain portion of the population it helps justify the amount of time they waste in the game.
  12. Some level of this has to do with eSports using gg as a way for a player to concede the game. Strarcraft does this and I'm sure others do as well. It's not like the looser types "I concede. GG", they just type "gg".
  13. All comments typed from someone else in chat have some level of bias based on who the user is. GG has all kinds of interpretations based on who says it and who receives it. I can see your point about GG being sarcastic.
  14. GG has several connotations depending on when and how it is used: GG to team once the game is wrapped up = good job to the team on securing the win GG to team at some point early in the game when the red is way ahead on ships = we lost, might as well damage farm the rest of the match GG to all from winning or loosing team on a close victory = good game GG to all from winning team on a blow out victory = thanks for being terrible GG to all from loosing team or to team on a blow out loss = Someone seeking a moral victory. This is the only one that I personally hate because it wasn't a good game, it was a blow out and your looking for a moral victory. GG to all from loosing team early in the game when the red is way ahead on ships = we lost, I give up
  15. BossmanSlim

    How to Explain WOWS to Friends

    The game is currently rock-paper-scissors-shotgun