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  1. BossmanSlim


    I think people need realize what the average game looks like: 30% you will win no matter how bad you are 30% you will loose no matter how good you are If you want at least 10% boost in your win %, play in a division (assuming the division players are coordinated and at least average) If you want to influence you teams win %, either way, play DDs or CVs. These classes have the highest impact on an individual match win. TBD on subs. The wins and losses can be extremely streaky. When you win X in a row, it's unlikely you did all that; just like win you loose X in a row it is unlikely the MM is punishing you. I think the data has been looked at enough to verify this. My advise when a streak starts is to leave the game and come back hours later as that seems the help for whatever reason The % over or under 50% your win rate shows in 100 games, how much you influence it up or down 45% win rate player actively detracts enough from a game to loose 5 games in 100 55% win rate player actively helps enough in a game to win 5 in 100 games
  2. BossmanSlim

    Matching Making, a question

    There are two types of skill based match maker that get intermingled and thrown around. 1) Players play other players of equal skill. This is the same model that games like Starcraft use in order to have their leagues. This type of matchmaker works well for individual and small group games where individual skill is easier to pick out and adjust for. Win rate is also not the primary factor in these rankings as if the system is done correctly, everyone will have a 50% win rate, but players will be distributed in a normal fashion based on some other rating system. Players in these systems strive to get a high rating, not a high win rate. PR is not a substitute for this in the WoWS context. 2) Each team has the same overall distribution of players by win rate. This means that each team should have the same average win rate as best as possible not only between teams, but also between ship types. As of now, the match maker just jams people in teams with some loose requirements based on ship type. I think this system is very feasible for WoWS as no team should have a 10%+ advantage in both their teams average DD win rate and CV win rate; which is not atypical. I don't think WG will ever do it because it requires effort and provides no direct revenue stream, so not a priority by WG.
  3. BossmanSlim

    Very proud of our NA KoTS Casting Team

    I thought they did well and the matches moved at a reasonable pace. I'm not so sure I liked the gameplay (passive, sniping, wall of torps meta) which is not the fault of the teams or casting team, but I thought everyone did they best they could with what was given to them.
  4. BossmanSlim

    What the hell is going on?

    I have seen some latency issues occasionally where the game is lagged from inputs to when action happens.
  5. BossmanSlim

    state of the game is terrible

    Let's see, my games today: Bottom tier, new German T5 "BB". On fire the entire game; not fun. Bottom tier, picked on by a sub the entire game until I burned DC to break homing. Of course then I ate 2 sets of double pinged torpedoes. Not at all fun. Top tier, pick on by one of the two CVs in the game for the entire match. Did well, but was not fun. Top tier, 5 DDs in the match, did well as it was a steam roll, but I didn't feel all that satisfying. I'm done for today. I don't want to spend another ~2 hours to finish out the dailies only to continue to drown in CV, subs and the match maker vomiting out DDs.
  6. They're going to be in the game no matter what. I think I'll just quit as WG wants yet another class in the game that completely destroys others fun AND at the same time can be completely worthless for their team.
  7. BossmanSlim

    Looking for a Premium T6/7 Cruiser for my Kids

    Scharnhorst, Strasbourg and Dunkerque are good oversized cruisers that move fairly well and have good reloads. Molotov and De Grasse are good cruisers, but like most mid tier cruisers they have soft sides. I'd be tempted to let them use tech tree ships such as the Myoko, Nurnberg/Makarov, or Zara. The US cruisers are fun, but the shell velocity makes it hard to hit things, which isn't all the fun.
  8. BossmanSlim

    Credit where it's due: Submarine Development

    I don't really give them any credit for this as I feel like WG deployed the most OP version of subs and is now going back to what was probably more reasonable prior so that the community feels they've been heard. The two types of torpedoes is something that would take a significant time to develop, so I suspect this was already on the shelf, probably from a prior in house version of subs and is now being put back in as a "nerf". The same with citadel damage; which anyone with two brain cells to rub together would know was OP due to how fast the sub reload is, how slow the damage con reloads and only benefited extremely good players who are not the target audience. The only item in the patch that I feel was an unknown issue was the porpoising; everything else should have been pretty obvious to anyone that played a few matches against subs.
  9. BossmanSlim

    Change, Adapt, and Overcome

    I always find these threads some what funny. The typical use of Change, Adapt and Overcome is where an obstacle must be overcome due to the person being heavily bought in to staying in the process (military, job, etc.). Video games ALWAYS has the option of people of just quitting. Most people are huge believers in the sunk cost fallacy, which means they feel they are bought in to the game and thus quitting is a larger hurdle to overcome. Anything that is mostly voluntary gives the person the ability to just quit rather than dealing with the changes put in the game.
  10. It looks like 600 tokens is the max that can be obtained. Now the important question what to spend it on. The "rule of cool" I will disregard for this as if you love the way it looks, the that is your call on if you want to acquire the camo The permanent camo gives +100% exp and -20% repair costs and costs 400-500 tokens The Halloween camo gives only +100% exp and costs 5 tokens Low end loot box gives 3 camo for 30, but also gives other, so let's call it 15 tokens per Assumption: the camo is being bought to grind the line How many games to break even (disregarding the economics of the camo) T8 = 80 games T9 = 100 games If it takes more games than the above, the permanent camo makes more sense. If it takes less games than the above, it makes more sense to buy a stack of the camos (which can be used on any ship).
  11. BossmanSlim

    Napoli question

    I bought the Napoli recently for coal. It shows up in my ship list as special ship and not a premium ship, why?
  12. BossmanSlim

    Twilight Hunt Token math.

    It would be a xxx xxxx shame if the camos were just sold so people could buy what they want rather than having to go through the xxxxxxx loot boxes. I'd like some of the camos (Igor, Nor Cal, etc.), but I'm not buying loot boxs for the opportunity to wade through a bunch of xxxx I don't want. Good job WG, way to be penny wise pound foolish.
  13. BossmanSlim

    CVs good Subs bad?

    CVs have basically been in the game since release. They were not likely a lot in the RTS days, but because of the skill required to be good and the fact that they still followed the rules of surface ships, they were tolerated. The rework made CVs more of an issue because the skill floor was raised and they are fairly immune most of the game and when attacked, don't follow the same rules as other ships. Subs are a brand new class that the devs spent years saying would never happen and yet again they have been giving crutch mechanics to make them easier to play. People still hate CVs, they are just hoping WG will listen and put them in all modes; I view this as a lost cause and also don't see much changing when subs are officially released.
  14. BossmanSlim

    German Tokens

    If you pay tokens for the ships, will you keep them when the line moves out of early access? Will the ship be fully researched?
  15. I was talking more about BB camping in general. Bow camping is already countered by the items you listed. I just mentioned that another possible fix would be to not allow the guns to fire over the front of the ship.