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  1. Hey  if you would like  on test server look us up [WLB ].   As i wanted to do clan battles   also  NA server [FFL] FireFlty    during clan wars we run 1 -2 teams. It is not all about winning. but we do want to win.


    1. StingRayOne


      good luck, have fun

  2.      Greetings Ms. LWM   First I would like to thank you for your work reviewing ships.  I bet if you were paid a nickel an hour for your time that is spent on Collecting, Compiling, Composing, Editing  your ship reviews , you would be wealthy.

         These reviews must truly be a labor of love for you.  I want to thank you for your efforts.   You  work does wonders for  the WoWs community.  I am very impressed with your absolute dedication to the  Wows game.

         Again   THANK YOU     Little White Mouse     

         as for codes  will you please  consider  some of us older players eyes are gonzo after looking at the picture with the hidden code.   And  the meme of the cute little anime girl.    Adorable , Please let her use the restroom .  She will probably quit tap dancing so fast.        :)



    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Things that will make the game better. 1) Fix the English pirate voice, Half the time he is speaking Russian. Why is this not listed as a known issue ? 2) Give each player their choice via game settings, day/month/year (US) or month/day/year (not US) for all dates shown for in-game, contests, missions and news . 3) Give players the ability to cut /paste/edit in clan chat, With the clan leaders option to enable /disable the feature for each clan member. 4) Enable the carousel for ship inventory to have six levels, Four levels allowed currently is not enough for many players. 5) Give a COO flag to the next player to have 17,000 random battles. 6) Have a contest to Design a special flag to be awarded to players that show good conduct/sportsmanship. (maybe Alpha and Beta and ST can be allowed to issue) 7) In Ranked Battles have an irrevocable level at around rank 6,7 or 8 8) I Salute you sir o7 back to the game I go. I hope you like these ideas. Now close your eyes and imagine having a really good match and the English Pirate voice says "confirmed penetration" only he says it in Russian. How would you know if he really said it ???
  4. I would like to know why the pirate voice problem is not listed as a known problem ?    Half of the time the pirate voice speaks Russian now.

    1. SHELLBACK_2


      AS of today  2/8/2018 the latest patch    0.7.1  HAS DONE IT.      THE PIRATE AND ARP VOICES APPEAR TO HAVE BEEN FIXED. TY   Wargaming coders and devs.

  5. Hey  I have the issue with the Pirate voice speaking russian. I will check the ARP and HSF voices.  Did you follow the info on how to fix it yourself ? Did you try it and did it work?   I would like any info you can share.  TY Salute    07

    1. DanCallaghan


      I did and it did. :) 

      Best of luck


    in-game chat window

    Can one move the in game chat window? it is in the way when leading fast DD's do not need to resize it just up a bit would be nice. Thank you