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  1. RN BB's will change BB play as we know it.

    I believe they still had the largest navy in the world for some time after the age of sail. That's not really fail. I think the majority of Europe disagrees with that statement
  2. RN BB's will change BB play as we know it.

    Sounds like when the Minuatar came out and no one could handle it... until people fired in the smoke. Also 80k at tier seven isn't anything to write Home about and call op. People will learn how to defeat it like every other line. It's HE will probably get a nerf at some point because it's not a Russian ship, therefore it's ok if it gets nerfed. So enjoy it while it last. But seriously you're averaging 80k and you think that's game changing? Sounds like you set the bar too low. Or maybe it's all starting to come together for you. If that's the case take the lessons learned from playing this ship and apply it to others. Gl and enjoy it while it lasts.
  3. cheaters

    Because f us. Wargaming business model =we troll you.
  4. cheaters

    Nope I was just honestly wondering why you would. But thanks for accusing me of that. I've streamed this game and never been accused of cheating, I'm sure as hell not good enough for someone to think that....lol. But I have represented the server in the NA vs EU thing earlier this year and I too want what's best for the game.... that's why I was honestly wondering why you still were posting if you didn't play. No harm meant. Gl though and thanks for the accusation
  5. cheaters

    Ok that's why you stopped playing WOWS then why are you posting in a WOWS forum if you don't play the game. You post and give information about a game you don't play, sorry but I find that a bit redundant and counter productive for the community. If you aren't playing you don't understand current game meta.... so why post here. Just saying if you're done with it be done with it and move on.

    If you are done with the game just leave. I don't get attention craving people like yourself posting that you are leaving the game. Just leave and go onto being crap at the next game you play.
  7. Cancer Division

    Thank you for all that participated in this event. We were glad to sponsor an evening of fun for ourselves by feasting on the tears of so many. GL
  8. Cancer Division

    Its been kind of funny watching the number of players Decline tonight after this.
  9. Cancer Division

    I'm just glad that I could contribute such a well received division for our community. Doing what I can to make ships great again (tm Stripper2016)
  10. Cancer Division

  11. The FOG Community(-FOG-,-TSF-, -FBS-)

    Hey guys, I was told by USSADIDAS to message someone about trying to get me into your clan. I'm on most days and am somewhat ok.... Also I have two other players who would be interested in joining to some extent. Loony1 and PermaBlue are their in game names. I work second shift and am on most days after 11:30 and then on the weekends. Hope I can help. Anywho, gl hf Stripper
  12. No Christmas Gift

    Sorry but to sub phrase and slightly disagree with one of your statements here its not so much the "Giving" and "taking" thing here more or less a bad business decision. Also, yeah I think we all understand here that not every country will celebrate the same holidays. But I do think there was some sort of exp multiplier given even in this game (and tanks) over the fourth of July. As there has been for years. It just doesn't really seem to make sense. Also you come off as a lil too much like youre trying to be Mother Teresa with your "The world could actually become a better place" thing. If you want to get on that soapbox go give a lecture at a college or something dont bark it in a game's fourm. But then again youre allowed to do that, so if this is your starting point for your run at presidency or something good luck with that. Ill vote for you. Anyways, Happy Holidays!
  13. No Christmas Gift

    WOT in the past has given three days premium in the past for holidays and whatnot....but that probably should make us all feel worse. Happy just another day to WGNA I guess.
  14. No Christmas Gift

    I kind of agree with you. It seems like a simple business format to follow. If it worked for tanks and made us happy there it should here as well. Right? Otherwise there wouldnt have even been this post on the fourms... Furthermore the dd that all of the holiday missions are for are to receive a premium ship that has been for sale on the EU server twice already. So yeah. Idk maybe the people who are sticking up for WG on this issue didnt play WOT or something and just arent used to how WG holiday specials have been run in the past. Also, whats been up with the 1.5exp multiplier still only. Another thing that the other games have done during holiday specials is increase the exp bonus for those of us who actually play during the holidays. Its kind of a business decision theres a reason why its done. Also with tanks they are at least trying to make the gift tank something that everyone wont sell right away. (probably because AF gave something that isnt worth selling) Maybe thats what this game needs for them to do something like that. A competitor in the ship category. Maybe when that other ship game gets released they will do more stuff like that. Idk, but the logical thing to do would be to establish loyalty with the current player base. But then again Wargaming logic is, well....stronk? or working as intended or something like that. Anyways happy holiday season to you all. GL
  15. No Christmas Gift

    Um I played tanks in beta. SO I was around for the beginning of that game. They gave a holiday gift for the first year of that. That game came out before WOA, too. They still managed to do something even in its first year. Not that anyone really kept it but still. Also, they have those other two games to use as platforms for what works and what doesnt. Id say giving free ships, tanks, whatever is always going to make the player base happy. So for it to not be here yet is kind of poop.