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  1. It's the contributors that are getting the ships so early that is ruining the game. The testers need more time with the ships. When WG pushes out the ships to the CCs to early, it's obvious that things will change.
  2. Sims

    I agree. Sims is a very strong ship in the right hands. Very fun to play as well.
  3. Here is my camo design featuring lots of French flags. Plan to create another design featuring a actual "camouflage"
  4. Gascongne will most likely be the regular T8 ship considering that it has a conventional turret layout like the rest of the line. Richelieu will most likely be the premium. WG has said that they like to keep the ships pretty similar as you progress down a line. It is the reason that the Gneis has 15' guns instead of the 11'. It is also why WG says that if they could they wouldn't have put Izumo in the IJN BB tech tree because it is so unique compared to the rest of the line.
  5. Belfast Buffs needed for next patch

    She could actually use 16mm of bow and aft armor like its sister ship Edinburgh but I like being overmatched by 8in guns said no one ever.
  6. Glad they have the 15% discount to 90 days of premium. Just kidding. That is a joke compared to the 50% off they had on a year of premium this time last year.
  7. Thanks WG. Didn't know two Kageros and a Gearing were equal to 3 Fletchers and a Z-52.
  8. Zath have you even played the game you pleb? This new patch is going to absolutely shred the IJN CVs due to the new squadrons and I have no idea what I'm talking about.
  9. Fletcher vs. Benson

    Fletcher is the best DD in the game. Tier for Tier and even competes very well with T10.
  10. USS Massachusetts

    Story behind this??
  11. AHLA: Roma. (Image heavy)

    If De Ruyter comes before Haida I'm going to be disappointed. What a crap ship that did nothing.
  12. Advice for Citadel through the Bow

    They're unbalanced anyways. 10k just from pens is enough. Sorry you want your battleship to nuke everything.
  13. Ooooooooooooo what is this little beauty?

    Alright div'ed with someone who played it.
  14. Great example of P2W. Straight upgrade over Minsk...
  15. Not enough people on the NA server for a -1/+1 unfortunately. Should just bring back the old matchmaking that did not shelter the seals as much just to screw them over once they reach T5.