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  1. Currently, Daring has a bug that causes B turrets muzzles to face down while the other guns work properly. Hopefully an easy fix to one of my favorite ships in the game.
  2. MrEndeavour

    HMS Cossack Rough Seas

    Kidd still superior. Just so much more late battle prevalence with its heal and ability to actually damage airplanes
  3. MrEndeavour

    Improved AP Auto-Bounce Shells?

    T9 and T10 Royal navy DDs. Stalingrad. SAP for Italians. I think that is all
  4. Not a big deal but I'm pretty sure ladders don't work this way Note the tower ladder has no sides to it
  5. It's called variety. It would be boring if all of the DDs played exactly the same way.
  6. MrEndeavour

    USS Georgia Model - Man those guns are longgggg

    Then they introduce US CA bounce angles to it
  7. MrEndeavour

    Worst Played Ships

    Karlsruhe was an awful grind. It was so terrible when it first came out Low Tier British CLs were also absolutely terrible for me. Shells that didn't do much damage to angled targets and they had terrible accuracy, the torps were good though for the tier. Leander was a dream bote compared to them Mahan was also another really garbage bote for me. Played it back before it had the terrible concealment. It wasn't the worst grind but not the best.
  8. MrEndeavour

    For Pete's sake, nerf chance of fire already

    Considering that fire damage is 100% healable and you also get to decide when to use your damage control party, I don't think fire chance should be nerfed. But the Mega Zao is another story
  9. Just a fun idea I thought about. After hearing stories about the Samuel B. Roberts and its various accomplishments, I feel like it would be a good addition to the game. Armament includes: Artillery: 2 x 127mm (5in) guns (same guns found on destroyers like Sims, Benson, Lo Yang, Fletcher) Torps: 3 x 533mm (21in) Torpedo tubes Long range AA: 2 x 127mm (5in) guns Medium range AA: 2 x 2 40mm (1.6in) Bofors Short Range AA: 10 x 1 20mm (.79in) Oerlikons It would be fairly competitive at tier 3 or 4 and very competitive at tier 2 with very good guns. Although there are only two, they are still fast firing (3 second reload) and quick to rotate (5.3 second for 180 degrees). A 10 km firing range would be reasonable. The torps should have a 7 km range, do 9,000 damage, 30 second reload, and 54 knt speed. Turning circle should be around 500 meters, speed would be 28.7 knots (actual speed), and 3 second rudder shift. Survivability would be around 10,000 HP. Concealment from sea could be around 6.5 km while detectability from air should be around 3.3 km. (Assumed stats based off of other destroyers of tier 2 and 3). This ship doesn't have to be competitive though just like how the Mikasa isn't competitive but fun to take out and sail around. This ship could closely relate to the British DD "Campbeltown", as they both have a 2 gun broadside and have a similar amount of torpedo salvo potential (3 per side salvo, although Campbeltown does have another rack, it has to turn the entire ship in order to do so). Learn more about John C. Butler class here: http://www.destroyerhistory.org/de/johncbutlerclass/ Or view iChase's video *I am fully aware that this is not a destroyer, but is a destroyer escort. If it was implemented in the game it would be a destroyer*
  10. MrEndeavour

    Crew Members on Deck

    Just a more immersive idea that I've been thinking about and would make a great addition to the game. This idea is that there would either be animated or unanimated crew members on a ship or both. A simple way to develop such an idea would be putting static sailors on the AA and open artillery mounts. Perhaps even putting some sailers in the crows nest/conning tower. A more difficult/lengthy way of making things more realistic would be making animations to the character models. This could include sailors moving around on the deck whether they be walking at first and start running when the ship begins to take fire. These animated character models would most likely be very performance decreasing. One of the things I've noticed when looking at a ship is that you don't get a very good idea of the scale of a ship because there aren't sailors on board. Now I do understand that a battleship is big and most of you probably agree, but it would be very interesting to have a direct reference to the true scale while also adding more realism. Heavily inspired from Battlestations game series. Example pictures of sailors on deck from Battlestations Midway and Battlestations Pacific: https://goo.gl/images/CQeNxg https://goo.gl/images/4HPsbX https://goo.gl/images/1W6qua