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  1. Which premium ship to buy?

    Only if Kutuzov and Belfast were still being sold. If they ever do come back you should definitely try to get these!
  2. Does AP ever cause fires?

    Main gun AP shells actually have -% fire chance
  3. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 13th, 2018

    Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413) I know it a Destroyer escort but I feel like she could be balanced as a Low tier DD at either T3 or T4 Lots of significance behind this ship especially the Battle of Samar with Taffy 3 and its faceoff against the odds. Would make a fun addition to the game as well with having Fletcher turrets at the low tier as well as 3 torp tubes to dispatch its enemys
  4. Meme botes

    Kitakami was a meme ship 20 torps on a broadside and 40 torps in total
  5. How to beat a Farragut in a Nicholas

    You'll usually find yourself out gunned (by one gun so 5 vs. 4) but the Farragut does have less health (13,100 vs. 11,500 so 1,600 more HP). A good skill to research would be Survivability expert which would increase your HP to 14,850 which will further help you in the fight.
  6. I think they should at least start out with Clan flags.
  7. MM really is bad at times. Especially frustrating when you get less DDs on your team for the Domination mode. Also when the MM just blatantly fails to match a ship to another by tier. I.E. getting a T7 while the other team gets a T8
  8. limit dds in clan wars

    There is no DD spam in the higher leagues. And since there aren't CVs dont all your Cruisers run hydro?
  9. Your Most Satisfying Kill

    Watching torps go in and dev strike anything is always quite satisfying

    We still may see it eventually. Very good looking camo. We'll see if it is ever implemented
  11. Looks pretty nice. Not very interested in the French BB line at the moment though.
  12. Keep the New Orleans or not

    Fun ship. I sold her when I first got through it but I have her in my port and used her quite a bit in Ranked this last season.
  13. Indy

    They should give her a 12s reload and then she would be perfect IMO
  14. Only stat that matters is.....

    Having fun and not getting lost in the stats is the most important stat.
  15. Imperial Japanese Navy in colorized photos

    Thanks. Always interesting to see from a new perspective in a sense. Do you have any other links of other nations colorized?