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  1. Make that hover and have jet boosters and it's almost one less than F-1.
  2. I like how that game blows you up if you leave the map.
  3. The Japanese mech has a Pilebunker [a big, heavy metal spike that's fired down a track using pressurized gas or explosive charge- it's then retracted and fired again (It's basically a giant version of the Captive Bolter (a tool used for mass euthanization in cattle))]-- a weapon that'd easily wreck an opposing mech by actually penning armor and doing real damage to the workings of the machine, but they didn't bring it. Swing in like a punch, fire the Piler, and do truly massive damage. If they did, the second round quite probably could've gone their way.
  4. The Corrorsive Torps of ARP ships look like this:
  5. Just ate 4 torps in Saving Translyvania. Nothing happened. So why is it that, Team Damage is off, completely off, in Scenarios? But it's not in Randoms. What makes them different? Scenarios aren't just a training mode. Here's an invalid reply: "A TK in a scenario can make you lose immediately and takes the fun out of the game". Why is that invalid? Applies to randoms too.
  6. I will say, I agree with the TC's sentiment. This is a team game-- there's no reason why it should be excluding teams. Expanded Divisions should be able to do randoms, not just Clan Battles [which are a RANKED GAMETYPE (not everyone is competitive) and only at T10]. Obviously, some people are going to have issue because they whiny, but for that it's simple: Opt out. [Default is in]: "Exclude [Expanded] Divisions? This will increase Queue time." (It makes it wait [for you, and only you-- not others on you] until there's a time where a game can be formed with no divisions)
  7. [Double Post. Forum Broke.]
  8. The skill gap between CV is the problem with CV. The floor and ceiling are way too high. You can have a Unicum in a Battleship, Cruiser, or Destroyer and they won't have half the effect that one in a non-T4 CV will have. CV are fairly balanced at T4. The skill floor and ceiling are much lower, and the USN vs IJN disparity is basically non-existent.
  9. All this is saying is that CVs need to have their Bomb and ammo storage spaces set to being proper magazines. Which should've been a thing to begin with. Also CV survival is high because it's not in the fight ever basically.
  10. DD gets Torps every 15s. They can readily torpedo soup the crapout it. They hit for around 8k each on Rasputin. It's got Troll Armor. There's a reason why the "Inquisitor" Nikolai is forever removed. Also, HE salvo is better. Get him on fire too. That's how you deal with regular Niks too-- HE spam and torpedo soup. Yes, you're techinically a German if you're a BB. When the Boss shows, embrace your inner Brit and BURN IT.
  11. Or keep your DDs alive, and torp the [edited] out of it. Rasputin is an Imperator Nikolai with extra HP and Botsense. It still can't torpbeats very well.
  12. It's a Battleship with a Cruiser Icon. Big deal... -_-;;
  13. Hence why "Giant Robot" is a misnomer. They'd be mechs or mecha, which are giant Robot-like vehicles.
  14. As a thought, melee combat was a given in this: Paint cannons can't do crap [that Incendiary shell that MegaBots showed off is not withstanding]-- the one tauted by Megabots only delievers about 1300 ft/lbs of force [it's about the same as a .22lr]. Yes, that's lethal damage to a person or into a crumplezone of a vehicle. It's not going to do anything to any form of armor. And we saw that in the duel. "It must include melee combat", Japan? Well no crap. That's the only way to damage the target really.
  15. The paint cannons on the MegaBots mechs are lethal [in fact so would a full force hit from the Kuratas, hence the reasoning behind the delay]. It can scale up. That chainsaw was a rock cutter. Weapons would have to remain a fair deal of power and potential lethality else they cannot stop the other mech. Giant Fightin' robots is a very risky prospect period.