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  1. Fan Map - Double Divide

    Know where all the enemy DDs are, huge battle breaking out at A or D? No CV? Two Battleships rushing mid will change the tide really quick.
  2. Asashio Poll

    As long as it's the 20 KM Type 93s [which if made DWT would make them the same as Asa's] and not the 12km Type 93 Mod 3s or Suicidal/Knife Fighter/Uppercutter F3s. This way the Shima has the options, unlike Asa which is just gonna be deleting Battleships and only deleting Battleships. It lets Shima stay the way it is currently with Type 93 Mod 3s, or go to a TX version of Asa and making the 20Km [edited] actually worth something.
  3. Asashio Poll

    Would buy. Want Shima's near worthless 20kms made DWT.
  4. Azure Lane collab?

    The ARP collab took a VERY long time to show anything. The Zaya [Beta] was the first of the ARP vessels, and after her appearance, everything went dark for a long time.
  5. The only Sub in the game is a little girl who joins with a battleship and dies too soon. AND SO IT SHALL REMAIN.
  6. POLL: Remove BB Reload Horn

    I like the Salvo Siren.
  7. WG, instead of nerfing the Midway....

    Yeah, that's a really dumb change.
  8. TX Ships at T7

    Either way, it might be the potatoes, but overall, the mode is a lot of fun considering it's pretty aggressive, where TX is usually campy. Should've had all of the TXs though.
  9. TX Ships at T7

    [Obligatory "They had it before"] [
  10. TX Ships at T7

    Better than actual TX gameplay. [Obligatory Where's the Yamato, WG]
  11. Space Battles are a Blast!

    The mode is Missing the Yamato, which makes it inferior to its Beta incarnation.
  12. Anyone trying out World of Warships Blitz?

    Does not work well with Touch.
  13. ARP Background???

    Literally unknown, even to them. The Fleet of Fog are weapons, who fight on orders. Their orders come from the Admirality Code, and the standing order is: Blockade and Control the Seas, Halt all Maritime Commerce and transoceanic communication. They state the objective is to wipe out humanity, but they also have standing orders to NEVER directly attack land-bound targets or settlements. They also don't engage the immediate littorals (damage to immediate littorals and land locations is authorized when attacking ships), only the open ocean. They don't know where they come, they don't know what they are, and they don't know where they're going. And nor do we.
  14. In November 2016, there was a bit of rage over a single ship: ARP Takao. Why? Well, she's a Premium by all accounts- namely the Atago. And suddenly there was this here mission: just earn 110,000 Base EXP in the month (for an average player that was about 1-2 hour of games per day- hardly a huge requirment) and you'd be given ARP Takao, a clone of the Atago without the Premium Camo [or really any camos] And then they gave her out AGAIN during Arpeggio Crescendo which had the same EXP requirement. But boy, were some people mad. I mean, the Atago cost 49.99. And here Wargaming was giving her out for free. It's like one of those Christmas presents to everyone who didn't already pay up. And hell, even if you did, you could get her twice, which now means you get x2 First Wins [just less Credits (oh well)]. Due to some other outrage by a similar move in a completely different F2P, I'm asking well, was that a scumbag move? Remember though, it was a free ship.