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  1. In November 2016, there was a bit of rage over a single ship: ARP Takao. Why? Well, she's a Premium by all accounts- namely the Atago. And suddenly there was this here mission: just earn 110,000 Base EXP in the month (for an average player that was about 1-2 hour of games per day- hardly a huge requirment) and you'd be given ARP Takao, a clone of the Atago without the Premium Camo [or really any camos] And then they gave her out AGAIN during Arpeggio Crescendo which had the same EXP requirement. But boy, were some people mad. I mean, the Atago cost 49.99. And here Wargaming was giving her out for free. It's like one of those Christmas presents to everyone who didn't already pay up. And hell, even if you did, you could get her twice, which now means you get x2 First Wins [just less Credits (oh well)]. Due to some other outrage by a similar move in a completely different F2P, I'm asking well, was that a scumbag move? Remember though, it was a free ship.
  2. You should do one hitting up the tremendous forum rage over the ARP and HSF ships.
  3. WoWs Steam release

    At T1 you fight bots. At T2, you fight T3s and know nothing yet. At T3, you fight T4s regularly. If you're greeting people at T4 this is the spot, or T7 for those that stay in Bots longer.
  4. WoWs Steam release

    Guys if everyone is seal clubbing we'll miss them. Go hang out in T7.
  5. What have they done to CVS?

    Are you [edited]serious? A CV can do 0 damage and still be -the- most contributing player in a win. The 1 torp early game means jack crapif that Bogue shuts down and deplanes the Zuiho. It's not about the DB damage. It's about sight. A CV's vision wins [edited]games. If you know where the enemy is, you know what they can do and you can counterplay. Sight renders torpedo attack useless, prevents sneaky stealth caps, and can determine the outcome of an engagement.
  6. Alaska class why?

    The catch is we're talking a ship that has specifically smaller guns with faster reloads. She's basically going to have a lot of the feel of a US Fast BB- quick, turns like a truck, no sound system so it can't torpedobeats, but she's got those 12" guns with faster reloads than other BBs. It's like Scharn in that aspect- being that BB with much faster reloads that don't quite get it into Cruiser territory, but damn near get close enough to. Hood was ultimately a lighter armored British BB that didn't have stupid HE and has it's AA Gimmick. Hood's not weird in terms of the gameplay that would arise from it. Alaska would be.
  7. To the TC: No. Seagal isn't attainable anymore. You can still get him, but not as a captain, by getting the Missouri. He shows up on the Mo's deck and does some kicks. Off that: It seems everyone with money is getting accused of Sexual Assault now a days. It's less and less likely that it's real, and more that there's enough mud in the system for a weaponized case to appear. I mean how the [edited] are you going to prove an unwanted groping from the 90s happened? But on the other hand, no one wants to deal with the scandal, so they settle out of court. It's a cheap way to make a buck, and it's part of American Lawsuit Culture. Cry Wolf, Cry Wolf, and one day, you'll lose power, then it'll be real, and that's when it'll be sad. But oh well. You doomed yourself.
  8. Alaska class why?

    It's an American Shiny Horse. It'd be T7 like the Shiny Horse, not T10. It doesn't have balanced lances to fight proper battleship but instead has American Piercing Shells.
  9. Naw, she's a Japanese Mo. Free EXP Premium Credit Printer.
  10. Says a lot about the Zerg or anything similar. There aren't any laws against the Italian symbol or the Rising Sun at all.
  11. They don't include the Rising Sun, which is used TODAY by the Japanese, and hell, even the Americans [VFC-111 (current); VF-111 (prior)] The Axis keep getting messed with.
  12. Lack of attention is a reason flaws remain unhandled.
  13. That's a hack or cheat- abuse of the code. An exploit is doing something that's unexpected and unintended by the game in a way that creates an advantage. Another term for exploiting that's saying it without saying it is "Clever use of game mechanics". This would fall under the exploit category- you shouldn't ever be rewarded for TK, period. Getting a win by using a TK to deny the enemy points is underhanded and exploiting a background mechanic.