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  1. Right now would be a bad time for it because Nelson. Why flood your premiums?
  2. As a point, it was just curious timing. I hope all these errors were related to HD failure, and not actual errors, but from what I've read that's not the case [apparently, the "Critical Error" bug is more common than it seems] and it's most likely my drive failure is spontaneous.
  3. I need to reinstall. So I have to have the launcher. But the old one (which i had literally hours ago) not this buggy thing that works like a failed verison of a wannabe Blizzard's launcher.
  4. The end of the sky! [It's a rainbow that destroys everything]
  5. It gave me an excuse to upgrade my Laptop's HDD to a 1TB SSD, but it's a still a major loss since that's a clicker. Worst of it is the loss of my GoWiFi settings which means I'm trapped on the really slow crap. Also, WG, your beta installer sucks. It crashes way too often. Give me the regular launcher/installer.
  6. So here I am, in a low tier match because I'm working of Pink that I got because I accidentally scuttled a Tirpitz [and I say scuttled because he were dead regardless of what happened: 740 HP and flooding with 40s cd on repair] (The shot was worth it. He only caught the first torp of the salvo and the others killed that pushing Iowa, which set me up to kill that OTHER pushing Iowa) ...sail around an island. Lag pushes me into the island. [Thank you GoWifi] I eat a Torp and die. Ding [critical error] Black Screen of death. ... Click-Click-Click-Click. Hard drive is toast.
  7. Offensive smoke is using the smoke to spam crapwith impunity. Couple that with Hydro [like the Payfast has] and you have complete immunity to most everything. It turns the game into a campfest. [So do BB armor mechanics but that's a consistent flaw that's basically not going to be fixed, because if they fix it, the Yamato won't be speshul anymore] Shortening the duration will hurt smoke's ability to be used defensively. Buffing Radar [or giving Radar to more Battleships] hurts it in the offensive role.
  8. Or reversed: Damage (IJN DD) objectives (USN/KM BB) Offensive Smoke- especially when cruisers are using it make the game a passive campfest. Nerfing that is good. Smoke will still be a good defensive tool, and the Belfast is getting a nerf thrown at it. [It really needs 'em. And to be Nikolai'd.] There's zero reason Cruisers should be able to sit around with impunity and throw HE at everything. All that's needed then is a buff to Carriers to deal with lonewolf campy Battleships.
  9. In your case, you'd no longer be playing Chess. Knights move in in a specific way IS inherent to Chess. Software contains the rules of the game, not just the pieces.
  10. No, video games simply enforce the basic rules of the game- that doesn't make them not rules of the game. It's like Chess. Knights move in a specific way. That's a rule of the game. That's also akin to say, the Akatsuki has 10Km torps. You're confusing meta play with rules. Playing outside the meta is still playing to win.
  11. That's level of effort or doing things outside the box. Playing to win is playing the game normally. If you're just playing the game, by default you're playing to win. How much effort you put into that goal- which is defined by the game itself- has no meaning on that. It also is the rules. It's not just the board. There isn't a ruleset change between Ranked and Random, but there is an effort level change due to possible rewards. Using a King's Gambit is probably going to make you lose in Chess. But it's still an effort at victory.
  12. Which is defeated by what this change does. It Nerfs RN CL radar vs DD. It leaves all other Radar vs DD alone. It BUFF Radar vs Cruisers, thereby indirectly nerfing BB by indirectly buffing DD by killing more cruisers.
  13. By a rule in a competitive game, no. However, it's the playing to win area that's much wider than one may think. You're right about this: If you're not doing that, not AFK/Botting or something stupid like driving to a corner for no reason whatsoever, you chances are, are playing to win. It's a competitive game, you're either playing to win or you're trolling for a loss. How effective your efforts are are irrelevant. How important the results are are also irrelevant. This is where the Metabreaker rule of League comes into play: Does the player intend on achieving a good result of their play? If the answer is yes, even if they fail miserably, they were playing to win and therefore are in the right. You don't have to do what everyone is saying to do to be playing to win. I refuse to take Smoke on Harekaze. Does this mean I'm playing to lose? No. I'm playing to torp people, which can/will win games.
  14. Morons out in force? Or should this time, malice be assumed?