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  1. DE_Samuel_B_Roberts

    Developer Diaries: Soviet Battleships

    Behind the designs: A desire and intent to make them head and shoulders above everything else in the game in all categories. WoWS has for years escaped much of the Soviet bias that flooded WoT. Those days are gone with the release of these ships. It's now "play Soviet BBs or handicap yourself"
  2. DE_Samuel_B_Roberts

    0.8.3 Modules Tree not displaying properly

    It's obnoxious, to say the least. The old look didn't take away from the Port at all, there are better ways to look at the pretty graphics without hiding or making information harder to see.
  3. DE_Samuel_B_Roberts

    UI gone to trash

    UI scaling just makes EVERYTHING bigger, it doesn't solve this problem. Not to mention it should work no matter the screen resolution. 4k, 1080p, 720p, whatever you have. This was not a good choice.
  4. DE_Samuel_B_Roberts

    UI gone to trash

    So apparently this update was supposed to do a lot with the UI to make it better. I haven't even left port yet and see no improvements, only failures. Lets start with the ARP ships and their camo. Yes, you read that right, camo. Granted the camos don't actually apply when you hit Mount, you just get treated to the preview screen. Still, not even supposed to see that much for the ARP ships. Now let's talk about the Modules tab. Look on the upper left and notice how it gets cut off at the bottom. You know have to scroll through it to see everything. Didn't used to be that way, used to be the size it needed to not scroll without excess. The only ships not affected by this are the tier 10s, which have no modules to research so the window fits just fine. And lastly, I guess the ship stats were supposed to be collapsible. Look at the top right, the dropdown is in extended mode. No ship stats at all. Clicking the little arrow only hides more information. This is on every single ship in the port. I'm not even going to look at the in-battle UI to see how WG screwed that up until the port UI issues get worked out. Great quality-control there WG, perhaps put a full hour into it next time.
  5. Cannot connect to update service, so cannot even try. Server could be down but I have no clue because the game and WG in general give no information. Way to put me off from trying CVs for the first time in years.
  6. DE_Samuel_B_Roberts

    Spotted by surface ship behind hard cover

    IfYouSeeKhaos: Not a T10 match, it was a T8 match and no Haida in play, so nothing sneakier than me. TornadoADV: That's... stupid. It makes sense for them to have a higher vantage point, but vantage points are not invisible. So just more lazy coding by WG I guess, thanks for the answer.
  7. So let me paint you a picture. A Massachusetts and a Harekaze get close enough to spot each other, less than 5.4km for me (I'm the Harekaze here). We both start making for hard cover, me a small rock and him the corner of a large island. He makes it first and goes undetected, but I still am. There are other ships in the area, but all of them are way outside my 5.4 detection range and I am well outside the maximum 3km assured detection range the Massachusetts could have if he was using Target System Mod 1. Not spotted by an aircraft, sonar or radar, but a surface ship. Nothing in the match can beat my 5.4 detection range. I had been guns silent for more than 20 seconds. Which leaves the Massachusetts spotting me through his corner while I am unable to spot him. It was a low corner, the kind that on some maps you can spot over. But they are two-way spotting, not one way like what happened here. Haven't seen a failure of the spotting system like this in a long time, should probably get on it WeeGee. 20180811_223231_PJSD708-HSF-Harekaze_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay