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  1. Well, i just hope you guys done with this before the 0.8.11 update goes live. Just make it right, i can wait but i dont want to miss any time on building the Puerto Rico, many thanks
  2. The goal of the final stage (mail-sending) is that your lost of progess should be as minimal as possible (we are talking about minutes, not days or hours) so when you guys reported back about few days missing of progress while logging in those accounts, it obviously not good at all and malfunction on those WIP accounts is expected. The best option right now is wait and dont do anything with them until further announcement, If "ship happen", WG cancelled the offer and we wont be transfered to another server, we wont lose anything or encounter any bug
  3. Its look like those accounts are work-in-progress accounts and not yet final, it can be explained why you guys lost your stuff because it havent finished yet, it possible that it just you guys bypass the mail-sending phrase, which is the final step to double check and granted the access to you guys, and log in. If you guys make change on those accounts, things can be worse or not, we dont know, since it wont be matched with the accounts from the mail-sending stage.
  4. @Femennenly I just want to reask and can you check this for me? Will me and my friend still be able to get Reward from Double Doubloons event when we transfer to another server?
  5. Guys, i just want to ask that me and my old friend (he is my Recruits) took part in the Doubloon Doubles before then we decided to transfer to another Server (NA to ASIA) so the reward doubloon will still be in our hand when we log in on Dec 12th in ASIA Server?
  6. I'm a CV player too and i like this new concept, i really tired of battle which 1 CV is underpower and you will know the final result of that match, the other CV will rule the air. This new change can make 2 team more balance for now, even unicum or noob can still have an equal chance to win. Will join the test to make sure everything is as smooth as possible.