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  1. I'm such a huge Jingles fan. I literally watch videos of his for games I won't even play. I just found a video with him as a playable Captain. I found the World of Warships link, went to it, but it says, "This Offer Period Has Expired." :'( :'( :'( Is there anyway to get Jingles as a captain?
  2. Thanks guys. That was exactly the info I was looking for.
  3. I've been gone from the game for ages. How does this work specifically? Do I actually have to have all the ships I've ever acquired in a port slot? What happens if I buy a ship then sell it? What happens if I research a ship, but don't actually purchase it?
  4. Hey  I have the issue with the Pirate voice speaking russian. I will check the ARP and HSF voices.  Did you follow the info on how to fix it yourself ? Did you try it and did it work?   I would like any info you can share.  TY Salute    07

    1. DanCallaghan


      I did and it did. :) 

      Best of luck

  5. Before anyone throws a hissy fit, consider the following list. Benson, Fletcher, Des Moines, Cleveland, Midway. What do all these ships have in common? Above tier 4, these are the only non-premium American ships to have a positive or even win rate. That means out of 30 American non-premium ships, only 4 are more or as likely to win in a given match as opposed to losing. Or, to put it another way, 26 out of the 30 American non-premium ships are more likely to lose in a given match, then they are to win. 16 of those 30 ships are either in last place, or tied for last with another American PREMIUM ship. So, if you picked a random tier 5 or higher American ship, odds are better than even it's worst in class at that tier in terms of win rate. On the other hand, you've only got a 2 out of 15 chance (4/30) of getting a ship with a positive win rate. I'm not a big fan of coincidence to begin with, but this just seems ridiculous... Note: all stats were gathered from https://na.warships.today/vehicles