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  1. BadBadWoof

    Matchmaker monitor

    I tend to agree. And I know trying to focus the good players is a waste of time, when you should just take out the bad players who make easy targets. Good players are hard to kill, that's a big part of why the win more. It's funniest watching people try focus a unicum cruiser at +15km, who just dodges EVERYTHING.
  2. BadBadWoof

    The Benefits of Stat Shaming

    I only lookup peoples stats if they're being a jerk in chat or acting like a bot. It is good review how you play constantly, and helps you become better. So people should be encouraged to do so, but being rude about it is not ok. Also, going from 43 to 50 is a huge improvement. Nobody will really complain about 50% players.. That's above average.
  3. BadBadWoof

    Twas the night before Christmas

    Yes, it was xmas 2016 I think. Loved that fubuki.
  4. I made this a couple of years ago for a forum contest. Merry Christmas!
  5. BadBadWoof

    If you see me in a CV...Report Me!!!

    I got them all in crates too! But I'm so bad at CVs, i'd probably get compliments from the enemy team.
  6. Anyone want to share their excel exports? I'm running statistical analysis and could use lots of data points. The only tabs I need are the first 2 tabs of the excel export, with team setup In a Row selected (3rd option). Also need to know what server if it's not NA.
  7. BadBadWoof

    CV Rework Feedback

    Wargaming, I love the potential of these changes. Great work listening to the majority of the player base.
  8. BadBadWoof

    Supply Lines Event

    That's what I came here to find out. I just ran russian BBs and the Huanghe, and can't see any results. So annoying, was trying to fill in the blank spots in the grid.
  9. So, the earlier version works better than the latest version for me. So I'll stick with that. But as for the complaints, I get it. But I was manually checking some stats at start of matches earlier. It just automates it. It's useful to get data about what causes losses, or wins. I'd like to be able to store all info along with the results of the match to do some machine learning on large sets of data. But one thing I've noticed so far, in many battles, especially ranked..It's whoever has the worst couple of win % players that are most likely to lose, not really who has the best, because of their early deaths. ExploratorOne, at 49% you're right in the middle, and no one will complain (except rude people) so don't worry about it. It's really only the rude people who are going to be yapping at people about it anyway, and they'd be yapping about something regardless.