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  1. Rigger43E

    WG doesn't care

    Sad, frustrating but most likely true.
  2. Rigger43E

    WG doesn't care

    Not only could they put out fires and repair floods, they could even repair battle damage to a limited extent.
  3. Rigger43E

    WG doesn't care

    And they weren't all attacking the same target simultaneously. So that argument makes no sense.
  4. Rigger43E

    WG doesn't care

    Fine. And CV's have a hard limit on aircraft. As a DD main I can be perfectly happy and effective spotting and gunboating. Torps will be held for close in.
  5. Rigger43E

    WG doesn't care

    So, there is now a movement to boycott the next CB season over CV's. I can get on board with that idea but it's not just CV's. Why are you so unresponsive to basic issues? Yes, CV's in CB are a non starter but let me list what I see issues you seeming give no ear to. 1. Radar and Hydro spotting through solid objects(Islands). This is a line of sight issue people and I'm sure you can fix this. You just won't. 2. How the heck do you have a Tier X DD(Sommers) with practically no AA?? No WWII DD was so hamstrung! It should be in the same neighborhood has it's contemporaries like the gearing. 3. CV's in WWII could not directly affect targeting of surface units. Don't let CV's feed spotting info to their team. They can attack what they find but no sharing. And limitless airplanes?? Just no. 4. I realize this item will be most contentious to WG staff directly but it is what it is. Enough with the make believe russian ships! In WWII Russia just didn't have a navy like the other nations in the game. You aren't inventing make believe ships for Australia/Canada so why for Russia? Please seriously consider these items.
  6. Rigger43E

    Can't see your #'s increasing

    In point of fact I found the world of warships player base to be one of the more polite ones. Nothing like the world of tanks folks. In general most players you will come into contact with are both polite and helpful believe it or not. That's not to say we won't give you some good-natured ribbing when you potato🤭.