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  1. Yes, “if” they are played properly. Charge a cap at the start of a battle or go yolo and you’re likely going back to port early. All ships have the “potential” to show greatness but respect to the limitations has to be shown. They aren’t some silver bullet.
  2. Rigger43E

    Submarines Survey

    I’d say it does represent the general player base. Regardless of where they fall on the spectrum, some of all opinion orientations are here and represented in roughly the same proportions as in the game. WeeGee says otherwise because it suits their purposes. Unfortunately none of us can prove that since we don’t have access to WeeGee player data just as you can’t prove this forum “doesn’t” represent the general player base.
  3. Rigger43E

    Submarines Survey

    It seems clear that a majority of “respondents” despise both having subs in game period as well as WeeGee’s apparent disdain of that viewpoint. Not that I believe WeeGee will see the clear graphic representation of player base opinion and respond to it positively instead of ignoring it.
  4. Granted, that was indeed a Tier X, but having played Tiers VI & VIII subs I know they can be almost as irritating if played within their strengths.
  5. Point illustrated by Flamu who struggled to catch up to a “submerged” sub that was both faster and tighter turning than his Grozevoi. It also shows the localizing mechanic reporting the sub literally kilometers away from where they are in reality. If you really want a real head scratcher, watch him dump his entire rack of depth charges right on this sub but only killed it when it was forced to surface. Count them and see how many. I was shocked at the number.
  6. Rigger43E

    How much longer do we have to endure Subs?

    My pleasure brother. “I Will Be Sure Always” ALL THE WAY!
  7. Rigger43E

    How much longer do we have to endure Subs?

    It gets worse. The bone they tossed the community in the form of the ping spotting is almost totally useless. Once again Flamu shines the light on the gaslighting. Subs are good for the game? Not…….😑 To WeeGee, if you’re going to ask the community it’s opinion and then ignore it, then you can collectively go stand on a railroad track.
  8. Put subs in their own subs vs DD’s scenarios. That way you don’t have the issue of dealing with the entire other team shooting at you as you prosecute a contact. You can have single sub vs convoys, Wolfpack vs convoy, and Atlantic, Baltic/North Sea, and Pacific versions from the perspective of the WWII sub using nations. But under NO circumstances should they be in randoms, ranked, or clan battles.
  9. Rigger43E

    Subs are broken.

    No. A sub is NOT a surface combatant.
  10. Rigger43E

    Where is the USS Black?

    Probably the same thing as happened to those of us with the Flint in our port. ☹️
  11. Rigger43E


    While they can be less accurate than gunfire, I’d still prefer dumb fire and higher dmg per hit. When you can get to a advantageous position the payoff is worth the compromise of using intuition, insight, and experience.
  12. Rigger43E

    Refuse to Play a Games with Subs

    There is a homing cutoff point for homing torps so you can maneuver to generate a miss but as I'm sure you know doing so may make you expose your broadside.
  13. Rigger43E

    Refuse to Play a Games with Subs

    I'm sure there are. BB's, CA'a, CL's, and DD's really don't have game breaking mechanics though. I'm sure I've said it before and I'll reiterate, Lose the homing mechanic, enhance dumb fire torp damage, and a thought I had earlier today, decouple the SS spawn from the rest of the team so they wouldn't be in a somewhat predictable volume for those early game CV recon's. With those changes I'd be content to have them in game in Randoms. Ultimately I'd still say a majority of us would be happier without them vs with them. I have played some recent SS games to gain perspective and while I'd probably not play them regularly, I can see why some would. I was successful in hitting dumb fire torps and did in fact kill a DD harassing me with dumb fire torps from my rear tubes. ;-) and yes it was satisfying.
  14. Rigger43E


    That's no different that what I do in a DD now. Another thing I'd change just in the interest of fairness is to decouple where a sub spawns from their team. When a sub spawns with their team in a game with CV's or in the case of my last game, multiple CV's, they're so slow that in order to get into effective range they have to sail through a predictable volume. Oft times they'll be spotted when the enemy CV is doing their recon flyover. Spawning apart would be more like they were used in WWII, advance pickets. Do that and lose the homing torps, and enhance dmg for the torps a bit. Perhaps even slow the torps because a sub firing 80-90+kt torps is stupid beyond words. I did manage a successful stalk of a Mackensen and put all 4 forward torps into her but as they were fired in dumb fire mode, dmg was negligible. It was more to prove to myself it could be done. As I recall range at firing was around 7.5km. When a surface target is distracted by other surface ships poking holes and setting fires it can provide opportunities. But there's no point if the damage isn't worth it and frankly, the whole pinging thing and being back tracked, meh. As an edit, I tried the Salmon. I like having the option of dumb fire torps with higher dmg. I see no reason they should be restricted in range though. 7km is pitiful. It’s homing torps have 11km range. Even the Balao’s dumb fire torps are restricted to 7.5km. It’s like WeeGee is trying to encourage the use of the homing mechanic. I’ll reiterate. Lose The Homing!
  15. Rigger43E

    Final words on subs

    I can assure you it does. I just got out of a battle in a Cachalot where the airstrike were quite effective. What's the damage radius of a depth charge anyway? Is it different for air dropped vs ship dropped? What about their detonation depth? It's not contact range since I never saw a contact hit and the one that finished me was well away off my bow and slightly starboard as I was backing away.